Islamic Classes for Adults

islamic classes for adults

Almhammadi Academy is on its mission to enlighten adults with the jewels of Islamic Studies. We strive to make students understand religion and explore its various dimensions comprehensively through online Islamic classes for adults

Begin your transformative journey of faith, knowledge, and understanding through our specially curated courses. In this structured Islamic course you will learn about the Islamic creed, gain insights from the biography of the Prophet Muhammad, explore the intricate world of Islamic jurisprudence, uncover the rich heritage and achievements of the Islamic civilization, and much more.

Summary of Adults Islamic Course

✅ Male and female adults are welcome to join these engaging classes and embark on a unique journey of learning about Islam.

✅ To ensure a comfortable learning environment for our sisters, we have a dedicated team of qualified female Arabic teachers. 

✅ These Islamic lessons for adults have 3 levels of curriculum, broken down to enable adults to learn with ease.

✅ Get a flexible schedule of your choice or customize your plan according to what you want to learn. Our supervisors and teachers will design a plan that is suitable for you.

✅ Oral drills, tests, activities, animations, documentaries, and PP slideshow are the main components of these classes. After completing the syllabus, you will be assessed orally and in a written format, after which you will be certified.

What will Adults learn in Islamic classes

Discover a comprehensive range of well-structured short Islamic courses online designed to provide you with all the necessary knowledge, making it effortless for you to select the perfect program for your learning needs, as follows:

1. Aqeedah Course

The Islamic faith is the solid foundation from which Muslims proceed to enlighten their journey of knowing and believing in Allah. 


  1. Belief in Allah
  2. Belief in Angels
  3. Belief in His Books
  4. Beliefs in His Prophets
  5. Beliefs in the Hereafter
  6. Belief in Al-Qaeda Wal Qadar (divine decree and predestination)
  7. Names of Allah and their meanings in detail
  8. Shirk (Polytheism) and its types

2. Fiqh Course

We delve into the rulings of Islamic jurisprudence according to the Quran and Sunnah.


✅ Fiqh of All 5 pillars of Islam: Oneness of Allah (Tawheed), Prayer (Salah), Charity (Zakah), Fasting (Sawm), and Pilgrimage (Haj).

✅ Marriage and Divorce in Islam (Contracts and Rights) and matters.

✅ Inheritance regarding the division of wealth and property according to Islamic law.

✅ Taharah (Purification): Dive deep into the rules and practices of purification in Islam.

✅ Birth and Death Rites in Islam.

3. Seerah Course

Embark on an essential journey through the Seerah Course, an integral part of Islamic teachings that unveils the biography and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Delve into the three distinct phases:

  • The Pre-Prophethood Era
  • The Life of The Prophet Muhammad
  • The Post-Prophethood Era

4. Quran Classes

Immerse yourself in the profound world of the Quran with our specialized classes, designed to deepen your understanding.


  1. The reading of the Quran through Noorani Qaida
  2. The Tajweed rules
  3. The memorization of the Quran
  4. Quranic recitation with any of the 10 Qira’a
  5. The deeper meanings and interpretations of the Quran through Tafseer

5. Hadith Classes

Expand your knowledge through the profound teachings of Hadith (the sayings of our beloved Prophet PBUH). Immerse yourself in the wisdom and guidance of the following renowned authentic Hadith collections:

  • Sahih al-Bukhari
  • Sahih Muslim
  • Sunan an-Nasa’i
  • Sunan Abi Dawud
  • Jami’ at-Tirmidhi
  • Sunan Ibn Majah
  • Riyad as-Salihin

6. Islamic History

Explore Islamic history with the rich tapestry of events and civilizations unfolding before you. 


✅ The significance of the Arabian Peninsula as a historical and cultural hub that provides the backdrop for the emergence and spread of Islam.

✅ The pivotal period of early Islam involved studying the lives and contributions of the four esteemed Caliphs who succeeded the Prophet, Muhammad SAWW

✅ Umayyad and their governance, achievements, and influence on Islamic civilization.

✅ The golden age of Islamic civilization under the Abbasid dynasty saw advancements in science, arts, and governance.

✅ The Ottoman Empire and its impact on both the Islamic world and global history.

✅ The spread of Islam to new lands, as you delve into its arrival in Morocco and Spain, and the cultural exchange and remarkable achievements that ensued Through our Islamic History classes, uncover the fascinating stories, achievements, and transformations that have shaped the Islamic world.

Structured Curriculum and Flexible Schedules for Islamic Courses

Almuhammadi Academy, the best Islamic school for adults offers you a structured learning plan tailored to your availability and preferences. This is done to facilitate your learning of more subjects one by one.

We do not emphasize you to study the stretched-out Islamic course as a whole; rather, we have introduced short programs of different durations for everyone. The duration of the course varies between 6 months to 2 years depending on the specific plan and details you choose.

For your ease, we have the following schedules for Islamic classes for adults. Choose any one of them as per your routine and convenience.

✅ 2 year’s schedule

✅ 1-year schedule

✅10 months schedule

✅ 6 months schedule

These schedules are predesigned and the syllabus is organized and divided thoughtfully. You can even choose a single category and stretch it to the period of your choice by opting for 2-5 days of classes per week.

Note: We offer Islamic studies for kids. Our courses are tailored to cater to their learning needs, ensuring a fun and interactive approach to learning about Islam with a range of age-appropriate materials and activities that foster a love for Islam.

