How to Teach Quran to Autistic Child

An autistic child has an autism spectrum disorder. It is a condition associated with brain development that affects how a person recognizes and interacts with others on a social level, causing problems in social interaction and communication such as problems in the level of social performance, at school. 

Our goal is to show some methods and techniques that help teachers and parents to teach the Quran to an autistic child, and this comes from improving communication skills with him through encouragement, love, patience, and other methods that make him a child who loves the Holy Quran and becomes a superior child.

10 Tips for teaching an autistic child the Quran

1. Determine a regular coaching plan

Many children with autism have the very high mental ability and can enroll in online quran classes for kids, but the autistic child needs a teacher who provides him with a fixed curriculum and program while learning. Autistic children need special treatment and a fixed daily routine which does not change because it gives them safety and the ability to learn.

Therefore, the teacher must This point should be taken into account to provide him with a comfortable and enjoyable learning environment in which he can demonstrate his high abilities.

2. Improve competencies

It requires the development of self-confidence and independence for autistic children. Because he has a loss of confidence and lack of initiative in the classroom. Therefore, he must be encouraged by the teacher until he gains confidence.

We must be careful not to scold him or shout at him when he does not do what we ask of him correctly or when he does something wrong on his own because that would increase his loss of confidence and independence.

3. Remove distractions from the academic environment

Children with autism suffer from extreme sensitivity to loud sounds, and some of them do not even pay attention to any sound around them. Therefore, the parents and teacher provide the necessary surrounding environment for learning the Holy Quran during class so that the child does not become disturbed and get angry by the loud sounds that surround him.

4. Be their encourager and praise them 

The tutor must take advantage of the strengths and skills that the autistic child possesses, work to develop them, encourage him, and praise his work. The tutor must also refrain from repeating and mentioning the mistakes committed by the child. Encouraging them and showing them love are essential factors that help improve communication skills between you and the autistic child.

5. Repeat again and again without losing interest

An autistic child needs information repeated repeatedly so that he can respond and understand the information well. He needs more repetition than a normal child, so he needs a teacher who is patient and more time so that he can implant in his heart a love for understanding quran. Also, this will help them to recite quran beautifully and correctly at their early age.

6. Avoid body language and continuous Eye contact

An autistic child does not want physical contact, unlike a normal child although the autistic child loves attention and wants to feel love from his parents and teachers, many children with autism do not prefer physical contact or showing physical affection.

Eye contact with others often causes severe distress for autistic children and uncomfortable for them, so the child simply prefers to interact with others in ways that do not require them to make this type of contact. They prefer to look at something else in their environment while communicating with the other person.

In this case, the tutor can show their love and care for their autistic child by playing, sharing with him what he loves, or expressing love to him with words, not through touch.

7. Using signs and images

Using the skill of pointing in the classroom with an autistic child is a form of non-verbal communication, and it is the first sign that the child realizes that the person in front of him can deduce what he is pointing to. Pointing in general has a purpose, which is for social participation. Visual supports refer to the use of a picture or other visual material to help a child who is having difficulty understanding or using language.

It is important to use signs that indicate things with an autistic child, as his visual abilities are stronger than his auditory skills. Descriptiveness and use of images to communicate. The child often develops a linguistic vocabulary at this stage because images and signs help develop communication skills and they will understand basic quran reading rules.

8. Utilizing stories

Picture stories and pictures that help an autistic child understand the sequence of events are very important things for a child with autism because he has a problem understanding language and understanding sequence and succession.

These cards that are displayed by the teacher help develop the concept of sequence especially when the child goes through. He reads the Quran with a story, and the teacher displays these events in the form of pictures that activate his visual memory and increase his interaction within the classroom.

9. Do not communicate loudly

In every behavior, we always return to the correct Islamic morals and etiquette that our religion has guided us to, which is not to speak in a loud voice, but rather to speak in a clear and audible voice. 

This is indicated in the Holy Quran when Luqman advised his son to be polite by lowering his voice, and do not raise your voice even if you supplicate Allah Almighty.   One of the etiquettes of supplication is to be in a moderate voice.

10. Showing familiarity and affection

An autistic child needs to be sure that you love him. Show your love and care. Children with autism may have difficulty showing their feelings. Do your best to express your care, concern, and support. In Quran classes, tutors do their best to make the child love the Quran and then respond to them, read, and learn the Quran like any other child.


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