What is Whole-Page Quran Memorization Technique

Are you one of those looking for a good technique for memorizing the Quran?

Do you often wonder how to memorize the Quran and remember it well after Hifz, and which techniques help you to follow while learning it? Indeed, there are many methods for memorizing the Quran, and we have chosen a technique to remember easily. And many students around the world follow it during their journey of memorizing the Holy Quran.

Whole page quran memorization method involves learning an entire page of the Holy Quran by dividing it into 3 sections, repeating each section separately until it is perfectly retained in the memory.

Let us explain to you what this method is and how it works to apply it well in your Quranic journey.

What is the whole-page Quran Memorization Method?

It presents a method to hifz a whole page of the Holy Quran smoothly and clearly. You will begin by dividing the page into three sections. Each section contains about 5 lines. Begin to recite the first section with complete concentration and repeat it until it is memorized and fixed in the memory well.

Then you move to the second section of the page and repeat the same steps from repeating the reading until the memorization is stable and perfect. Finally, move to the third section, and review memorizing the whole page. 

Note: Almuhammadi Academy teachers provide Whole-Page Quran Memorization method to students intensive hifz program which make them proficient in memorizing the Holy Quran easily so that it remains in long-term memory without being easily forgotten.

How Does Whole Page Quran Memorization Technique Work

We will explain below how the technique works to memorize a whole page of the Quran:

  • This technique focuses on dividing the whole page into 3 sections equally so that you know the beginning and end of each section.
  • Focus well on each Quranic word and read it correctly. Read it until it is properly memorized in memory. 
  • Repetition in a clear voice stimulates the sense of hearing, which facilitates memorization with repetition and improves Hifz in the mind well. The number of repetitions varies according to individual differences.
  • The sequence of moving from the first section to the second in the same session with repetition affects the coherence of Quranic verses in a clear and good manner.
  • After ensuring that you have mastered the memorization of the second section, move on to the last part; the third, and repeat its reading correctly until you memorize it well. 
  • Finally, review what has been memorized on the whole page to create a link and merge between the verses in a correct, perfect sequence by heart.

Why Should You Follow Whole-Page Quran Memorization Technique?

  • Memorizing a whole page of the Quran establishes a deeper understanding of the topics and messages of a page better and memorizes it faster. 
  • One effective method is to divide it into several small parts, which includes splitting the whole page into parts to make memorization easier and more flexible.
  • Focusing on each section separately helps the memorizer maintain the stability of the memorized well and thus achieve perfection in the memorization process.
  • Repeating enhances long-term information retention. This approach takes advantage of the brain’s ability to recall memorization and individuals can memorize quran in 6 months.


Almuhammadi Academy presents everything, that can helps individuals to memorize a whole page of the Quran in 1 hour with the help of whole-page quran hifz method. We now invite you to join us on your Quranic journey with qualified native egyption quran teachers who will help you through a unique experience of memorizing the Quran using effective techniques.