How to Memorize Quran in a Year

How to Memorize Quran in a Year

Memorizing the Quran is a great goal that every memorizer aspires to. Some of them ask how to memorize the Quran in one year. This requires effort, commitment to a specific timetable, and the assistance of an experienced teacher who directs the student to the right path.

Well, this blog post will guide you on how to memorize the Quran in one year so that you can get out of the “wishing zone” and take practical and efficient steps towards this great honor and privilege to become a hafiz a quran.

16 Tips To Memorize Quran in a Year

How to memorize Quran in a year

1. Purify intentions

As mentioned before, memorizing the Quran is a great honor that is only bestowed upon those who seek it for the sake of Allah, not for pride or showing off. Make your intention as pure as you possibly can so as not to deprive yourself of this great privilege. So be confident and have pure intention in you intensive hifz program.

2- Initiate with the easiest Juz’ (Juz Amma)

Starting to memorize the easiest part of the Quran helps the memorizer and gives him confidence and the memorizer to continue memorizing and acquire the skill of memorization and make it a routine in his daily life that he cannot do without.

Begin with Juz Amma which is characterized by its ease, whether for children or adults. It helps him recite it daily in his prayers and encourages him to read from the memorized text and apply the rules of Tajweed easily. This part is to be a training for him to master memorization, completely following the rules of Tajweed.

3. Understanding the Meaning of the Verses of the Holy Quran

Understanding the meanings of Quranic words and Quranic verses helps the memorizer to memorize faster, deepening understanding of the meanings, making it firm and solidified in memory, and making it easier for him to retrieve his memorization easily.

4. Use one of the valuable Hifz  techniques

The use of practical and effective quran memorization techniques are considered one of the keys to the success and great facilitation of the memorization process. There are many methods and strategies, so you should use one of them and apply it to your memorization of the following:

  1. Old Ottoman Technique 
  2. 3:10 Hifz Technique
  3. Whole-Page Technique
  4. Bottom-to-top Technique
  5. Use 3×3 Quran Hifz Technique
  6. Chunking and Linking of Quranic Ayahs 
  7. Mnemonic techniques
  8. Visualizing, Listening, Writing, and Constant Reading Techniques
  9. Use 1:30 Hifz Technique
  10. Use Mutashabihat Technique

5. Seek aid from an Egyptian Hafiz Teacher

Quran memorizatin course

The Quran teacher should possess educational skills that do not limit him to his professional role in managing the class, listening to the students, and correcting their recitation, but rather skills that bring him closer to being a true Quran educator. 

Especially the Egyptian quran teacher who has an Arabic tongue and has distinguished skills and experience in teaching the Holy Quran, as he transmits it to his students in a practical, effective, and fruitful way.

6. Adhere to your Hifz schedule

The timetable is considered one of the best steps a memorizer can take to continue memorizing it daily without interruption or procrastination. The timetable puts you in front of a specific number of pages that must be completed during the day, at a rate of 20 pages per day, so that you can complete the entire Quran within a year.

Adherence to the schedule is one of the keys to the success of the perfect memorization process. Memorization requires commitment, staying away from distractions, and continuous and regular repetition daily, and this can only be done through a timetable that the memorizer adheres to.

7. Share with fellow students having a one-year Hifz plan

Sharing and exchanging experiences among students in memorizing the Quran, especially if they share the same goal, i.e. memorizing the entire Quran in one year, is one of the helpful means that make the memorizer more prepared to acquire knowledge and experiences and remain on the right path.

It also serves as a motivation and encouragement to oneself to adhere to the plan of memorizing the Quran and not to stop or interrupt.

8. Set 4 slots for 7 days

It is better not to have only one session throughout the day for memorization, but rather one of the practical steps to help memorize is to separate the sessions, that is, to have 4 separate sessions during the day, and they should be after Fajr, Adhar, Maghrib and Isha’ prayers.

The first session will be for the new memorization, the second for reviewing the new memorization, the third for reviewing the old memorization, and the last session for reviewing what was completed during the entire day. The duration of the session should be 30-45 minutes initially, and it will increase with the length of the old reviews later.

9. Review Hifz during prayers every day

The five daily prayers are a great opportunity for you to review your new memorization several times a day, in addition to the 4 sessions previously specified. By continuing this method, you will master the memorization of the Quran completely.

You divide the 20 verses you want to memorize each day into 10 verses that will be reviewed in Fajr prayer, then review the other 10 verses in Adhar prayer, then review the first 10 verses again in the Asr prayer, then review the second 10 verses in the Maghrib prayer, then finally review the entire 20 verses. In the last prayer.

10. Track your progress

Continuous weekly and monthly tests are an assessment of the quality of your memorization and review, and a confirmation of whether you are applying the schedule with commitment, mastery, high quality, and focus, or whether you need to skillfully adjust your method of memorization.

In addition to knowing the level of quality of your recitation, whether you are following the rules of Tajweed correctly or need to master them better, assessments help you improve your level for the better.

