The part-time Hifz course is a magical journey of online Quran memorization that requires commitment and perseverance. With our supportive huffaz tutors as your cheerleaders, you’ll be motivated and confident every step of the way. Let’s embark on this amazing adventure together! Unlock your full potential and embark on an incredible journey of Quranic excellence with our part-time Hifz program at Almuhammadi Academy.

With our special secret ingredient, you’ll not only become a Quran memorization pro but also master Tajweed and perfect Arabic pronunciation.

Ready to take on this exciting challenge? If you can carve out around 2 hours daily, then
this course is tailor-made for you!

Part-time Hifz Program Structure

● Our part-time Hifz program is meticulously tailored to meet the needs of students, with careful consideration given to factors such as course duration, class length, number of classes, and availability for revision sessions.

● The program’s structure is thoughtfully designed to eliminate any potential confusion, providing a clear and organized learning path for students.

● Our online classes are crafted to be stress-free, allowing students to achieve their goals.

● Through our well-planned approach, students can progress steadily toward their targets without feeling overwhelmed or rushed.

● We prioritize a seamless learning experience, ensuring that students can navigate their Hifz journey comfortably and with confidence.

Conditions for the Part-Time Hifz Program

Our course welcomes both kids and adults male or female who are passionate enough to dedicate a substantial amount of time to achieve their Hifz goals. Whether you have work or studies to balance, we offer a flexible program to help you succeed. Here are the key points for our committed students:

● Familiarity with Tajweed rules or completion of the Noorani Qaida is preferred.

● Dedicate at least one to two hours per day for consistent learning throughout the week.

● Attend classes on time and avoid repeated absences unless necessary.

● A growth mindset and a strong desire to achieve Hifz’s goals are vital for success in the course.

● Openness to feedback and willingness to implement corrections and improvements suggested by the tutors are important for continuous progress.

3 Levels of Part-time Hifz Classes

A- First Level: Beginners

Embark on a gradual memorization journey that facilitates smooth adaptation to a new routine. With a personalized plan tailored to suit your requirements and abilities, start with the simpler Surahs from Juz Amma and after a comprehensive test-based assessment, move to the next stage as the level of difficulty escalates, ensuring a continuous and satisfying learning experience.

B- Second Level2: Intermediate

As you progress to this stage, you’ll notice an increase in your speed and capacity for memorization, resulting in a higher daily verse limit.

You’ll be able to master a significant portion of your Hifz learning plan and move forward after completing a test. This level can be challenging, as it requires dedicating more time to revising previously learned verses while also learning new ones every day.

C- Third Level3: Advanced

Welcome to the final stage, where your dedication and practice in memorizing Quranic verses will truly shine. At this point, you have developed a routine of revising the verses you’ve previously learned. Whether you’re aiming to memorize the entire Quran or a significant portion of it, this stage focuses on completion and thorough revision.

It’s time to break through any barriers and strive towards reaching your target within a shorter timeframe.

How are the part-time Hifz classes conducted?

Exceptional tutors selected and highly skilled, guarantee an extraordinary learning experience for the part-time Hifz course, ensuring exceptional Hifz abilities for all students.

1.Two Free Trial Classes

To ensure you’re comfortable and confident before committing, we offer two complimentary trial classes. This allows you to experience our teaching methodology, interact with the tutor, and understand the structure of the classes before making a decision.

2.Selected Hifz

The classes will cover specific portions of the Quran or the whole Quran according to choosing Haffiz, allowing you to progress at a comfortable pace while retaining what you have memorized.

3.Continuous Revision

We understand the importance of revision in Quran memorization. Our Part-Time Hifz Classes incorporate regular revision sessions for previously memorized verses. This ensures that you maintain a strong grasp of the memorized portions and helps promote long-term retention.

With continuous revision, you can confidently progress your Hifz journey while strengthening your understanding of the Quranic verses.

