Our exceptional course, “Learning Quran for Beginners,” is designed to cater to the needs of Muslims worldwide who are eager to enhance their Quranic reading skills. Our team of Egyptian Quran teachers is dedicated to providing online guidance, ensuring a seamless learning experience.

We take pride in offering countless features that will surely captivate your interest. Let us walk you through the details below and explore this course’s remarkable opportunities.

Our Expert Online Quran Tutors

Learn Quran Online with expert teachers

1.Graduation and experience

Our specialized online Quran teachers are seasoned and trained educators, graduates of esteemed institutions like Al-Azhar University. They are enthusiastic about assisting beginners worldwide on their Quranic journey, regardless of their location.

2.Engaging techniques

Our Quranic teachers are highly qualified and experienced in teaching beginners how to recite the Quran. They employ practical techniques and strategies that have been widely practiced and proven to achieve excellent results.

They utilize visually appealing dimensions, such as 3D educational videos, and educational games, making the learning of Quranic rules easier and more engaging.

3.Bilingual Quran Teachers

In addition, our teachers are fluent in both Arabic and English, allowing them to offer online Quran lessons for beginners with maximum efficiency. Of course! Our teachers have a high level of proficiency in learning Arabic and English.

They utilize their expertise in Quranic recitation and improving pronunciation to deliver highly efficient online Quran memorization lessons for beginners. They also possess extensive knowledge of Quran translation, making them qualified to teach it comprehensively and innovatively.

4.Mastering Tajweed

Our teachers have expertise in Tajweed Classes for beginners, making them highly qualified as Quran teachers. They have honed their skills in developing and implementing innovative methodologies specifically designed for beginners, and they have a continuous focus on learning.

We are proud to develop innovative teaching methodologies specifically tailored for beginners, and we ensure the continuous improvement of our skills through ongoing learning. We are committed to assisting you in achieving your goals in Quran memorization in the best possible way!

Note: Almuhammadi Academy offers online Quran classes for kids as well as online Arabic classes for kids.

How to study Quran for beginners

There is an easy way to learn Quran for beginners like Arabs, as follows:

Learning Quran for Beginners
  • Understand the Importance

Acknowledge the importance of studying the beginner Quran lessons and their positive impact on your spiritual development and life. Take the opportunity to make the Quran an uninterrupted part of your life, no matter what changing circumstances happen to you, as it is the one who will help you face all the circumstances of your life.

  • Seek Guidance

Find a knowledgeable mentor who can guide you on your Quranic journey, explaining the basics and offering support. You will feel that you are learning in an organized and real way.

Learn Arabic Alphabet

Begin by learning the Arabic alphabet, which is essential for beginner Quran readers, and understanding the Quran’s text. Practice the pronunciation of each letter and gradually progress to recognizing their different forms.

  • Focus on Tajweed

Take time to learn the rules of Tajweed to improve your recitation. Working on the correct pronunciation and expression and observing the characteristics of each letter are important things that will help you master beginner Quran reading impressively with qualified Arabic-speaking teachers.

  • Start with Basic Tafsir

Explore simple interpretations (tafsir) of Quranic verses to gain a basic understanding of their meanings and context. This will help you understand the general message and relevance of the verses and then apply them in your practical life.

  • Practice Regularly

Practicing reading and reciting the Quran daily, while correctly applying the rules of tajweed, and setting a specific time for that daily will help you master the Quran for beginners. Practice makes perfect.

  • Evaluation and Reports

Almuhammadi Academy provides evaluations and reports from teachers to assess the level. These assessments help identify and track your development over time, identify student weaknesses, and work on improving them until they reach mastery.

  • Reading Single Words and Short Verses

As a beginner, it is beneficial to start by reading individual words and gradually progress to short verses. By focusing on single words, you can develop your Arabic vocabulary. Pay attention to the pronunciation, gradually combining them to form short phrases and sentences. Once you feel comfortable with reading individual words, you can move on to reading short verses. Break down the verses into smaller segments to aid in recitation.

