Online Tajweed Classes for Kids

Tajweed for Kids

Almuhammadi Academy has designed a comprehensive course for kids of different ages on the rules of Tajweed.  

This course has a very well-formulated structure with clear goals and interactive classes. Kids will learn the basics to advanced rules to perfect their reading and recitation.

Tajweed classes for kids are made easy with the guidance of professional Arabic tutors who have made each lesson enjoyable. 

Overview of the Kids Tajweed Program

These Tajweed lessons are designed for different age groups and the content is appropriately divided for them.

The tutors hired for tajweed and makharij classes are natives and have exceptional grip over the rules and they will surely make non-Arabs confident in reciting Quran like a pro.

The structure of the program is very easy to follow as we have 3 levels for kids. The progress is tracked daily and a weekly report will be presented to the parents. 

The tests and quizzes are the mandatory part of this course as kids will be engaged in a very interesting layout of tests and assessments where they will be curious to give excellent performance.

At the end of the online tajweed course, each regular student will be certified and position holders will be regarded too.

What will Kids Learn in these Tajweed classes?

We have articulated an easy-to-follow course for kids where they will be learning the following things in great detail.

Arabic letters and articulation points

✅ Rules of noon saakinah & Tanween

✅ Idh-haar rule

✅ Idgham rule

✅ Ikhfaa rule

✅ Iqlaab rule

✅ Madd letters

✅ Light & heavy letters

✅ Qalqalah

✅ Al Waqf & Ibtidaa

✅ Laam of the word “Allah”

And much more.

Our well-organized Curriculum of Tajweed for kids

We have skillfully organized the curriculum for kids by dividing it into 3 levels to make it easily understandable.

Level 1

This is the easiest level based on the basics of tajweed like articulation points and makharij etc. The study hours for this level are 25 which each student has to complete before taking test 1 of the course. After passing the test, they will start the topics of level 2.

Level 2

Level two has some detailed and easy topics to learn with activities and quizzes. Kids will enjoy learning the Tajweed rule through animations and audio. The study hours for this level are 35 and before taking test 2, kids need to complete the syllabus fixed for this stage.

Level 3

The last level has all the detailed topics of tajweed that are meant to make kids pro-tajweed qari. These topics will take time to practice as they are difficult to grasp for non-Arab students. The study hours are 45 for this stage and the last assessment is based on all the rules learned so far. After passing the final assessment which is both written and oral, kids will be certified with a tajweed diploma.

Native Egyptian Tajweed Tutors For Toddlers

Learn Quran online with expert teachers

Our academy follows many steps to hire native Egyptian quran teachers and the following conditions must be met:

✅ Having years of kid’s teaching experience, especially tajweed.

✅ Being Arab and familiar with the language and its culture for non-Arabic speakers.

✅ Holding an Ijazah degree in Quran recitation.

✅ Use methods and techniques to make the class more enjoyable for toddlers and facilitate explanation.

✅ Facility of male and female tutors for kindergarten level who can make the class lively and interesting for them.

✅ Being proactive, energetic, and efficiently managing the class.

Personalized One-on-one Tajweed Classes for Children

online tajweed course

Almuhammadi Academy presents personalized one-on-one classes for toddlers where they will learn to recite the Quran with tajweed with the following benefits.

✅ Having direct contact with the teacher to ask what bothers them without eating for their turn.

✅ Learning Tajweed at their own pace without having any pressure of completing the syllabus in the given time.

✅ Choosing to learn the rules that they need initially, instead of the whole curriculum. They can get a customized plan for any level of this Tajweed program for kids.

✅ hassle-free class environment as there is only one student with the teacher to communicate and stop the lecture if not understood.

✅ No competition or comparison with other peers, this will let kids learn freely and happily.

Best Techniques We Follow to Teach Tajweed to Kids

We have planned different techniques to make tajweed for children.

1- Simplify the explanation

By explaining the rules of Tajweed in a simple way to the kids, the teacher presents many examples from the Holy Quran, and students participate in this drill. They also participate in finding examples on their own.

2- Continuous follow-up

To strengthen the lessons and to keep them in memory forever, teachers make sure to continually follow up on the planner. This enhances the quality of the topics learned.