Learning Outcomes of Our Lessons

✅ Through an array of courses, the objective is to provide a comprehensive and detailed understanding of Islam, covering various aspects of the faith.

✅ Learning the principles of fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) to ensure a solid understanding of Islamic practices and beliefs.

✅ Developing a deep love for Allah, the Prophets, and the religion itself.

✅ Enabling students to apply Quranic teachings in their daily lives and enhance their connection with the divine message.

✅ Learning the hadiths of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) which can guide them toward leading a simple and virtuous life.

✅ Fostering a deeper understanding of various aspects of the religion.

Qualified Tutors of Online Islamic classes for adults

Our instructors bring a wealth of knowledge from esteemed Islamic institutions (Al-Azhar Al-Sharif) in Egypt, ensuring a high standard of education.

✅ With their native Egyptian or Arab backgrounds, they possess a deep understanding of Islamic teachings and deliver their lessons with genuine enthusiasm for adults.

✅ Our educators are proactive and innovative, constantly seeking ways to engage students effectively and make the learning experience enjoyable.

✅ Our tutors foster a nurturing and supportive learning environment, ensuring that students feel comfortable and encouraged to ask questions and participate actively in discussions.

✅ We tailor our teaching methods to accommodate different learning styles and paces, ensuring that each student gets the most out of their educational journey with us.

✅ Our tutors possess strong communication skills, effectively conveying complex concepts clearly and understandably, making the learning process more accessible and enjoyable for students.

✅ Our teachers have not only memorized the Quran but also hold the prestigious Ijazahs in more than one category of Quranic learning. 

✅ They are well-versed in the various Islamic studies topics that makes them the best and most knowledgeable choice for adults to learn Islam.

✅ They use high-quality tech-based teaching resources that not only support their verbal lectures but leave a result-oriented effect on students who learn fast through infographics, and animations.

3 Stages of Learning About Islam

We have divided the curriculum of adult Islamic courses into 3 stages to make it easy to understand and track their progress.

Stage 1: 

Stage one will cover the easiest part of the curriculum so that students can set their routine by learning the basics. Adults will learn Islam in a categorized way study for about 25 hours and then get assessed for what they have understood. 

Stage 2:

This stage will cover some almost-easy topics for each course you choose. The study hours for this stage are 35 and after completing the syllabus you will again get assessed for what you have understood so far. The assessment type varies from course to course. Some assessments are objective and some are subjective.

Stage 3:

The final stage of each Islamic course is based on difficult and lengthy topics and usually has 45-50 hours of study. This stage will mainly cover the details and use of infographics and other resources. 

At the end of this stage, a grand assessment will be held and adults will be regarded for scoring exceptional grades. You will get a certificate for the relevant course too.

What makes adults join Almuhammadi Academy for Islamic learning?

1-Regular Reports

We value your progress and understand the importance of regular feedback. To keep you and your parents informed, our tutors diligently prepare weekly reports that highlight your achievements and provide valuable insights. This way, we ensure that you receive the support and guidance needed to excel in your studies.


Once students successfully pass their exams, we proudly present them with certificates. We believe in motivating our students to strive for excellence. As a token of appreciation, we also offer exciting gifts to those who demonstrate outstanding performance in our online Islamic classes and tests.

3-Quizzes and Tests

You’ll discover a vast collection of quizzes and tests designed to help you practice and review your course material. There is no repetition, but an engaging learning experience.

4-Suitable Fees

At our esteemed Online Islamic Academy, we offer top-notch education at a wallet-friendly price. Our course fees are exceptionally affordable, and we never compromise on quality. 

5-Unlimited Flexibility

Unlock the ultimate convenience with 24/7 access to our courses, tailored to fit your schedule and time zone, no matter where you are in the world.


Ignite your passion for knowledge and spiritual growth with our unique Islam classes for adults. Explore the depths of Islam’s teachings, deepening your connection to your faith and enriching your life. Join us on this transformative journey toward enlightenment and knowledge. Join our free sample class of 40 minutes to check out our teaching methodology.

Important FAQs

Q1. How to learn about Islam?

  • Engage in studying the Quran and Hadith, the primary sources of Islamic teachings.
  • Seek guidance from knowledgeable scholars, teachers, or online resources to deepen your understanding.
  • Actively participate in Islamic courses to gain practical knowledge and strengthen your faith.

Q2. What is the impact factor of Islamic studies?

Islamic studies is the core subject for learning about the religion. It covers all the topics relevant to the Quran, hadith, fiqh, seerah, history, etc. If you study with deep analysis you will have a clear vision about this life and the hereafter.

Q3. What do you learn from the Islamic studies course?

Islamic studies course covers a wide range of topics like:

Quran, hadith, Seerah, Aqeedah, Fiqh, History, Culture, etc. It gives you comprehensive knowledge about all these fields.

Q4. What are the benefits of studying Islamic studies?

The benefits of learning Islamic studies are numerous. It helps enlighten knowledge about Islam, helps connect to Allah, and develops a strong bond, it also enables its learners to have a clear stance about what it takes to be a responsible Muslim. Furthermore, Islamic studies give you enough knowledge that you can pass on accurately to your kids to let them know about Islam.

Q5. What about the five objectives of Islamic education?

  • Foster a deep connection with Allah the Almighty.
  • Develop a genuine love for Allah, the Prophets, and Islam.
  • Implement Islamic teachings in your daily life.
  • Expand your knowledge through the enlightening perspectives of hadith and fiqh.