Hifz Classes for Kids

hifz classes for kids

Almuhammadi Academy is a renowned institution that specializes in offering top-notch Hifz classes for kids. Our goal is to create an environment that is both engaging and encouraging, making the memorization process enjoyable for kids.

We take pride in our talented tutors, who provide organized lesson plans and offer flexible scheduling options, making us stand out as a leading platform in this field.

Overview of Kids Hifz Course

These Quran hifz for kids have different learning levels to help them reach the main goal step by step. We have 3-5 levels, depending on the hifz plan customized for each kid.

The tutors of hifz lessons will evaluate the progress in each class and prepare a report to keep parents updated. Whether they memorize a juz, a surah, or the entire Quran, they will learn with tajweed and proper understanding.

This program has multiple schedules so that children can memorize according to their speed and capacity.

All the lessons are revised several times and tests are taken orally to ensure excellent retention. At the end of the course, all children will be certified.

What Will You Learn in These Hifz Classes

Our hifz school for kids focuses on multiple things to produce exceptionally great huffaz with an amazing Arabic accent, tajweed, understanding of meaning, and strong personalities. The following things are mandatory to learn with hifz

✅ Tajweed and makharij to gain accuracy in the recitation of verses.

✅ Reason, time, and period of revelation.

✅ Theme and summary of each Surah.

✅ Understanding the literal meaning of verses.

✅ Mind mapping of Surahs.

Learning Objectives of Hifz for Kids Course

This online hifz program for kids by Almuhammadi Academy has some goals and objectives to maintain high standards of learning and results. Some of the hifz objectives for kids are:

✅ Making kids aware of hifz importance and significance through success stories of kids who have memorized the Quran in their early years.

✅ Understanding tajweed and articulation points of Arabic letters to recite Verses like Natives.

✅ Memorizing with a proper understanding of the meaning of Ayaat to understand the message of Allah.

✅ To clearly understand the difference between similar-sounding Ayaat and avoid mistakes.

✅ To revise the hifz portion at least 3 times so that they are retained excellently.

5-Levels of Hifz Classes for kids

Level 1: Juz’ Amma- Juz’ Tabarak

At this initial level, kids focus on memorizing Juz’ Amma and Juz’ Tabarak. They learn the correct recitation and pronunciation of these chapters and develop a solid foundation in memorization techniques.

Level 2: Selected Surahs

Once they have completed Level 1, kids move on to Level 2. Here, they memorize selected surahs from different parts of the Quran, such as Surah Rahman and Surah Ya-Seen, among others. This level helps kids expand their memorization beyond Juz’ Amma and become familiar with a variety of verses.

Level 3: 5 juz’

5 juz memorization Plan

At this stage, students progress to memorize five juz’ of the Quran. They delve deeper into the memorization process and become acquainted with more substantial portions of the Quran. This level builds upon the foundation established in the previous levels and strengthens their memorization skills.

Level 4: 15 juz’

In Level 4, kids aim to memorize 15 juz’ of the Quran. This level deepens their commitment to memorization and helps them approach the halfway mark of completing the entire Quran. The memorization process becomes more intensive, and students continue to reinforce their recitation and Tajweed skills.

Level 5: The whole Quran

Quran memorization Plan

The final level focuses on completing the memorization of the entire Quran. Students commit to memory of the remaining juz’ and work towards achieving their goal of becoming a Hafiz/Hafiza (someone who has memorized the entire Quran). This level requires dedication, consistent revision, and fine-tuning of their recitation.

It’s important to note that the duration of each level may vary depending on the pace and progress of the child. Additionally, regular revision and review sessions are incorporated throughout the program to ensure the retention of the memorized verses.

How do We Conduct Hifz Classes?

We make sure our hifz program for kids is conducted with utmost excellence and in detail. The following points are considered for this process.

1. Continuous Practice

Regular and consistent practice is essential for a successful Hifz. We encourage kids to allocate dedicated time each day for memorization and revision.

2. Division Technique

Starting with shorter surahs is a recommended technique. By mastering shorter surahs, they gain confidence and are encouraged to tackle more challenging memorization tasks. This technique helps them focus on memorizing a few verses at a time.

3. Visualization

They are encouraging kids to look at verses from the same copy of the Quran, especially the colored mushaf, which helps kids memorize easily.

