What is 3:10 Hifdh Quran Memorization Technique?

3:10 Hifdh Quran Memorization Technique

Quran memorization is not solely about spending long hours memorizing verses of the Quran as it is more about finding proper methods that would enable you to maximize your benefit of the time you dedicate to memorization. The 3:10 Hifdh Quran memorization technique is one of the most effective methods for Quran memorization. By reading through this article, you will find it is easy enough for anyone to follow.

What is the 3:10 Hifdh Technique?

In a nutshell, the 3:10 Hifdh technique could be implemented by reading the Quranic verse 10 times from the Mushaf first. Afterward, one recites it from memory 3 times to ensure better memorization. On completing this process with one verse, you can move on to the next and repeat the same steps until you complete one page. Finally, recite the whole page one more time and check for mistakes that you may have made.

In addition, you can also adjust it according to your needs by incorporating the recitation of other famous Qari’s. As a result, you will integrate more senses and improve your Tajweed and recitation skills by imitating that of the Qari’. In this manner, it strengthens your memorization even more.

How Does the 3:10 Quran Memorization Technique Work?

The steps of this technique are of assistance because they include:  

  1. Repeating the verses multiple times, first while looking at the Mushaf and then from memory, which serves to cement them in your memory
  2. Achieving a balance between reviewing the verses and testing your recall of them which makes memorization more manageable and improves your retention in the long run
  3. Increasing the focus on proper pronunciation and thoroughly understanding the meaning of the verses makes the process of memorization more fruitful

Hence, the 3:10 memorization technique does not involve complex steps so it can be applied by learners of all levels to improve their memorization of the Quran.

Why Should You Follow the 3:10 Hifdh Quran Technique?

While there are countless quran memorization techniques, following the 3:10 Hifz technique is useful because it ensures these benefits:

1. Achieve Steady Progress

By dividing a whole page into manageable parts and reciting each verse a specific number of times, you are making slow and steady progress that can be maintained for a long period of time. This helps you to avoid waiting for random bursts of energy through which you memorize large sections without reviewing them.

2. Enhance Concentration

The steps involved in the 3:10 Hifdh technique helps you not to lose your concentration quickly because you switch between reciting while looking at the Mushaf and reciting from memory. Since it does not require extremely long study sessions and divides the work into steps, you stay focused on the task at hand in your hifz program.

3. Accomplish better memorization

The benefits of this Quran memorization technique include strengthening your brain muscles and improving your memorization. The first step which necessitates reciting while looking at the Quran results in creating mental pictures of the pages; the positions of the verses, the Harakat on the letters, and the stopping signs. When you follow that by repeatedly reciting the verses without looking at the page, it helps with recalling the verses more effectively to memorize quran fast.


The 3:10 Hifdh Quran technique is only one of the approaches to Quran memorization but what distinguishes it is its accessibility and effectiveness in the long run. It is crucial to use this technique or any other that best suits you in order to make the path to Quran memorization easier and its results more durable. Join Almuhammdi Academy today to follow this method in our online quran memorization classes.