Learning Quran for Beginners

Learn quran for beginners course

Almuhammadi Academy presents an exceptional course, “Learning Quran for Beginners,” designed to cater to the needs of Muslims who are eager to enhance their Quranic reading skills. Our team of Egyptian Quran teachers is dedicated to providing online guidance, ensuring a seamless learning experience.

We take pride in offering countless features that will facilitate beginners and kids to learn the Quran easily from the convenience of their homes.

Overview of the Beginners Quran Course

✅ These online Quran classes for beginners are for kids and adults of all ages. They can learn to read, recite, and memorize the Quran with Tajweed in a personalized one-on-one session or a group class. 

✅ The tutors are professionally trained and experienced in teaching kids and beginners. They will make the curriculum easy through traceable levels. 

✅ Tests and quizzes are included in online Quran lessons to ensure an accurate understanding of each topic.

✅ Beginners will end up being proficient in Quran reading with perfect tajweed as their advancement will be tracked daily and a report will be issued weekly. 

What will You Learn in Quran for Beginners Classes

Learning Quran for Beginners

Beginners can learn the Quran from basics through our online lessons. Here is a list of topics you will be learning in a sequence.

1. Arabic Alphabet

You will learn the Arabic alphabet and its pronunciation. This step is vital as it forms the foundation for reading and reciting the Quran.

2. Letter Joining

You will be taught how to join the letters together to form words. This skill is essential for reading and understanding the Quranic text fluently. You will learn to join words to form phrases and then sentences.

3. Basic Vocabulary

You will learn common words and phrases used in the basic Quran reading, enabling you to comprehend and engage with the verses more effectively.

4. Tajweed Rules

You will delve into the rules of Tajweed, which focus on the correct pronunciation, articulation, and characteristics of each letter. This ensures accurate recitation of the Quran.

5. Short Verses

You will practice reading and reciting short verses from the Quran. This helps you become familiar with the structure and rhythm of the holy text.

6. Proper Pronunciation

Emphasis will be placed on mastering the correct pronunciation of each letter and word, allowing for a beautiful and accurate recitation of the Quran.

Our course incorporates the utilization of effective teaching methods and high-quality materials like:

  • Noorani Qaida
  • Noor-Al-Bayan
  • Yassarnal Quran 

On completion of any of these qaidas, you will become proficient in reading and reciting the Quran with accurate tajweed rules.

Personalised One-on-one Quran lessons for starters

Almuhammadi Academy offers personalized Quran lessons where you will be the only student learning directly from the native Arabic tutor. In such classes, you will be able to follow the learning plan at your own pace and ability.

Our customized classes are feasible for beginners as they can easily learn the rules required for them effectively. Discuss with your tutor where you feel trouble!

Kids can also enjoy to learn quran online in a solo class where they will be engaged in multiple activities and enjoy class the same as they enjoy contemporary classes in school.

Learning Outcomes of Quran Classes Online for Beginners

✅ Identifying the forms of the letters and Comprehending the sounds of the letters, including their corresponding rules (such as fatha, damma, kasra, and sukoon), and accurately pronouncing them.

✅ Acquiring knowledge of the sounds of the letters associated with Alif, Waw, and Ya’.

✅ Combining the sounds of the letters in adherence to the rules.

✅ Demonstrate precise reading of short sentences while adhering to the Tajweed rules.

✅ Developing the ability to confidently learn Quran recitation with proper Tajweed.

✅ Cultivating a habit of regularly practicing Quran recitation with dedication and mindfulness.

✅ Achieving mastery in reading the Quran with fluency.

✅ Listening to the recitation of different qaris to perfect their tone and flow.

✅ Memorizing any Surah, Juz, or entire Quran with perfect makharij and maintaining the lessons with 100% accuracy.

Our 3 stages Processes To Learn Quran Easily

We, along with our dedicated team of professionals, have created three distinct levels to help learning the Quran for beginners easy and manageable. These levels will enhance your Quranic knowledge from different categories. 