4. Recitation with Tajweed

Emphasize the importance of reciting the proper Tajweed rules from the beginning. Regular practice and feedback from qualified teachers help refine their recitation skills.

5. Revision and Review

Regularly revise and review the memorized verses to reinforce retention, maintain fluency, and ensure accuracy.

6. Understanding the Meaning

Encourage kids to understand the meaning and context of the verses they are memorizing. This not only deepens their connection with the Quran but also helps them appreciate the significance and impact of the words they are memorizing.

Hifz is a journey that requires patience and perseverance. Some days may be challenging, but remind kids to stay committed and resilient. Encourage them to view any setbacks as opportunities for growth and to keep moving forward with determination.

Prerequisites for our Hifz Classes for kids

To enroll in our Hifz classes for kids, there are a few prerequisites:

1. Basic Quranic Reading Skills

Kids should have a basic understanding of how to read the Quran with correct pronunciation (Tajweed). Starting with learning Nooraniyya, which will help him pronounce and recite correctly.

2. Memorization Ability

While there is no specific level of memorization required, students must have the desire and ability to memorize Quranic verses, and our teachers work to continually motivate and encourage the students.

3. Commitment and Dedication

Hifz requires consistent effort and dedication, so students should be committed to attending classes regularly and actively participating in the memorization process.

4. Age Requirement

Our program of memorization classes usually begins either in year 3 or when children turn 4, depending on their capabilities, allowing kids to learn anytime, anywhere in the world.

Why should you join Almuhammadi Academy?

1. Weekly Reports

Stay informed about your kid’s progress with regular weekly reports that provide updates on their achievements, areas of improvement, and overall development.

2. Two Free Trials

Take advantage of our offer for two free trial sessions, allowing you and your kid to experience our teaching style and determine if it meets your expectations before making any commitment.

3. Affordable Fees

We understand the importance of making Quran education accessible to all, which is why we offer affordable fees without compromising on the quality of our instruction.

4. Competitions & Tests

Engage your kid in friendly competitions and periodic tests that inspire them to excel, fostering a spirit of healthy competition and motivating them to strive for their best.

5. Certificates

Hifz Certificate

Celebrate your kid’s achievements by receiving certificates upon successful completion of their Quranic studies, recognizing their dedication and progress. These certificates serve as a testament to their hard work and provide a sense of accomplishment.

6-Flexibility in Scheduling

We understand the importance of flexibility in scheduling, so we are pleased to provide you with the convenience of 24/7 availability. This allows us to accommodate your preferred timing and support your kids in becoming Hafiz.

Our dedicated teachers are always available, ensuring that Hifz classes can be conducted at any time that suits you best.

7-Personalized one-on-one classes

We provide one-on-one quran classes for kids where they can easily follow their hifz plan at their own pace. In our one-on-one lessons kids enjoy animated stories of surahs they learn. Also, they have the option to change their hifz method if they feel bored or hectic with the one they were using.


Our online quran memorization course provides kids with a comprehensive and beneficial educational experience for learning the Holy Quran. With our Egyptian teachers, we ensure effective communication and a world-class learning environment.

Join us on this wonderful journey to enable your kid’s spiritual growth and help him memorize the Quran correctly and proficiently.

Important FAQs

Q1. How to teach the Quran to a 5-year-old?

Five-year-olds can learn the Quran easily if they get an amazing home environment that supports their learning journey. Besides, they need help from a professional tutor and a structured plan to follow.

Q2. How to become hafiz in 6 months?

You can become hafiz in six months by following an amazing hifz plan and proper guidance of a tutor. Be mindful that it will be an intensive program and you will not get frequent offs.

Q3. How do you memorize the Quran for kids?

You need to involve kids in hifz by giving them an amazing environment of Quranic learning. Explain to them the meaning and summary to engage them.

Q4. What are the rules for hifz classes?

Hifz needs attention, focus, sincerity, dedication, and regular revision. Without these things, no one can pursue the hifz goal successfully.

Q5. What is the daily routine of hifz students?

Hifz students of different ages have different routines depending on their plans. They need to give 2-3 hours minimum daily to read, revise, memorize, and repeat lessons daily. They need to avoid gossip, wasting time, and considering what doesn’t suit the hifz classes.