Online Quran Classes for Adults

Online Quran Classes for Adults

Almuhammadi Academy is known for its online Quran classes for Adults due to the experienced tutors we have for non-Arabic students. The beauty of this journey is that you learn about the Quran through different innovative techniques and activities that keep you engaged.

Overview of Online Quran Classes for Adults

These Quran classes are open to male and female adults who want to learn about the Quran in a flexible schedule. These Quran lessons will cover Quran, hadith, tafseer, fiqh, and many other topics.

Tests will be taken frequently to ensure excellent learning and understanding. Student’s progress will be tracked through regular reporting and meetings. At the end of the Quran courses, each student will be certified. The classes will be conducted through activities and animated videos. This course will let you get a good grip on all the Quranic subjects.

Learning Objectives of Our Adults Quran Program

✅ Learning Noorani Qaida to practice accurate pronunciation of Arabic and gain the confidence to read verses like native grabs.

✅ Learning Tajweed with recitation to excel in recitation skills and avoid hidden errors commonly committed by non-Arab students.

✅ Memorizing the Quran perfectly and reviewing constantly to make each portion perfect hifz.

✅ Getting exceptional results to qualify for an Ijazah degree which only the best and the most dedicated students get through.

Personalized one-on-one Quran class for elders

Almuhammadi Academy offers amazing personalized classes for adults where they can enjoy learning the Quran in a focused environment. Our tutors give you due time to carry on your lessons at your speed and availability to avoid the hassle of the joint session.

Learn the Quran online for adults in a very well-structured and customized way in a personalized session according to your specific needs. You can choose any topic to understand through these classes.

Innovative techniques to Teach the Quran to adults

Our Tutors teach the Quran lessons for adults by using modern methods and strategies such as:

✅ Extracting examples of the lesson from the Qur’an to prove the information in the student’s mind.

✅ Using educational aids, games, and videos while explaining the lesson and the puzzle.

✅  Using the audio-visual method of education or multimedia-based education

✅ PowerPoint is used as a means of education, through slideshows, with the the information it contains previously prepared and designed. 

✅ Mental Map Improves your ability to remember, stimulate creativity, and organize your thoughts.

Different Quran Courses Offered for Elders

Adult Quran classes are divided into different categories to deal with each one of them separately.

Online Quran classes for adults

1- Quran for Beginners

Noorani Qaida Online Course is one of the most important training courses that teaches the basics of the Arabic language.

One of the greatest advantages of the Noorani Qaida is the gradation in pronouncing the letters which must be extracted from their correct Makhraj.

2- Tajweed Classes for Adults

Qur’an Recitation will help adults to recite the Holy Qur’an with the correct Tajweed and this is what many wish for. So, Almuhammadi Academy offers Tajweed classes for adults.

3- Hifz classes for Adults

Our Hifz classes for adults focus on making hifz Qur’an for adults easier and more effective for students, regardless of their age and mental ability. This course will help you memorize the Quran quickly and easily with the help of experienced and qualified tutors.

4- Ijazah Course

Quran Ijazah online is designed to obtain a high level of Quran recitation or memorization for sincere students of the Holy Quran with constant Sanad (Chain of Quran Reciters) linked to Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings be upon him). Through online Ijazah classes, students learn mastery of one of the Qur’an recitations. During the course, our certified tutors will accompany you until you reach the
outstanding level.

You will get an Ijazah certificate after passing the exams at the end of the course. Then you can teach the Holy Qur’an to other people.

3 Levels of Our Online Quran Courses

Almuhammadi Academy has the best online Quran classes for adults as we have 3 levels of each course.

level 1 teaches the basics and sets up a routine for adults to attend classes and learn efficiently. This level has a test, after qualifying for the second stage you will revise the topics and will be promoted.

Level 2 is the medium-paced stage where slightly difficult topics are taught in all Quran courses and adults are assessed for their understanding.

Level 3 is the final stage where advanced topics are taught with great detail and students will revise the curriculum to appear in the final assessment. After the grand result, students will be presented with certificates.

Native Egyptian Quran Tutors for Adults

Learn Quran online with Expert teachers

There are specific criteria by which we choose our Egyptian Quran teachers in the academy. Some of them are:

✅ Their mother tongue must be Arabic and they have sound knowledge about their native tongue.

✅ Must be Proficient in the English language so that there is easy communication with students.

✅ Must be Graduated from Al-Azhar University, so they have a wide knowledge of the Qur’an and its sciences and speak well in classical Arabic.

✅ Holds an “Ijazah” in the Holy Quran with constant Sanad (Chain of Quran Reciters) linked to Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings be upon him). 

✅ Have many years of experience in teaching non-Arabic speakers.

✅ Have flexibility and creativity in using modern methods and techniques during the class so that the lesson reaches the students easily and quickly without getting bored.

Why Choose Almuhammadi Academy For Quran lessons 

✅ We have qualified tutors who have a long experience in teaching the Holy Qur’an
to non-Arabic speakers.

✅ Continuous follow-up of the student through tracking and reporting.

✅ Conduct tests for the student to find out his level and competitions that motivate
the student.

✅ The use of modern technologies and means during the class, games, and educational videos.

✅ Using a plan for the student commensurate with his skills and abilities.

✅ The student’s monthly report, which includes his/her test errors,
behavior and evaluation.

✅ Fast plans for lessons that help keep new information fresh in your mind and make it easy to remember.

✅ Motivation through the tutor to the student, as stimulation helps in effective participation between the tutor and the student and the improvement of creative ideas.


Quran learning is necessary to understand the message of Allah and to stay on the right and guided path. Join our free trial session to see how these classes work. We are here to guide and assist you at every step. Take the time from your busy schedules and join these amazing classes.

Important FAQs

Q1. What is the best way to learn the Quran online?

The best way to learn the Quran online is to hire a professional native Arab tutor who will teach with perfection and authenticity. Follow up the plan regularly and revise your lessons daily to ensure perfect understanding.

Q2. How can adults learn the Quran?

Adults can learn the Quran from a credible platform with one-on-one classes and understand Quran in detail. 

Q3. What is the easiest way to learn the Quran at home?

You can learn the Quran at home by designing a well-structured plan in which the syllabus is divided into small milestones. Follow your plan sincerely to learn fast.

Q4. How long does it take to master the Quran?

It depends on all the students’ capacities and dedication. The more time you give to your classes, the sooner you learn. Normally, people learn the Quran in 6, 8, 10, or 12 months.

Q5. Are online Quran classes good?

For sure, online Quran classes are very good for adults who are very busy with other commitments and can not give time to their physical classes. Sitting at their workplace or learning place and attending a lecture online is a convenient option.