Online Quran Classes For Kids

Online Quran classes for kids

Almuhammadi Academy offers the best Online Quran classes for kids with remarkable traits that every parent is probing for. These kids’ Quran lessons are completely structured and conducted under the direct supervision of Native Arabic tutors.

Kids can learn the Quran online in an adjustable schedule that suits their timing and duration. Each lesson is activity-backed and made gripping through multimedia study material.

Overview of Our Kid’s Quran Classes

Online Quran Classes for Kids at Almuhammadi Academy

✅ Kids from 3-15 are welcome to join our Online Quran lessons.

✅ We have both male and female Native Egyptian tutors.

✅ Our Quran classes are based on Quran reading, Tajweed, recitation, and hifz.

✅ All the classifications of Quranic subjects have different schedules, breakups, levels, and structures.

✅ A weekly planner is shared with parents to track the advancement.

✅ Assessment and oral evaluation are a must part of each Quran course

✅ Parents are expected to attend all the term-end meetings to ensure collaboration on both sides.

✅ These Quran lessons by Almuhammadi Academy are available in groups and 1-on-1 form.

✅ Diplomas/certificates of all Courses are presented after the final result and meeting.

Multiple Courses for Kids To Learn the Quran

Our platform offers multiple categories of Online Quran classes for toddlers. These are all separate courses with flexible scheduling.

1. Noorani Qaida Course for Kids

The very first program designed for kindergarteners learn Noorani Qaida online. This is the foremost step to understanding how to read the Quran smoothly. Toddlers will learn the alphabet, the articulation of letters, and the rules for joining, elongating, echoing, and stressing letters. 

This course has an unrestricted duration for children to complete at their speed. They will get a Qaida diploma at the end of the session.

2. Quran Recitation Classes For Kids

In the second course, we are determined to help toddlers work on their recitation skills with a focus on makharij and tone. Some of the Tajweed rules are added to the syllabi to polish the pronunciation.

This kids’ recitation program has a very formulated outlook. We will give you a proper planner every week and a monthly break-up of the course outline. Children will be certified on the fulfillment of this course.

3. Hifz Al-Quran Course

An amazing and fully organized course of hifz is designed for kids with different schedules. Learn to memorize the Quran in a very candid and manageable way. Our hifz classes for kids is based on several levels of chapters.

This hifz program is special because we help children explore learning methods and stick to the one they like the most. We promote innovative hifz techniques and avoid monotony in lessons.

4. Online Quran Tajweed Course

Tajweed holds utmost significance when it comes to accurate Quran reading, recitation, and memorization. Non-Arab toddlers need to learn tajweed through a formal program like the one we offer. The vision we had in mind while designing this online tajweed course for kids was to provide a wholesome place to learn and enjoy tajweed classes in a natural way to develop a beautiful and native-like Arabic accent.

The curriculum of our islamic classes for kids has several stages with numerous topics reinforced by activities and tests to ensure exceptional understanding.

Various Flexible Schedules Of Quran For Kids

We present you with more than one schedule for your little ones so that they can follow the plan that suits their routine. Opt from the given course time and get a plan according to the number of classes you choose for your kids to attend per week.

You can keep the weekend on or off and also modify the class time ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

  •  6- Monthly Schedule
  •  10- Monthly Schedule
  •  1-Yearly Schedule
  •  2-Yearly Schedule

Learning Objectives Of Our Quran Classes for Kids

Teaching the Quran to children online is a sacred yet responsible task that comes with pre-planned objectives for each course. The expert tutors of Almuhammadi Academy have listed the SMART goals: specific, manageable, achievable, realistic, and timely.

✅ Getting them attached to Allah and His messenger PBUH.

✅ Developing love in kids for the Quran.

✅ Getting capable of reading and reciting the Quran like natives.

✅ Maintaining a flawless recitation tone with continuous hard work and practice. 

✅ Learning Tajweed Al-Quran with conscious efforts to recite the Quran as perfectly as Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

✅ Memorizing the Quran and retaining the verses forever with a deep understanding of its meaning.

✅ Understanding the Quran with a new perspective for kids based on character and personality building.

Note: Our tutors plan general and specific objectives for each Quran lesson to keep the lesson on track and reach the set goals efficiently.

Well-Formulated Syllabus For Kids

Learning the Quran online for kids is made easy and enjoyable along with a well-formulated syllabus for each course. Whether your juniors are memorizing the Quran with tajweed or simply learning to read, our syllabus is arranged in a sequence of easy-tough topics. 

