Bottom-to-top Quran Memorization Technique

Are you looking for a way to master memorizing the Holy Quran? Students around the world use many methods and techniques to learn the Holy Quran, and among these famous methods that have succeeded in proving memorization very efficient and effective, is the Bottom-to-top Quran Memorization Technique, then reviewing from the top to the bottom of the page.

Let us together explain the details of how this method works and the Effectiveness that the student gains when he follows this method during their quran memorization program.

What is Bottom-To-Top Quran Memorization Technique?

The usual method is to start from the top to the bottom, but in this method, we will start from the bottom to the top, which makes your memory more challenging and memorizes more in the memory. You start contrary to the usual, you start by reading the last line on the page and then move to the line that precedes it until you reach the top of the page. 

Then, after you finish remembering the whole page, you review it from top to bottom, that is, from the beginning of the page to the end, in the usual order. Many students will find that this method stimulates memory to memorize, and some of them see the opposite, Each student applies the quran memorization techniques that suit him.

Note: Completely avoid pausing or taking breaks while memorizing the page using this technique to remember what you have learned and not cause distraction and hinder your progress in consolidating the memorization in memory.

How Does Bottom-To-Top Quran Memorization Technique Work

  • Select the page you will memorize, then start with the last line, focus and read it, and repeat carefully following the rules of Tajweed correctly.
  • Move to the second line that precedes the last and repeat the memorization process to help you memorize easily without any difficulty.
  • Sequence and progress in memorization to the top of the page until you reach the first verse on the page.
  • Repeating verses in a clear voice, correct and audible recitation, and delving deeper into Quranic words and verses.
  • Review the page from top to bottom i.e. from the beginning of the page to the end, unlike what was done during hifdh, which stimulates brain activity and memory.

Effectiveness of the Bottom-To-Top Quran Memorization Method

  • Memorizing from the bottom up helps enhance the memorization process and makes it more understandable and faster.
  • The challenge in this way helps your brain remember differently, making memorization more firmly saved in memory.
  • Deeper awareness and focus on each verse individually make you more understanding and connected to the words and verses of the Holy Quran.
  • Repeating the written Quranic words out loud and hearing yourself pronounce them makes it easier to learn them in the long-term memory section of the brain. It is the best way to strengthen memory and prevent forgetting.
  • Reviewing in the opposite direction from memorization, i.e. from top to bottom, greatly enhances memorization, which helps you during the memorization process faster and you can memorize quran in 6 months.


We previously explained the method comprehensively and clearly, including how this technology works how to benefit from it, and its effectiveness in memorizing the Holy Quran, as a challenge and a reminder to memorize well. Almuhammadi Academy invites you to join its online hifz program to learn the Holy Quran and what it includes in terms of Tajweed, recitation, and memorization while applying appropriate methods for students that make hifdh process easier and more stable in memory. 

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