11. Small and Steady Steps

To memorize the Quran in a year, it is not about “going big or going home”. On the contrary, it is about making small but steady steps to achieve your goal. This involves starting with the small Surahs first before working your way up towards bigger ones.

It also entails constant practice and revision according to a plan that best fits your schedule and guarantees that you don’t lose fuel halfway. This follows the prophetic principle mentioned in the Hadith: “The acts most pleasing to God are those which are done most continuously, even if they amount to little.” “Mishkat al Masabih“.

12. SWOT Analysis

How to memorize Quran in a year

SWOT analysis stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. This manner of planning includes analyzing these four elements to gain a better perspective which, in turn, helps a person reach their goal more efficiently.

Making use of this form of planning is something you can integrate into your journey to memorize Quran in a year in the following way:

  • Study your strengths and weaknesses and use them to your own advantage to help speed up the process of memorizing the Quran.
  • Make use of the opportunities that would help enhance your memorization process such as:

13. Quran Apps

Online classes aren’t the only tools provided by the tech industry; There are currently many Quran apps that either enable you to listen to the recitations of many famous Qari’s, provide an e-version of the Quran that you can take anywhere and also follow up with your memorization process.

14. Memorization Group

In order to avoid the common setbacks that are experienced by most of us, having a group or a community that share your goal of memorizing the Quran would provide the necessary support for you to overcome such setbacks.

15. Prayer for Revision

There’s no greater opportunity for practice and revision than prayer. Instead of the usual chapters you recite in each prayer, use it as an opportunity to review a different Surah of the Quran. Another benefit for this is that it will increase your concentration and humility during prayer and you will avoid being distracted by side thoughts.

16. Catch the break of dawn

Peace, quiet, no distractions, clear mind…all of these are necessary things to tackle a challenging task such as memorizing the Quran, and all of these elements are found in the blessed time after Fajr prayer. Therefore, you can set your memorization time at this period of the day to gain from its great benefits.

Wisely deal with the threats that could compromise your success in memorizing the Quran. Such threats include:

  • Lack of commitment and losing motivation after a few days
  • Only memorizing new Surahs without reviewing the previously learned chapters
  • Committing sins that would take away the great honor of memorizing the Quran
  • Trying to memorize too much all at once
  • Not getting rid of distractions such as the use of social media during the time dedicated to memorizing the Quran
  • Using different copies of the Quran in each study session this will confuse your mind and will make the process of memorization more difficult.

1 Year Quran Memorization Schedule

Days RequirementMethod
1-365Memorize 20 verses a dayMemorizing 20 verses daily aims to memorize approximately 7,300 verses in one year, including the verses of the Quran, which number approximately 6,666 verses.
1-365Memorize 2 pages a dayMushaf contains about 600 pages, so two pages will be memorized daily throughout the year.

Memorization Plan for 7 Days a Week

WeekDays of MemorizationAyahs per Day

Easy Ways to Memorize Quran in One Year

After attaining this necessary knowledge, you can follow this recommended plan to memorize Quran in a year:

1 . Memorize 17 verses every day for a year

For those who are wondering how to memorize Quran by yourself this hifzing 17 verses or more daily is the best tip to memorize Quran. Since there are 365 days per year, you need to memorize about 71 verses of the Quran per day in order to finish the entire Quran by the end of the year.

2. Memorize, review, and review some more

When you sit down to memorize this daily amount of verses each day, divide your time into three slots:

  • Dedicate the first part for memorizing the new verses
  • The second part is for reviewing what you memorized the day before
  • The third part is for reviewing what you have memorized in the previous 5 days.

3. Diversify

To maximize the benefit you get from the memorization time, diversify your techniques. This means that you can memorize by repeatedly reciting the verses from the Mushaf.

You can also memorize by listening which can be done through listening to your favorite Qari’ of the Quran or listening to the recitation of your teacher so that you can copy their recitation and avoid making fatal mistakes.

Another method you can use to memorize Quran is writing. This follows the old Arabic saying: “Knowledge is a prey and writing is its cage” which means that writing down the verses helps to remember them better since it is a good form of practice.


Remember to stay consistent, seek guidance from qualified teachers, and rely on Allah’s help and blessings throughout your journey.

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How do I stay motivated throughout the memorization process?

  • Set a realistic memorization schedule that doesn’t overburden you with more than you can handle
  • Reward yourself for your small achievements
  • Remember the great reward you’re getting in this life and in the hereafter
  • Don’t stop! Even if you stopped for a day, don’t lose your streak by stopping altogether

Can I still memorize Quran even if I have a busy schedule?

Yes! It all comes down to how you manage your time and set your priorities. Once you do that, you’ll be able to balance memorizing the Quran with your other responsibilities.

Is it really possible to memorize the entire Quran in just one year?

Of course! With a good plan, commitment and discipline, and first and foremost, seeking the help and guidance of Allah, you can definitely memorize the entire Quran in one year or even less.