Teaching Quran to women is a fundamental matter in our societies today. She is the mother, wife, or sister in every home. She has an effective role within the family. By learning the Quran, her upbringing for her children becomes a good upbringing. And the beginning of the path begins with reading it correctly according to the rules of Tajweed.

Almuhammadi Academy has designed Online Tajweed classes for sisters specifically for this purpose, to learn the correct and accurate Tajweed of the Holy Quran from home online.

Our best Quran female teachers

Female Quran Teacher

There are many advantages that you will find in the teachers of the Quran that qualify them with competence and fluency in explaining the rules of recitation of the Holy Quran to non-Arabic speakers, and they can understand them correctly and with high efficiency. These advantages are summarized as follows:

● Their mother tongue is Arabic and they speak fluent English for easy communication with the sisters.
● Graduated from Al-Azhar University.
● They have practical experience for many years in explaining the rules of Tajweed to non-Arabic speakers in English.
● They have an Ijazah in the Holy Quran with a chain of transmission that is connected to the Messenger of Allah.

3 levels of our Online Tajweed classes for sisters

First Level

This level is the first way to the basics of Tajweed that every sister must be aware of:

Second Level

This level is the intermediate level that follows the first level, and the sister begins to delve deeper into the rules of Tajweed little by little as follows:

  • Ghunnah (nasal sounds)
  • Types of Madd
  • Mufakham&Muraqaq(heavy and light letters)
  • Levels of Mufakham and Muraqaq
  • Relationship between two meeting letters

Third Level

This is the third level, the advanced level which serves as a final qualification for the sister, after which she recites any surah of the Holy Quran with the rules of complete recitation perfectly and correctly follows:

  • Al-Waqf & Al-Ibtida
  • Sifaat(Al-Hams – Al-Jahr – At-tafashy- Al-Istitalah)

Why choose us to learn Quran with Tajweed rules for sisters?

● Sincerity

Sincerity is the basis in all matters, and it is a priority in teaching the Holy Book of Allah, and our teachers have the intention of being sincere in teaching the Book of Allah Almighty to those who want to learn it skillfully and proficiently.

● Legal knowledge

The most important thing that distinguishes the teacher is the knowledge of Allah Almighty, His Names and Attributes, and the Oneness of Allah, Glory be to Him, is a duty for the teacher of the Holy Quran.

● Specialist knowledge

Our teachers are fully aware of and mastered everything that needs to be explained in the rules of Tajweed smoothly and interestingly that attracts students to learn more about the science of Tajweed and its application.

● Reports

Our teachers’ interest in continuous reports, whether throughout the week or month, to track the student’s level and raise it to the best.

● Continuous tests

Making continuous tests from time to time for students so that the teacher measures the level of the student and the extent of her understanding in the class and improves the way of explaining to the student until reaching the proficient level.

● Create mind maps

Electronic mind maps are one of the active learning strategies and tools that contribute to strengthening memory, retrieving information, and generating creative ideas.

● Certificates

The certificates are considered a report from us that the students have passed this course with success and proficiency, and they can join the memorization course later to enable them to read correctly.

● one-on-one private tutoring

These online Tajweed classes or sisters provide the greatest opportunity to participate with the teacher and ask for inquiries, discussions, and applications.

● Flexibility

Flexibility in choosing the appropriate time and plan after the student joins us and books a free trial with the teacher. Therefore, the sisters will feel that the course is close to them; we aim to say, “Quran classes for ladies near me”. And you fulfill all that you wish for by learning the Quran.

Our selection conditions for hiring female tutors

● Familiarity with the theoretical knowledge of Tajweed curricula.
● Knowing the appropriateness of these studies plans for teaching non-Arabic speakers and the difference between them and the Arab student.
● Explaining these curricula and presenting them to the student in English professionally and accurately.
● They have the skills to communicate with students because they have many years of experience in that.
● Commitment and professionalism in class times and performance of the lesson smoothly and distinctively
● Their interest is n a continuous practical application until the student reaches the desired level of recitation.

Our female teachers’ creative methods of instruction

Teaching the Holy Qur’an is an art and a science, and the most important methods used in women’s Quran classes by teachers are:

● The method of teaching the Holy Quran is a mixture of recitation and collaborative groups with memorization, discussion, and recitation.

● The female teacher begins by explaining the new lesson, then she explains the new rule in Tajweed and gives examples of it.

● Then she performs the stage of applying the verses and reciting the rules that were explained, This stage is tantamount to the student’s participation during the class, which works to develop thought and raise its level for the better.

● Online Quran teacher female gives more examples to help the student confirm the information and the rules she has.

● The female teacher tries to approximate their meanings and compare them to things the student knows. For example, if the lesson is explained on the rule of Idgham, the teacher follows:

1.The student lists the Idgham letters.
2.The student is humbled when reading the Quran with Idgham.
3.The student pronounces Idgham correctly and applies the rules and teachings
of the Holy Quran in her life.

● Also, one of the most important means used by the teacher is the use of slides, pictures.

● Students’ reading is of great importance, which makes correcting students’ reading and understanding, confirming lesson information, and acquiring reading skills will benefit them.

● The element of encouragement has an effective role and its impact on the progress of the student’s level to the best, or interest and praise for students and the use of beautiful blessed words.

Outcomes of our best Tajweed classes for sisters

● The sister will be proficient in all the rules of Tajweed and the honor of pronouncing the Quranic words.
● Mastering the Makharij, the rules of Arabic letters, sifaat, and other rules necessary for correct recitation.
● Able to apply it practically during the recitation.
● Able to extract the rules of Tajweed from the verses.
● Able to recite a complete surah, taking into account the rules of recitation therein.
● Studying Tajweed is a Sunnah from our Prophet, and it aids in understanding the words of the Holy Quran.


you, O blessed sister, should cultivate the sincere intention and strong determination to return to the Book of Allah with perfection in its recitation, feel the virtue of reading and memorizing the Quran, and embark on the most beautiful journey in your life, which is a journey of learning the recitation of the Holy Quran and correct reading in Tajweed lessons for sisters. Do not waste your time; join us to begin your
journey in the book of Allah.


Q.What is the importance of learning Tajweed online for the sisters?

1.Worshiping Allah, obeying His command, and following the Sunnah of His Messenger
(PBUH) in how to recite.

2.Demonstrating the Quranic miracle.

3.Statement of the difference between reading the Holy Quran and reading ordinary

4.Be careful and slow in reading, which allows the following:
A: Understanding what is commanded by the Sharia
B: Understanding and reflecting upon verses
C: Achieving the correct pronunciation

Q.Is there a specific plan studied for all ladies, or does each lady have her own

There is no unified plan for all the sisters. Every woman differs in terms of level, skills, abilities, and ability to commit to a certain number of classes. Therefore, we allocate a plan for each student individually that is appropriate to her abilities. Our goal is to reach the desired goal, which is the recitation of the Quran at the end.

Q.What are the conditions for joining Tajweed classes for sisters?

There are no conditions, but the student should have passed the Al-Nouraniyah course so that she can greatly benefit from this course and develop her level to the best in a short time.

Join Almuhammadi Academy on your journey to correct Tajweed and recitation in the Online Tajweed classes for sisters free So book a free trial.