Online Tajweed Classes For Adults

Tajweed classes for Adults

Almuhammadi Academy provides comprehensive Tajweed classes for adults that help them recite correctly, the same as the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) used to recite. 

You can only achieve this point of excellence and perfection by studying the science of tajweed, knowing its rulings, and applying them accurately.

Overview of the course

Our Quran tajweed course for elders is flexible in scheduling and timing which is why a large group of people find it easy to attend and complete the course easily.

These lessons have activities, practical demonstration practices, video and audio drills to enhance understanding, and many educational programs that support the revision of tajweed rules through quiz-type questions.

You can personalize your classes and learn Tajweed rules at your speed and finish the course with your capacity.  The tests and oral assessments will go side by side and at the end of the course, you will be certified for being a Tajweed pro.

What will Adults Learn in These Classes

We have chosen the Tajweed topics to cover a wide range of syllabi from different authentic books. By choosing our tajweed classes for elders, you will learn:

✅ Isti’adha and Basmala (the basics)
✅ Rules of Noon Sakinah and Tanween
✅ Rules of Meem Sakinah
✅ Qalqalah
✅ Ghunnah (nasal sounds)
✅ Mudood
✅ Muffakham & Muraqqa(heavy and light letters)
✅ Levels of Mufakham and Muraqqa
✅ Relationship between two meeting letters
✅ Al-Waqf & Al-Ibtida
✅ Sifaat(Al-Hams – Al-Jahr – At-trashy- Al-Istihalah)

Learning outcomes of online Tajweed classes for adults

✅ Correctly reading the Holy Quran like natives using all tajweed rules.
✅ Reflecting upon the verses of the Holy Quran and knowing the correct pronunciation.
✅ Memorizing the verses of the Holy Quran by avoiding mistakes during recitation.
✅ Feeling more comfortable reading verses from the Quran with tajweed.
✅ Capable of reciting any surah of the Quran on your own with a conscious effort on makharij

Certified Tajweed tutors for elders to learn Tajweed

We at Almuhammadi Academy have hired the best individuals who passed and scored top positions in their interviews and demonstrations in Tajweed lessons. The following things are considered while hiring Tajweed tutors.

✅ Must be native Egyptian/Arabic with a good grip on the Quranic studies

✅ Must be fluently communicating in English and Urdu to facilitate as many students as possible

✅ Must be Ijazah certified to teach tajweed with exceptional grip over recitation

✅ Must be experienced in teaching tajweed online to adults for years

✅ Must be aware of innovative teaching methods to engage adults in classes

3 levels of tajweed classes for adults

This course is specially designed for adults who want to improve and enhance their tajweed and recitation. We have divided the curriculum into 3 levels where each topic is given due time for detailed analysis and practice. 

Dividing the course into levels helps the students to progress until they reach the level of proficiency at the end of the journey.

✅ Level 1

The first level is to gradually fix the basics in the student’s mind and practice reading.
It is done through activities and drills of audio, animations, and oral practices. The credit hours of this stage are 25 and after that, an ideal assessment will be held to check your understanding and grip over the rules.

✅ Level 2

At this level, the student begins to differentiate between light and heavy letters and the relationship of letters to each other. Further, they will learn more rules to understand the mistakes usually done in tajweed by non-Arab students. The credit hours here will be 35 and a test is mandatory to pass.

✅ Level 3

At this level, the students are able to learn and master the advanced tajweed rules. They will attend the classes for 45 hours and appear in a final assessment that is both written and oral. After the results, all the adults will be certified.

Personalized One-on-one Tajweed Classes for Adults

Almuhammadi Academy offers an amazing opportunity of personalized tajweed classes for adults where each student has the liberty to choose the schedule, time, level, and method of teaching according to their convenience.

✅ There will be a single student directly interacting with our professional Tajweed teacher in the class and learning all the rules with 100% focus and concentration.

✅ Personalized classes give you the confidence to work on your errors and weak areas without letting anyone else know about them. Your teacher will help and guide you throughout the course and will be there with amazing techniques to apply and master each rule.

