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you our customers/students, but here are some terms and conditions you should read before and after joining us.

  • Note: these terms and conditions are designed for your feasibility. If you have any queries before or after joining Almuhammadi academy, feel free to email us at or initiate a live chat through the live chat icon available on the website page.

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-Terms and conditions of Almuhammadi academy

1-Attendance and punctuality

These are the most important things in your learning journey. No delay from student or teacher would be accepted without any valid reason. Students and teachers should start the class at a perfect scheduled time and make sure to maintain attendance.

2-Dress code

You can’t learn Quran and Islam until you give full respect to it. It is the responsibility of parents and students to maintain an ethical dress code. Students’ dress should be modest and appropriate for Holy Quran classes.

3-Rearrangement of scheduled classes

We are 24 hours available for clearing your queries. However, if a student is unable to join the scheduled class. He/she must inform the respective tutor via zoom chat or whatsapp before 3 hours of scheduled class and arrange makeup class according to his/her and the tutor’s convenience.

No makeup or rearrangement of the class would be provided if the student miss the class without informing us or his/her tutor except for emergency reasons, death in the family, or because of sudden illness.

In case of holiday planning, a student must inform the tutor through zoomchat or whatsapp at least 5 hours before the scheduled class and email us at or use the live chat option available on the website.

4-Punctuality and availability of tutor

Our teachers are highly qualified. However, if they miss their class due to medical emergency or any valid reason, students must confirm the makeup class with the teacher.

Note: If the tutor often comes late or misses the class, contact us through email, WhatsApp, or live chat to resolve your issue.

5-Scheduled classes

We offer customized scheduled plans according to the need and feasibility of each student. We discuss your number and hours of classes per month with you when you get yourself registered at Almuhammadi academy. However, if a student wishes to increase or reduce the number of classes or class hours. He/she must contact us via,or whatsapp number.

If a student makes the first payment in the middle of the month, he/she will be facilitated with only rest of the classes of that month. However, from the next month, students will be given all the scheduled classes of the month.

Your teacher is responsible for informing you about canceling your extra class, which is not part of your scheduled class.

For example, a month may contain 5 Fridays so before joining Almuhammadi academy, if you have agreed to 4 scheduled classes per month on Fridays, your teacher will cancel that extra 5th Friday class because your payments are hourly based and you only pay for scheduled classes.

6-Cancellation of admission

We hold the authenticity of canceling the admission of any student, if he/she is found guilty of breaking the academy’s rule, reaching a teacher outside of the academy, or disrespecting the tutor.

7-Monitoring the quality

We continuously monitor students’ learning quality by determining punctuality, motivation, attendance, discipline, feedback from both students and teachers, and regular learning and progress reports.

Student Quarterly report

W offer a quarterly report to parents of students under 16. A quarterly report containing the progress, guidelines, and result of students’ 3-month course learning will be shared will the parents. This will help parents keep a check on their child’s progress.

Student’s Quarterly achievement report

Please subscribe to Almuhammadi academy and register your email with us to receive student’s Quarterly achievement report, to get updated with Almuhammadi discount offers, gifts, and student’s/teacher delays or class cancellation notification.

8-Public holidays

We give public holidays in Eid ul Adha and Eid ul Fitr to both students and tutors. Therefore, no makeup classes would be offered for public holidays.

9-Study through academy only

No student is allowed to contact teachers out of the academy. You can only use Almuhammadi academy for contacting your tutor.

10-Leaving the academy

If a student decides to leave Almuhammadi academy for any reason. He/she must inform the academy of the reason behind leaving Almuhammadi academy at least two days before leaving the academy. Students can inform us through live chat, email address, or WhatsApp.


Our experienced teachers note down the number of classes taken, hours of classes, timings of each class, a summary of the class, student achievement, and student learning in each class. Your child’s teacher will shape the details in the report and will notify you about your child’s progress after every 3 months through a quarterly report.

12-Your Feedback

We continuously put our efforts to meet your expectations and make the learning process friendly and easy for you. For this, our team may ask for your rating and feedback after a few classes. Please cooperate with us and provide us with your valuable feedback. 

If you have any complaints, queries, or concerns. Contact us at anytime.

13-Upgrading/downgrading your automatic or manual monthly subscription.

If you want to upgrade or downgrade your automatic or manual monthly subscription. You must inform us through email at or WhatsApp 2 days before the start of a new month. Otherwise, a change of plan won’t be acceptable and we have the right to cancel your current package with no refund.

We also offer customized schedules, so if a student wishes to add an extra hour into the scheduled class, he/she will need to pay regular study hour rates, which is $8.5usd per hour addition.

14-Refund policy

We are confident that you’ll love our academy and our best teachers that use smart teaching strategies. However, if you stop your classes or cancel your admission at any point in the course. We will give you a 100% refund for the classes that have not been conducted yet. But it’s your duty to inform us through mail at or WhatsApp before 2 days of leaving.

  • Note: If your hours of classes have not been accomplished in any month of your course, you can discuss with your tutor for the arrangement of those classes according to your and the teacher’s feasibility.

15-Privacy policy

Almuhammadi academy respects the privacy of both teachers and students. Your personal information is safe with us and we condemn the sharing of personal information by both teachers and students.

Payment policy

If you are willing to join Almuhammadi academy, please subscribe after 2 free successful trials before the start of the next lesson

No student will be allowed for a 3rd lesson without subscribing and paying the monthly fee. For this, you’ll be given a choice to make an automatic monthly subscription or a manual monthly subscription.

Automatic monthly subscription

An automatic monthly subscription allows you to pay through your card automatically on the day of registration of each month until the academy or you unsubscribe automatic monthly subscription.

Manual monthly subscription

A manual subscription involves paying for the next month’s classes at least 2-5 days before the start of next month. The 5th of every month is the last date of payment of the manual monthly subscription. Failure to pay by the last month will cause the suspension of classes until payment is done.

We will notify you of payment, and you’ll get an invoice through PayPal or email. This payment will cover your four weeks. We request timely payments to our customers as our commitment to the team and teachers depends on your timely payments.

If due to any reason, teacher or you fail to complete the scheduled hours, our teachers will arrange to make up for you and might add an extra hour into next month’s lesson plan.

We are here for you and we continuously ask for your support to spread the teaching of Islam in the world and equip every Muslim with the power of the Holy Quran.

We look for your kindly cooperation in making your learning journey memorable for you.

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