How To Help Your Kid Become A Hafiz At Young Age

Help Your Kid Become A Hafiz

One of the major concerns of most parents is how to nurture their kids and help them grow to be active members of the community. A significant way of doing so is by learning how to help your kid become a Hafiz at a young age. This guarantees that they reap the great reward of memorizing the Quran in the hereafter as well as the benefits they get in this life.

There are many ways through which parents can help their kids become Hafiz such as becoming role models themselves, making them familiar with the Quran by reciting it to them during infancy and reading stories from the Quran, explaining the reward of memorizing it, making a plan for the memorization based on their capabilities and learning styles and creating a schedule for them among many other ways.

What is the Best Age for a Child to Become a Hafiz?

The research states that the best age for Quran memorization is 4 years old. This is because this is the age when their learning abilities are more suitable for memorizing.

That doesn’t mean that this is true for every child as you should realize that every child develops differently; some kids learn faster than others while others require more effort. In addition, kids learn in different ways and this should also be taken into consideration. Some children learn better through listening while others prefer games and other kinesthetic activities.

10 Tips to Help Your Kids Become a Hafiz

Let’s explore them together in this blog post complete quran memorization guide!  

Tips to Help Your Kids Become a Hafiz

1. Set an Example

Parents are the first source of information for their children. They learn from their every move and word. For that reason, parents should be determined to set an example for their kids by frequently reciting the Quran around their children or creating an environment that engraves the love of the Quran in their hearts. This is the seed that would sprout the memorization of Quran when they reach the right age.

2. Recite the Quran to Them During Infancy

There are many benefits to this practice because infants at a very young age keep a record of everything they hear. Consequently, they will develop a connection with the Quran from a young age and improve their cognitive abilities.

3. Read Stories from the Quran Together

Another way to create a bond between your child and the Quran is by reading stories from the Quran to them such as the stories of prophets and other stories narrated in the Quran.

These stories also benefit your child by teaching them important morals and manners like honesty and integrity. In online quran memorization course your teachers can tell you motivational hifz stories.

4. Explain the Reward

Parents should explain to their kids in simple terms the immense reward that they will get when they start memorizing the Quran. This is only one example:

“The one who is proficient in the recitation of the Qur’an will be with the honourable and obedient scribes (angels) and he who recites the Qur’an and finds it difficult to recite, doing his best to recite it in the best way possible, will have two rewards.” [Al-Bukhari and Muslim].

5. Know their Capabilities and Learning Styles

When some parents hear about stories of kids who finished memorizing the Quran at a young age, they attempt to push their kids more than they can handle. Parent needed to know the abilities and learning styles of their child and make a memorization plan based on that information. This will make the learning process more effective.

6. Create a Schedule for your Child

Then, it is time for planning!

Create a consistent schedule for your child that allocates time for memorization and revision. The schedule serves the purpose of making it a daily habit for the child and helps you keep track of their progress.

7. Provide a Supportive Learning Environment

Many experts have advised against negative words and punishment when you are trying to build a habit for your child so don’t scold them or severely punish them if they make a mistake. Make them feel loved and supported throughout the process of memorizing the Quran.

8. Make the Process Fun and Engaging

At the end of the day, you should constantly remind yourself that your child is only a child after all. This means that their learning needs to be fun and engaging. Incorporate different games and activities to make the learning process more fun. In addition, you can also change the setting by taking them outside or using different learning methods.

9. Sign Them up for Quran Classes

If you feel like you need the help of professionals, Quran classes are always a good option to resort to. You can sign them up for Quran classes in the nearest mosque or Islamic center. Online Quran classes are yet another effective option.

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10. Make Dua’ for Them

Don’t get too caught up in the steps and the planning and forget to ask for the guidance of Allah SWT. He will make the path easier for you and your child and will put the love of His book in their heart.


Remember that your role as a parent in making your child a Hafiz is the most significant of all so seek the guidance of Allah SWT and follow the steps which were mentioned in the blog post.

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