Online Tajweed Classes for Sisters

Online Tajweed Classes for Sisters

Tajweed is the backbone of Quranic learning. For accurate reading and recitation, everyone needs to excel in Tajweed and makharij. Almuhammadi Academy offers an exceptional course of Tajweed for sisters in which ladies can learn how to read and review the Quran properly and smoothly like native Arabs.

About Sisters Tajweed Course

These tajweed lessons online for sisters are carefully crafted by keeping many aspects into consideration. The syllabus is divided into several stages to let female students focus on each rule precisely.

Each topic has many activities and drills to make the lessons learned with 100% understanding. After every stage, there is a short assessment based on the practical implementation of rules on Quranic verses.

The tajweed classes are of two types: group and one-on-one. Sisters can choose to learn in any of these types, they will be facilitated with the guidance of a native Arabic tutor who will teach with excellent revision exercises.

Outcomes of Tajweed Classes for Sisters

Our Women tajweed course has some practical outcomes that are meant to be achieved in the course time.

✅ The sisters will be proficient in all the rules of Tajweed with accurate pronunciation of Quranic verses.

✅ Mastering the Makharij, the rules of Arabic letters, sifaat, and other rules necessary for correct recitation.

✅ Able to apply all tajweed rules practically during the recitation of Surahs.

✅ Able to recite a complete surah, taking into account the rules of recitation therein.

✅ Avoiding Hidden tajweed errors that are common in non-native sisters when they recite.

3-levels of this tajweed course 

First Level

This level is the foundation of Tajweed every sister must learn to recite the Quran perfectly.

Second Level

This is the intermediate level that follows the first level, and the sister begins to delve deeper into the rules of Tajweed little by little. They will learn:

  • Ghunnah (nasal sounds)
  • Types of Madd
  • Muffakham & Muraqqa(heavy and light letters)
  • Levels of Mufakham and Muraqqa
  • Relationship between two meeting letters

Third Level

This is the advanced level which serves as a final qualification for the sisters, after which they recite the Holy Quran with the rules of recitation perfectly and correctly. They will learn:

  • Al-Waqf & Al-Ibtida
  • Details of several rules
  • Sifaat(Al-Hams – Al-Jahr – At-tafashy- Al-Istitalah)

How Do We Teach Tajweed to Sisters

Online Tajweed classes for sisters are conducted with a unique and innovative method that makes everything easily understandable.

✅ The method of teaching the Holy Quran is a mixture of recitation and collaborative groups with memorization, discussion, and recitation.

✅ The female teacher begins by explaining the new lesson, then she explains the new rule in Tajweed and gives examples from the Quran,  as much as possible.

✅ Application of rules on Quranic verses and revising them in oral quizzes and riddles.

✅ Online Quran teacher gives more examples to help the students get proficient in the specific rule.

✅ The female teacher tries to approximate their meanings and compare them to things the student knows. 

For example: 

If the lesson is explained on the rule of Idgham, the teacher ensures:

  • The student lists the Idgham letters.
  • The students accurately read verses with Idgham rules.
  • Almuhammadi Academy teachers use slides and animations of rules to let sisters understand correctly.

Native Egyptian Female Tutors for Ladies

Female Quran Teacher

Our Tajweed program for women is successfully conducted by female Quran tutors because they are highly qualified and competent in Tajweed teaching.

✅ Their mother tongue is Arabic and they speak fluent English for easy communication with the sisters.
✅ They are Graduated from Al-Azhar University with exceptional grades.
✅ They have practical experience for many years in explaining the rules of Tajweed to non-Arabic speakers in English.
✅ They have a Quran Ijazah in the Holy Quran with a chain of transmission that is connected to the Messenger of Allah.

Why Choose Almuhammadi Academy for Tajweed Classes

1. Progress Reports

Our teachers’ interest in continuous reports, whether throughout the week or month, to track the student’s level and raise it to the best.

2. Continuous Tests

Making continuous tests from time to time for students so that the teacher measures the level of the student and the extent of her understanding in the class and improves the way of explaining to the student until reaching the proficient level.

3. Create Mind Maps

Electronic mind maps are one of the active learning strategies and tools that contribute to strengthening memory, retrieving information, and generating creative ideas.

4. Certificates

The certificates are considered a report from us that the students have passed this course with success and proficiency, and they can join the memorization course later to enable them to read correctly.

5. One-on-one Private Tutoring

These online Tajweed classes or sisters provide the greatest opportunity to participate with the teacher and ask for inquiries, discussions, and applications.

6. Flexibility

Flexibility in choosing the appropriate time and plan after the student joins us and books a free trial with the teacher. Therefore, the sisters will feel that the course is close to them; we aim to say, “Quran classes for sisters”. And you fulfill all that you wish for by learning the Quran.


All the sisters are blessed to have a chance to learn tajweed from the convenience of their homes under the guidance of qualified tutors from Egypt. Grab a free sample class option soon to check out how these lessons are conducted. 

Important FAQs

Q1. Why is learning tajweed important?

Learning the tajweed is important because it leads to the accurate learning of pronunciation and makharij which makes you conscious of the errors in recitation.

Q2. Why is tajweed important to Muslims?

Tajweed is important to Muslims because it helps avoid mistakes, clarifies accurate reading of verses, and connects with Allah while reciting the Quran consciously.

Q3. Why is tajweed so hard?

Tajweed is not hard in the beginning. Once you understand the pronunciation of letters and the basic rules, it will become easy to understand.

Q4. How long does it take to learn tajweed rules?

It does not take much time to master all the rules of tajweed. You can learn them in a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of a year.

Q5. Is there a specific plan studied for all ladies, or does each lady have her own plan?

There is no unified plan for all the sisters. Every woman differs in terms of level, skills, abilities, and ability to commit to a certain number of classes. Therefore, we allocate a plan for each student individually that is appropriate to her abilities. Our goal is to reach the desired goal, which is the recitation of the Quran at the end.

Q6. What are the conditions for joining Tajweed classes for sisters?

There are no conditions, but the student should have passed the Al-Nouraniyah course so that she can greatly benefit from this course and develop her level to the best in a short time.

Join Almuhammadi Academy on your journey to correct Tajweed and recitation in the Online Tajweed classes for sisters free So book a free trial.