1. Primary Level

This level will help kids and beginners to start their journey to understand the Arabic alphabet. We provide comprehensive lessons to help students grasp the foundations of the language. The study hours fixed for this initial stage are only 20. This stage is a booster dose for the other upcoming levels. 

At the end of this level, kids and beginners will be assessed for the topics they have learned.

2. Secondary Level

This stage will focus on line-by-line recitation, with a strong emphasis on tajweed rules as we do in our tajweed classes for kids. You will learn some major rules that are helpful in a smooth recitation. By the end of this level, students will develop a beautiful and accurate recitation of the Quran.

The study hours for this stage are 35 and upon completing the hours, students will be assessed both orally and in the written form.

3. Advanced Level

Students who have completed the first two levels and have demonstrated their proficiency have the opportunity to continue to the advanced level, and they can obtain an Ijazah at the end of memorization of the Quran.

The study hours in this last stage are 45 and kids and beginners will be taking a grand test in the end. This assessment will include all the rules they have learned in the course.

Professional Quran tutors to Teach Beginners

Learn Quran Online with expert teachers

✅ Our specialized online Quran teachers are trained educators and graduates of esteemed institutions like Al-Azhar University. 

✅ They are experienced and enthusiastic about assisting beginners worldwide on their Quranic journey, regardless of their location.

✅ They employ practical techniques and strategies that have been widely practiced and proven to achieve excellent results.

✅ Our teachers are fluent in both Arabic and English, allowing them to offer online Quran lessons for beginners with maximum efficiency.

How do we Conduct these Classes?

Our teachers conduct the Quran lessons for beginners in a very unique way. They use the following sequence and tips:

  1. Highlighting the importance of why Quran learning is important for kids and beginners.
  2. Guide them about Allah and His book through captivating discussions.
  3. Using audio and animations to engage beginners and make each lesson very effortless. 
  4. Using 3D videos and educational games, making the learning of Quranic rules accurate.
  5. Colorful activities for kids based on stories from the Quran and rules of tajweed.

Why Choose Almuhammadi Academy?

online Quean classes for beginners

Here is the list of features we offer at an affordable rate for kids and beginners. 

✅ Structured and customized Quran curriculum

✅ Flexible and adaptable lesson timings to facilitate users

✅ Weekend Quran classes for sisters and brothers who are new to Quran learning

✅ Professional way of generating reports, meetings, and test schedules

✅ Multiple learning plans based on different durations to cater to the needs of kids and beginners

✅ 24/7 availability of customer support and technical experts to manage the flow of the online sessions and activities

✅ Quran learning certificates awarded to all the regular students without any hidden charges


Beginners embarking on the journey of learning the Quran will develop fundamental skills. This journey is made memorable through the amazing features we offer and through the guidance of native Egyptian tutors who are unreachable otherwise. Take a sample class and join today to start learning the book of Allah.

Important FAQs

Q1. How long does it take to read the Quran for a beginner?

It doesn’t take a long time to learn to read the Quran. The flexible scheduling and detailed level-based curriculum offered by Almuhammadi Academy make beginners read the Quran quickly. 

Q2. How to read the Quran correctly?

To read the Quran correctly you need to start from the basics of the Arabic language; the letters. Noorani Qaida is the best booklet to start from and reach the pro level gradually.

Q3. How can I teach myself to read the Quran?

If you want to read the Quran by yourself, get help from online sources or videos available on credible forums or Apps. You will start from the basics and then learn the Tajweed rules.

Q4. How should a beginner start the Quran?

Beginners can start the Quran from the Noorani Qaida which will help them form a good base for the Arabic language.

Q5. Do You Provide Sisters with a Private Female Teacher?

Yes, we have qualified female teachers who are available to teach the sisters the Holy Quran perfectly and through the home.

Q6. Is There a Minimum Age to Join an Online Course to Study the Quran?

There is no minimum age to join an online course to study the Quran, we have available online Quran classes for kids from the age of five, adults, and women and men so that we can provide the teaching of the Quran to everyone.