How to Increase Quran Reading Speed

When embarking on the journey of reading the Quran, it is important to set realistic steps when starting your Quranic journey of reading the Quran. And realize that every learner has his journey. Do not compare your journey with the journey of others, and be sure that you can master all the steps that we will present on how to increase your reading speed.

Follow the tips and try to apply them well, trust your abilities and skills, and enjoy your Quranic journey in which you will gain Allah’s satisfaction in this world and the hereafter.

10 Tips to Increase Quran Reading Speed 

1. Recite the Holy Quran daily

Have a daily session of the Quran, Reading the Quran has great merit, as it is a light that illuminates our paths with faith, and with it, we raise our ranks. The reciter of the Quran has a great reward, in addition to clarity of mind, as the Muslim immerses himself daily in the Holy Quran, tracing its verses and rulings. Memory strength; The best thing to organize a Muslim’s memory are the verses of the Holy Quran, through contemplation, and memorization.

And the tranquility of the heart, as those who recite the Holy Quran and memorize its verses live with amazing tranquility. Also, Reading the Holy Quran is a strength in the language. The one who lives with the verses of the Quran, and the precise eloquence, sweet explanation, and strong language in them, thus strengthens his language, enriches his vocabulary, and improve fluency in quran recitation.

2. Learn Arabic vocabulary and pronunciation

Learning to pronounce the Arabic letters is one of the important and initial steps that every reader of the Quran must begin learning. The student begins to learn the Arabic letters, their shape, and pronunciation, and write them correctly in online quran recitation course, which will then make him able to read Quranic words or verses correctly.

The alphabet is considered the foundation of the Arabic language. If you learn them well and then master reading and writing them, he will be able to read and write with complete ease and then recite quran beautifully.

3. Master Tajweed Rules

Practical Tajweed appears in the fact that it is a means of controlling the reader’s performance and understanding the subtleties of recitation matters, especially since limiting ourselves to reading from Tajweed science books does not achieve the desired mastery in the recitation of the Holy Quran unless this is accompanied by learning from a skilled teacher.

Tajweed not only helps you read correctly, but contemplate verses and understand messages to guide you in your life so that you do not go astray or suffer misery. Keep in mind that the Quran is your companion in this world and the hereafter.

4. Learn three speeds of recitation

Your knowledge of the four stages of recitation, which are tarteel, Thqeeq, Hadar, and Tadwir helps you choose the reading you want when you want to read with tarteel which is reading with contemplation and reassurance while adhering to the quran reading rules, and the exits of the letters.

Tahqeeq is like recitation, except that it is more reassuring during recitation, and it is taken in the position of education. Buti Hadr is to read quickly while adhering to the rules of recitation when you want to read quickly. Finally, Tawdir is an intermediate rank between tartil and hadr.

5. Recite whole parts of the Quran within 30 days

It is possible to complete the Quran in one month by dividing the 600 pages of the Quran into thirty days so that the result of the division is twenty pages for each day of the month. Thus, you will read a daily portion of the Holy Quran until, at the end of the 30 days, you have finished reading it in its entirety. This is training for you to read the Quran completely in Ramadan month.

6. Focus on memorization

Quran memorization will help you recite it quickly. For example, when you memorize a surah such as Al-Baqarah or Al-Imran and start reciting it, of course, the speed of your recitation of this surah will differ, so your reading will be fast, unlike someone who only reads the Quran and has not memorized it.

7. Set a consistent reading schedule 

Creating a daily or weekly schedule of the times you will read the Quran so that you stick to it is one effective step. The schedule has two methods. The first method is to read 4 pages after each prayer. This will help you read a full section each day. It is necessary to maintain the recitation of the Quran daily (not to neglect it, no matter the situation).

The second method is to read two pages of the Quran before prayer and two pages after prayer. At the end of 30 days; The Muslim will find that he has already completed reading the Holy Quran. It is possible to recite the Quran more than once in 30 days, by doubling the number, meaning reading four pages before prayer and also four pages after each prayer. Or you can read it in its entirety early in the morning and it will have a blessing effect for the rest of the day.

8. Seek guidance from experienced tutors

Every Quran learner must have a teacher or expert in the Holy Quran with knowledge that he can refer to and ask him to help him master the recitation. The teacher will certainly save time, effort, and years of experience to direct you to the right path in a short period with practical continuous practice of recitation of the Quran, which will undoubtedly help you to Increase your speed in reciting the Quran by teaching quran stop signs with examples.

9. Take steps gradually

Start by taking gradual steps, which are more effective. First, determine the time that you will continue steadily every day as if it is an integral part of your day’s tasks. It is possible to specify 15-30 minutes in one session. Your initial preparation for a short period encourages you to keep going without feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

For this task, you also set a specific number of verses daily, and you can increase the time and amount of reading when you find continuity, stability, comfort, and an increase in your abilities.

10. Implementing speed-reading techniques

Skimming is to read the verses and get a general idea of ​​the main idea that they clarify and thus increase your understanding. It is possible to start with the short surahs and then progress to the larger surahs gradually.

Also, the chunking technique helps to read each verse separately, not to read many verses at once, and to understand the idea that you mean, this technique is useful, especially in long verses.


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