The weekly and monthly planners are shared with parents online. A copy of the timetable of each month is also provided to let supervisors and parents jointly keep an eye on the ongoing advancement of the student.

The topics of Quran lessons for kids have animations, multimedia exposition, and other useful and attractive study material that brings you closer to your goal.

Our Team Of Native Egyptian Quran Teachers

Almuhammadi Academy has spared extra hours for the scrutiny of tutors’ resumes. Multiple factors are considered for the hiring process of Quran teachers. Some of the prominent traits we prefer in both male and female Egyptian quran teachers are:

  1. Being a native Egyptian/Arabic 
  2. Being eloquent in English and Urdu
  3. Being certified with an Ijazah degree
  4. Being experienced in teaching kids online
  5. Being linked up to Quran teaching for 3+ years
  6. Being motivated to give resourceful teaching ideas to kids
  7. Being available round-the-clock to facilitate students from foreign countries

How do We Conduct Kids Quran Classes?

Kids’ classes must have something exciting that grabs their attention. To ensure engagement, our instructors stick to the following points.

✅ Adding an element of fun and enjoyment.

✅ Attractive and colorful Quran activities.

✅ Online games and puzzles.

✅ Peer debates and dialogues.

✅ Multimedia-based study material like cartoons, animations, documentaries, infographics, etc.

Why Choose Almuhammadi Academy?

Maintaining visibility among other Quranic forums is certainly tough but we have managed to connect to the users through our diversity of facilities for online Quran classes for kids. Have a look at these features to decide on your own!

1. 24/7 access

Let your toddlers enjoy learning the Quran at a time when they are mentally and physically active and prepared. We are available all day long. All children can attend classes on weekdays or weekends. All we want is their 100% attention and participation.

2. Regular online Meetings

Kids need teacher-parent collaboration and for that, we call for a regular monthly catch-up online. Our meetings are usually based on the student’s progress, our expectations, problem areas, discussion on boosting them, etc. 

3. Reporting and progress check

After every lesson, the tutor writes an evaluation report of how the kid has performed in the lesson. This daily lesson reflection is then gathered into a report card that is sent to the parents via email.

4. One-on-one classes

Kindergarteners can attend Quran lessons in a personalized 1-on-1 session in which they can freely pursue their planner without any peer pressure, competition, comparison, positions, etc. We make each 1-on-1 class very interactive in its way.

5. Group classes

Our group classes for kids of the same ages are also popular because of the motivational learning environment created by the teacher. Learn the Quran online with your fellow friends and enjoy the activities together.

6. Economical fee plans

Almuhammadi Academy is offering a very economical fee plan for children so that parents can engage them in online Quran learning classes along with their contemporary studies. Pay if you are satisfied with our teachers.

7. Quran Certificates

Toddlers will get diplomas/certificates for the Quran courses they will complete from our forum. You can get them printed as they are formally prepared and signed.


Let’s play our part to pave the path for our young generation to indulge in Quran learning. Join our Quran sessions with a free trial class and let your little stars explore the gems of Allah’s words.

Important FAQs

Q1. What is the fastest way to learn Quran?

The easiest and fastest way to learn the Quran is to start from the very basic lessons like Qaida and tajweed. Slowly, move towards the recitation and memorization. Practice and revise as much as you can. You will learn the Quran really quickly.

Q2. At what age do I teach my child the Quran?

Let your child get to know about the Quran from the age of 3-4. At this age, toddlers are very observant and they grasp everything fast. Let them learn the Quran from their early years to develop a love for this Holy book.

Q3. How to learn Quran easily for kids?

Kids can easily learn the Quran if they are bound to attend online classes that are based on enjoyable activities, animations, cartoons, stories, games, etc. 

Q4. How to teach Quran to a 7-year-old?

A seven-year-old child is sensible to understand concepts like Allah’s existence, His love for kids, His messenger, etc. You need to inculcate Allah’s love first and then teach them Quran reading or memorization. 

Q5. What are the benefits of teaching the Quran to children?

  • It helps children build a strong bond with the Lord from the beginning years.
  • It will enable kids to understand the deeper meaning of the Quran before reaching the age of maturity.
  • It will make them habitual in reading the Quran daily.
  • It will help them enhance Quranic knowledge in their school years and learn more about Islam.
  • It will help them shape their personalities according to the guidelines given by Allah and the Prophet Muhammad PBUH.