✅ You are allowed to complete your course at your desired time and attend classes at your ease. Plan everything before starting the course and enjoy learning tajweed in a customized way that suits you. Additionally, the following are the perks of our personalized sessions.

  • Encourages independence
  • Good interaction
  • Content mastery is assured
  • Takes away distractions
  • Low-stress setting

Why Choose Almuhammadi Academy for Tajweed lessons?

There are many distinctive methods and techniques used in our academy to teach online tajweed to adults with perfection. That is why our platform is the most credible place to begin learning tajweed from.

1. Proficiency of teachers

Choosing Quran teachers with specific conditions, including strong proficiency in the Arabic language, English, and Urdu bridges the gap of communication and interaction in a professional manner to deliver information smoothly and correctly.

2. Continuous Progress tracking 

Continuous follow-up of the student’s advancement always helps the student and the teacher link lessons and information effectively and work on the problem areas to cover the syllabus in time. We keep a record of each lesson and evaluate your performance to give you a detailed report every week.

3. Regular tests and revisions

After the theoretical explanation of the lesson the most important thing is to practice the rules in different ways and get them perfect on your tongue. We are pleased to offer this commitment as our teachers work really hard to prepare you for the tests. This includes:

  • Quizzes
  • Riddles 
  • Educational games

4. Female teachers for ladies

Female Quran Teacher

Many ladies look for a female teacher for online tajweed classes to learn with confidence and without hesitation. They are more committed and feel safer overall. We have provided qualified female teachers with years of experience in the field of teaching the Holy Quran.

5. Certification and rewards

All the regular students are certified and the beat performers are also rewarded with cash prizes. All this is done to persuade adults to post beyond the bars and struggle hard to reach the level that is set by native Arabic learners. Our certificates are valuable and recognised everywhere.


Start your journey now at Almuhammadi Academy and enjoy learning the Holy Quran with the rules of tajweed perfectly and properly with specialized male and female teachers who will help you reach the degree of mastery in recitation. Take a sample class today and unlock the jewels of learning tajweed from an Egyptian tutor with the ease of your homes.

Important FAQs

Q1. What are the benefits of learning tajweed?

Learning tajweed is beneficial as it helps perfect recitation, realise the hidden mistakes while reading elaborate the meaning more deeply, and clarifies the accurate pronunciation. Non-Arab students must learn tajweed online to excel in it.

Q2. How to make Tajweed better?

You can make your tajweed better by attending an online course where the tutor will help you in every step. You can also practice reciting surahs on your own with accurate tajweed. Slowly and gradually your tajweed will get better.

Q3. How to learn Tajweed fast?

The fastest way to learn tajweed is to master Noorani Qaida with sincerity. Once you are done with it, half of the rules are done. Then, you can easily enroll in online tajweed course to learn advanced rules with continuous practice.

Q4. What is the first rule of Tajweed?

The first rule of tajweed is to perfect your makharij and pronounce the Arabic letters the same as the natives and not as you read in your mother tongue. The accurate learning of articulation points will take time but it is worth the value.

Q5. How long does it take to learn tajweed for adults?

Adults can learn tajweed in a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 1 year. It also depends on their class routine and the schedule they have opted for. The more you revise and practice, the sooner you learn.

Q6. How long does it take to learn Tajweed rules?

The most important thing at the beginning is a sincere intention before starting to learn the Holy Quran. After that, the duration depends on the extent of your understanding and application of the rules and on the number of classes in which you agree with the teacher. But time is not the goal; mastering the rules of tajweed practically during the recitation is the real goal to be achieved.

Q7. How can you join our Tajweed classes for adults?

You have to join us by booking the free trial, and then we will contact you, and then the teacher will make the appropriate plan that suits your level and abilities until you reach the desired level in reading the Quran with the provisions of intonation in a very elaborate manner.

One of your first and most important steps before joining this course is ensuring that you have completed the Noorani Qaida course.