Studying the Quran for beginners step by step allows you to establish a strong foundation for reading and understanding its verses. Embrace the journey of gradually expanding your knowledge and skills, as each small step taken will lead to greater proficiency and a deeper connection with the Quran.

Note: Almuhammadi Academy provides an Online Quran memorization course.

What will you learn in these Quran classes for beginners?

Learning Quran for Beginners

1.Arabic Alphabet

The Beginners Quran Course will start by learning the Arabic alphabet and its pronunciation. This step is vital as it forms the foundation for reading and reciting the Quran.

2.Letter Joining

You will be taught how to join the letters together to form words. This skill is essential for reading and understanding the Quranic text fluently.

3.Basic Vocabulary

You will learn common words and phrases used in the basic Quran reading, enabling you to comprehend and engage with the verses more effectively.

4.Tajweed Rules

You will delve into the rules of Tajweed, which focus on the correct pronunciation, articulation, and characteristics of each letter. This ensures accurate recitation of the Quran.

5.Short Verses

You will practice reading and reciting short verses from the Quran. This helps you become familiar with the structure and rhythm of the holy text.

6.Proper Pronunciation

Emphasis will be placed on mastering the correct pronunciation of each letter and word, allowing for a beautiful and accurate recitation of the Quran.

By the completion of the Noorani Qaida online course, learners will have acquired the skills to read and memorize the Quran and other Arabic texts proficiently. Our course incorporates the utilization of effective teaching methods and high-quality materials like the Noorani Qaida Course.

Throughout the course, students will develop capabilities in various aspects, including writing, reading, speaking, Quran recitation, basic Tajweed rules, the Arabic alphabet, letter recognition, letter positions, connecting letters, short vowels, long vowels, and Sukoon.

Outcomes of our beginner Quran classes

1- Identifying the forms of the letters and Comprehending the sounds of the letters, including their corresponding rules (such as fatha, damma, kasra, and sukoon), and accurately pronouncing them.

2- Acquiring knowledge of the sounds of the letters associated with Alif, Waw, and Ya’.

3- Combining the sounds of the letters in adherence to the rules, effectively linking them together to pronounce complete words.

4- Demonstrate precise reading of short sentences while adhering to the Tajweed rules.

5- Developing the ability to confidently learn Quran recitation with proper Tajweed.

6- Cultivating a habit of regularly practicing Quran recitation with dedication and mindfulness.

7- Achieving mastery in reading the Quran with fluency.


In conclusion, beginners embarking on the journey of learning the Quran will develop fundamental skills such as recognizing the Arabic alphabet, understanding letter sounds and rules, and forming words. They will learn to read short sentences accurately. This journey provides an opportunity for personal and spiritual growth through a deeper connection with the divine words of Allah.


Q. Do You Provide Sisters with a Private Female Teacher?

Yes, we have qualified female teachers who are available to teach the sisters the Holy Quran perfectly and through the home.

Q. Is There a Minimum Age to Join an online course to Study the Quran?

There is no minimum age to join an online course to study the Quran, we have available online Quran classes for kids from the age of five, adults, and women and men so that we can provide the teaching of the Quran to everyone.

Q. Do You Have Several Teaching Levels for Your Quran Classes?

We have created three distinct levels of Online Quran Classes for Beginners to cater to different learning needs:

  • Primary Level

This level is starting their journey to understand the Arabic alphabet. We provide comprehensive lessons to help students grasp the foundations of the language.

  • Secondary Level

Our focus is on line-by-line recitation, with a strong emphasis on tajweed rules. We want to ensure that students develop a beautiful and accurate recitation of the Quran.

  • Advanced Level

For students who have completed the first two levels and have demonstrated their proficiency, they have the opportunity to continue to the advanced level, and they can obtain an Ijazah at the end of memorization of the Quran.