How to Teach Kids Quran

teach kids quran

Allah has stated in the Quran that He has made learning and understanding the Quran easy and accessible to all mankind. This includes people of all ages, even kids. Consequently, we want to provide a simple guide to teach kids Quran so that you can help your child learn and memorize the Quran following effective methods.

We will illustrate how you can help your child become a Hafiz by following methods such as storytelling, visual aids, interactive games and activities, arts and crafts, and listening and imitating. This blog post will mention many more ways to teach the Quran for kids, so keep reading!

Guide to Teach Kids Quran in an Effective Way

Here is a step-by-step guide to help make teaching Quran to children easier:

How to Teach Kids Quran

1. Assess for Success

A crucial step you should take your time doing is to thoroughly evaluate your child. You should have a clear idea of their level, their comprehension in addition to their most effective learning style.

All of these factors are very important to know at first because they will give you a headstart before you start planning your Quran lessons. It will help you find out what kind of material will be most effective and what activities you should incorporate to make their learning more efficient.

2. Prepare your Material

Now that you formed a clear view of your child’s potential, you can go on to search for material that you can use for teaching Quran for kids. You will find a lot of available options, whether in bookstores, your local mosque or Islamic center, and more online, so choose carefully.

An important note to mention is that you can always alternate between different forms of material until you find the one that works for your child. You can also find worksheets online that you can print out or you can simply make your own material.

3. Get a Tutor

If you find it all too overwhelming, there is no need to worry!

You can always seek out the help of professionals to teach your kids the Quran. A tutor provides experience in teaching Quran to children which proves helpful in teaching your child the basics of Arabic and Tajweed, how to apply them and correcting any mistakes. Professional tutors also offer endless methods of teaching and create interactive Quran learning lessons.

You can access all of that even if you cannot find an Islamic center near you thanks to online Quran classes for kids that we provide here at Almuhammadi Academy.

4. Help them Memorize and Understand

As a start, you can begin by only reciting verses of the Quran with your child and repeating them regularly. However, it is a great step to encourage them to memorize surah chapters of Quran, especially short chapters that they need to recite daily such as Surah Al-Falaq and Surah Al-Nas. They can easily memorize quran surah in 1 hour.

Another step that can take them to the next level is to explain some concepts that are found in the verses in simple language. Understanding the verses will help your child better memorize them and it will also enable them to implement some of the Islamic morals and manners they have learned.

5. Reward them for Progress

Offering rewards is such a significant part of the learning process, especially for kids. This provides them with motivation and self-confidence and will give them the drive to keep memorizing and learning the verses of the Quran.

Reward does not always have to take a material form. It could sometimes be words of affirmation, an educational game that they enjoyed or going out to a place they like. Try to introduce the concept of heavenly reward as well to enhance the spiritual aspect of Quran memorization for kids.

Effective Quran Teaching Methods for Kids

To guarantee interactive Quran learning with your child, you need to make sure that you are using the proper methods. These are some recommended methods for teaching Quran to kids:

1. Storytelling

Storytelling is such a powerful tool to use in Quran hifz for kids because it puts a lot of Islamic principles that are found in the Quran in a memorable context. Reading about the stories of Prophets and past nations could be a great source to change things up during your learning sessions.

You can even resort to making your own stories together. First, introduce a certain concept or principle like honesty, and then, work with your child to create a story that highlights the value of honesty.

2. Visual Aids

Kids are very attracted to colors and pictures so make sure to use them while teaching Quran. Use vivid pictures and videos to show certain concepts or ideas from the verses, which will make the image stick in their brain and they will be less likely to forget them.

3. Interactive Games and activities

We all know that most children won’t be able to sit through a one or two-hour session learning Quran unless you make Quran memorization more interactive and engaging.

Look up online quizzes and games to test their memorization of the verses or practice some activities that would create a more lively learning environment making your child excited for every session.

4. Arts and Crafts

This is another type of activity you can incorporate and it requires no fancy equipment; just some coloring pens, paper, and scissors. Of course, you can use more tools to make arts and crafts about certain elements that you have learned while reciting the Quran.

You can use them to illustrate the sounds of Arabic letters, a specific rule of Tajweed or something mentioned in a verse you learned together.

5. Listening and imitating

Teaching Quran to children could also be done through listening to the recitation of renowned Qari’s and imitating them. This serves to improve their pronunciation, and application of Tajweed and help them master the proper techniques of Quranic recitation.

You can have them record their own recitation as they are trying to copy that of the Qari and compare together how close they are getting to the proper recitation each time which will build their stamina.

4 Tips for Teaching Quran for kids

After following the steps and methods we mentioned earlier, there are a few more important points to keep in mind:

1. Be a Good Example

Your child needs to see you practice what you preach before they actually do it so make sure to show them how significant the Quran is in your life by constantly reciting, listening and learning about the Quran. In this way, they will be inspired to do the same.

2. Be Patient

Don’t let your enthusiasm about your child’s memorization of the Quran make you put too much pressure on them or show impatience when they don’t get it the first time. Realize that progress won’t happen in the blink of an eye but it takes time so don’t rush it.

3. Be Creative

Quran memorization for kids should be a motivation for you to unleash all of your creative energy, whether in teaching methods or the material you’re using. This will prevent your Quran lessons for children from being dull and unexciting and will make them look forward to the next time they learn a new verse.

4. Be Supportive

A part of your role as a parent in the process of teaching your kids Quran is to provide support and guidance every step of the way, even when you find that your child is having a hard time getting a letter right or being confused about the order of verses in a certain chapter. Your support will increase their self-esteem and they will gradually become a better learner and Hafiz of the Quran.


By applying these tips and tricks, your Quran lessons for children will significantly improve in quality and make it easier and more interesting for your child to learn the Quran.

If you need any help, our online classes for kids at Almuhammadi Academy offer some of the best expert tutors to guide your child on their way to learn Quran. Our tutors use effective teaching methods to create engaging classes to ensure your child is not only paying attention but also enjoying our classes.