3- Praising kids

Encouraging kids is one of the most important things that our teachers do. We reward kids for different things to uplift their motivation and boost their morale.

4- Practical application

It is an essential key to the success of learning Tajweed for kids. The combination of theoretical and practical application makes the rules more firmly established in their mind.

5- Using mirrors

The use of mirrors is a form of training on how to pronounce the letters correctly while reading the Holy Quran.

6- Repetition and Practice

Repetition and a lot of practice make the kid skilled in Tajweed and help him/her to revise the lessons in Prayers.  For example, reading Surah Al-Fatiha daily in prayers will make its tajweed phenomenal.

7- Commitment to a daily time for recitation

Our teachers train the kids on how to set a time for recitation with the proper application of tajweed rules. The more you stay committed the better you practice and make your lessons strongly gripped.

Learning Goals of Quran Tajweed Classes

The aim of our academy is quality learning. The teachers present Tajweed lessons for kids professionally with the following goals planned. 

  1. Mastery of Arabic letters through revisions.
  2. Knowing how to pronounce letters and their Makharij.
  3. The kid can apply what has been explained practically through the Quranic verses.
  4. Capable of reading a complete surah from Juz Amma correctly.
  5. Familiar with the rules of Tajweed, such as Idh-haar, Idgham, Ikhfaa, and Iqlaab, and master them while reciting properly.
  6. Getting eloquent in beautifully pronouncing the Arabic language same as natives
  7. Skilled in reciting the Quran and able to teach others the rules of recitation.

Note: Join our online Quran classes for kids to teach kids Quran perfectly.

Why Choose Almuhammadi Academy?

1- Innovative classes

The use of an unconventional method in learning Tajweed for children is the first key to mastering its understanding. Interaction during the class makes the student more active and understanding.

2- Best plan for kids

Designing a distinctive plan for learning Tajweed is one of the keys to the success of teaching kids how to facilitate and simplify the rules, making them easy for kids to understand.

3- Certificate

Certificate of Ijazah

After completing the course, training, and exams, the student receives a certificate, which is an acknowledgment from us that he has passed this course successfully and proficiently.

4- Encouragement and motivation

These are two important elements in the success of the educational process for kids. Encouraging and praising children during their correct recitation motivates them to do their best in front of their teachers.

5- Teaching aids and techniques

The use of modern technologies and the assistance of displaying pictures, audio, or videos help the kid understand and activate more than one of his senses during his learning in the class, which increases his activity and attention.

6- Two Free Trials

The academy offers the opportunity to book two free trials with two different teachers to allow you to choose what suits you best.

7- Continuous constructive evaluation

Continuous evaluation by Tajweed’s teacher helps the student to know his level, and strengthen his weaknesses so that he can get the most out of this course.

8- Quizzes and Tests

Tests are very important because they measure the student’s understanding of what was explained during the class and what they need. This will be done through quizzes, riddles, and oral tests.


The Tajweed rules for kids are explained comprehensively with lots of teaching aids only to facilitate learners to give their best and become citation experts. Almuhammadi Academy has a vision to let all the kids out there learn the proper way of reciting the Quran and avoid hidden Tajweed errors. Join us now to let your kids get started.

Important FAQs

Q1. What is basic tajweed?

Basic tajweed is the way to read the Quran smoothly with a set of rules chosen to be taught first like clear pronunciation of letters, joining, elongating, stressing, and jerking of the letters.

Q2. How long does it take to learn tajweed?

Tajweed for kids takes flexible time for each kid. Some can complete it in 6-8 months and others might take 1 year.

Q3. What are the four rules of tajweed?

The four main rules of tajweed are from the branch of Saakin. Idhar, Iqlab, Idgham, and Ikhfaa.

Q4. How to make tajweed fun?

To engage kids we make tajweed fun through activities, animations, audio, and interactive sessions. It helps them enjoy the rules and learn them fast.

Q5. How to learn the Quran easily for kids?

To learn the Quran easily, kids need a strong base of Noorani Qaida to let them have confidence in reciting the verses smoothly.

Q6. How to learn tajweed easily?

Anyone can learn tajweed easily through formal courses offered online like Al-Muhammadi Academy has amazing tajweed classes for everyone. The professional teacher, the plan, the levels, and the pre-planned goals are all combined to facilitate users.