4.Quizzes and Tests

Regular quizzes and tests are conducted to evaluate your progress and understanding. These assessments help identify areas for improvement and ensure that you have memorized verses. It’s a great way to track your development and reinforce your learning.

5.Weekly Progress Reports

We provide weekly progress reports to keep you informed about your performance and progress. These reports highlight your achievements, and areas of improvement, and provide personalized feedback from your tutor. It’s a valuable tool that enhances accountability and allows you to stay motivated on your Hifz journey.
Note: Joining our online Hifz classes at Almuhammadi Academy will help you reach your goal of memorizing the Holy Quran perfectly and with complete ease in a short time.

What makes you join a part-time Hifz program?

  • Qualified tutors

Our female and male tutors are highly qualified, native Egyptians who possess an exceptional Arabic accent and mastery of Tajweed. They hold degrees in Ijazah of the Holy Quran.

Our tutors have graduated from renowned Islamic universities, and are fluent in English, and Arabic. They have extensive experience teaching the Quran online and have helped thousands of Muslims successfully memorization.

  • Flexible Schedule

Our part-time classes allow students to choose convenient times that fit their daily routines. You can select the days and times that work best for you. In our Part-Time Hifz Classes, we prioritize your convenience by offering flexible scheduling options, allowing you to choose times that perfectly align with your daily routine.

  • Expert Guidance

Our experienced tutors will guide you through the memorization process, ensuring proper pronunciation, Tajweed, and understanding of the verses. They will provide personalized attention and support to help you excel in your Hifz journey.

  • Structured Program

Our Hifz program is designed to gradually and systematically help you memorize the Quran. It is thoughtfully structured, guiding you through a gradual and systematic approach to the Quran memorization course, ensuring a steady and comprehensive learning experience.

  • Interactive Learning

Through interactive online platforms, you will have direct communication with your tutor, allowing for real-time feedback and clarification of any questions or difficulties you may have.

  • Progress Tracking

We believe in monitoring your progress closely, and our tutors will regularly assess your memorization and provide constructive feedback. This helps you stay motivated and ensures steady progress towards your Hifz goals.

  • Hifz Certification

Upon completion of the course, each student is awarded a certificate signed by the supervisor and course teacher, serving as tangible proof of your accomplishment in memorizing the Quran through our part-time Hifz program.

Note: Almuhammadi Academy offers a Hifz program for Adults to memorize the Holy Quran by the abilities of each student.

Outcomes Of Part-Time Hifz Course

● Enabling students to achieve their goal and purpose, which is to memorize the Holy Quran perfectly and in easy ways that suit the abilities of each student.

● Mastering the art of Tajweed, the precise pronunciation and application of the provisions of the Quran, resulting in a melodious and accurate recitation of the verses.

● Implementing a review strategy that includes daily repetition of memorized parts at least five times, contributes to excellent memory retention and recall.

● Providing students with various effective and efficient memorization techniques enables them to understand and assimilate the content at an accelerated pace.


Achieve your Hifz goals quickly with our part-time course, supported by our expert guidance. Experience the convenience of learning the Quran at home with our affordable online classes. Start with a free trial class and unlock the ease of memorization.


1.How do you practice Hifz at home?

Immerse yourself in the Almuhammadi Academy, a one-stop platform that offers personalized guidance, a structured plan, and a well-crafted schedule, paving the way for your journey to become a hafiz from the comfort of your home.

With our support, you’ll embark on a transformative path towards achieving your goal of Quranic mastery.

2.How long does it take to become a Hafiz?

The time frame for becoming a tutor depends on the commitment and effort you invest in your classes. It is possible to achieve this in six months, less or more. Remember, your dedication sets the pace for your Hifz success.

3.How can one become a Hafiz in a year?

Embark on a transformative journey towards becoming a memorizer in just one year with the exclusive memorization plan provided by Almuhammadi Academy. This meticulously designed 1-Year Plan ensures that you progress systematically at the perfect intervals that encompass monthly, weekly, and daily lessons, you’ll confidently pursue your goal and witness remarkable growth in your memorization abilities.