How to Memorize Quran Surah in 1 Hour

How to Memorize Quran Surah in 1 Hour

Memorizing a Quran Surah in one hour requires focused and efficient techniques. Choose a short Surah like Al-Fatihah, understand its meaning, and break it into smaller sections. Listen to a skilled reciter, repeat aloud, and use visualization to connect words with meanings. Teach someone else, find a quiet space, manage time effectively, stay consistent in your practice, and enroll in online quran memorization course.

Everyone wants to memorize the Holy Quran in a short time and finds this difficult, so we have provided several ways to memorize Quran surah in one hour or one page in ten minutes in an easy way. 

Top 10 Practicable Techniques to Memorize Surah in 1Hour

1. Understanding the meanings of the verses

Starting to understand the verses before memorizing is one of the most successful Quran memorization techniques for quick and precise memorization, as you understand what you are memorizing, making it easier for you to memorize the verses you recite. 

This is the basis of our relationship with the Holy Quran, memorization combined with understanding so that we can work with what we have memorized.

2. Read the verses aloud

Reading out loud helps you memorize, visualize, interpret, and remember the verses you have memorized. Start reading the verses you want to memorize in a clear, loud voice.

Reading aloud improves the ability to memorize and retrieve information, even if the reader suffers from speech difficulties and cannot pronounce words. Reading verses loud helps to send signals to memorize it and its the best way to memorize Quran without forgetting.

3. Divide the page into portions

Dividing the surah into several parts is one of the most effective methods of memorization, which helps to memorize easily, especially long surahs and verses that are difficult for you. If you divide the most important surahs to memorize, such as Al-Baqarah or Al-Imran, into several small parts, you will learn surahs fast.

4. Listen to the verses carefully (Quranic Audio Mujawwad/ Sheikh Al-Hussary)

Hearing the Holy Quran from a well-known sheikh such as Al-Hussary and other prominent sheikhs in the world of Quranic recitation is considered one of the most effective ways to memorize and not forget because of the audio recitation with Tajweed. 

It makes the sound remain in the mind so that it remembers to memorize it. Listening to verses before memorizing activates memory so that you can memorize easily.

5. Repetition is the golden key

Repeatedly reciting the surah is important and helps keep Hifz. Start the memorization process by reading and repeating the first line three to ten times, then reciting the line by heart.

Read and repeat the second line three to ten times, then recite the line by heart. Combine the first and second verses and recite them three to ten times, and so on until you can memorize a surah fast.

6. Notice the similar verses and the end of the verses

Paying attention to the similar verses in the surah during memorization helps to consolidate the memorization. Also, knowing the endings of the verses and similar ones makes the memorization perfect and makes it easier for you to memorize smoothly and easily, which helps you recall the memorization from memory easily later.

7. Recitation of Surah by heart

At the end of memorization, after completing a complete surah, he tries to recite it in its entirety without looking at the Quran through memory by heart, which confirms the memorization more, along with knowing the verses in which he makes mistakes so that he can improve his memorization again with review the next day.

8. Determine the appropriate time

Choose the appropriate time in your day to memorize, especially dawn, which is one of the best times. Then divide your memorization session during the hour into two sessions.

In the first 25 minutes, you memorize many verses from the surah, and then take a 5-minute break so that you do not feel bored and the brain regains its activity, then continue.

9. Availability of a Quiet Environment

A quiet environment plays an important and effective role in memorizing the Quran fluently. You must choose a suitable, quiet place as your room or the mosque that will keep you away from disturbance to memorize Quran surah in a short time.

10. Stay away from any distractions

Stay away from any distractions that make you lose focus and attention. You can choose a time such as dawn or night prayer time, which is one of the best times characterized by calm and allows you to be alone with the Holy Quran without any interruptions from the environment surrounding you.

How to Memorize one Page in 10 Minutes? 

  1. Sit in a quiet place
  2. Pay attention without distraction
  3. Raise Mushaf at head level 
  4. Start with deep breathing for a minute or two (inhale and exhale)
  5. Recite the page at least about 3-5 times
  6. Focusing sight and hearing when reciting with Tajweed
  7. Humility is a major key for Hifz
  8. Understanding the meanings of Quranic words
  9. Memorize line by line or verse by verse
  10. Using a stopwatch to track the specified time


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Important FAQs

Q1. What are the golden methods of Quran memorization?

Sincerity, then daily recitation with Tajweed, dividing the memorization into parts, and memorizing from only one copy of Mushaf.

Q2. How can I memorize the Quran without forgetting it?

The prophetic method is one of the best methods, which is always reciting the Quran, especially in prayers and night prayers.

Q3. How to memorize a surah in 30 minutes?

Choose a suitable place and use a stopwatch. Divide the surah into portions and listen to the verses one by one carefully, repeating and memorizing each verse several times (3-5 times), then finally reciting by heart.

Q4. How to memorize 1 page of the Quran in 1 hour?

Use the break-down technique, avoid any distractions, recite loudly, understand the meaning of verses, use the repetition technique, listen to audio recitation, and recite the page by heart.

Q5. What is the secret to memorizing the Quran?

Continuity, even if the amount of memorization is small, focuses during memorization on supplication, staying away from sin, gratitude, and continuous review.