Learn Quran Online from Beginner to Advanced

Learn Quran Online

Do you aspire to learn the Quran, but find it difficult to attend Quran classes due to your busy schedule? Or perhaps you live in a non-Arab country where there are no qualified Quran teachers nearby? If so, you are not alone. Many Muslims face these challenges, but there is hope. We’re walking you through the way how to learn Quran online from beginner to advanced so that you can learn the Quran at your own pace and in your own time.

Almuhammadi Academy is a leading online Quran academy that offers online Quran education. Our courses are designed to help you learn the Quran quickly and easily, even if you have no prior knowledge of the Quran or Arabic. With the latest technology and most effective teaching methods, our Quran and Arabic tutors are able to make online Quran learning more effective and interactive.

1. Beginner Level: Learn Quran Reading Basics:

 learn Quran online from beginner to advanced

If you are an absolute beginner who has no prior knowledge of Quran or Arabic, then the Quran Reading Basics Course just suits you.

Online Quran learning for beginners starts with learning the Arabic alphabet and how to read the verses in the Quran in proper Arabic and this represents the basis for further online Quran education. In order to learn Quran basics, this level introduces the Arabic alphabet and the rules of word formation which will enable you to read longer sentences in Arabic.

Moreover, you’ll get to know Diacritics which tell you how to read Arabic words, so you do not need to memorize their pronouncing.

What you will learn in these Quran Classes for Beginners

In this level, we present the following customized plan to learn Quran online for beginners:

  • The Arabic Alphabet
  • Arabic Diacritics
  • Letters Forms
  • Vowels
  • Sukun
  • Shaddah
  • Madd – Lengthening
  • Shaddah with Tanween
  • Laam rules
  • AlifulWasl rules
  • Characteristics of the Quranic writing

How do we help beginners read Quran naturally like Arabs?

At Almuhammadi Academy, we understand that learning to read the Quran can be a daunting task, especially for beginners who are not native Arabic speakers. That’s why we offer a variety of online Quran classes for beginners specifically designed to help beginners learn to read the Quran naturally like Arabs.

In addition to our online courses, we also offer one-on-one tutoring with experienced Quran teachers. This is a great way to get personalized attention and feedback on your progress.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn to read Quran online, regardless of their background or experience. That’s why we offer our courses at a variety of levels, so that beginners can start from the beginning and work their way up to advanced levels.

If you are interested in learning to read the Quran naturally like Arabs, then we encourage you to check out our courses at Almuhammadi Academy. We are confident that you will find the course that is best suited for you.

2. Intermediate Level: Learn Quran with Tajweed

If you or your children are able to read the Quran in Arabic correctly, then the Quran Recitation with Tajweed Course is a great way to improve your recitation skills.

Following the level which focuses on reading the Arabic alphabet from scratch, this level will instead focus on teaching you the rules of Tajweed, which are the basis for an accurate and proper recitation of Quran in the same way as it was revealed to Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

The intermediate level of Quran learning at Almuhammadi Academy is designed to help you master the rules of Tajweed and manners of articulation. You will learn how to pronounce the Harakat correctly, and you will practice your recitation with practical application. This level is suitable for those who have already learned the basics of Quran reading, and who want to learn Quran recitation online.

Courses Outlines:

Our online Quran learning classes for the intermediate level contain the following topics:

  • Imporatnce of Tajweed
  • The Foundations of Tajweed
  • Al-Isti‘aatha & Al-Basmalah
  • Al-Noon Al-Saakinah Rules
  • Noon And Meem Mushaddadah
  • Al-Meem Al-Saakinah Rules
  • Al-Qalqalah
  • Ahkaam Al-Madd (Madd Rules)
  • Al-Laam Al-Shamseeyah
  • Al-Laam Al-Qamareeyah
  • Hamzah
  • The Connecting Hamzah
  • The Cutting Hamzah
  • The Silent and Pronounced Alif
  • Preventing Two Saakins From Meeting
  • Makhaarij Al-Huroof
  • Sifaatul Huroof
  • Levels of Tafkheem (encapsulates letters that are always mufakham)
  • Tafkheem and Tarqeeq of the letter Raa’
  • Al-Idghaam

3. Learn Quran Memorization (Intermediate Level)

Quran memorization course

As we progress in our journey to learn to read Quran for adults, we will face a new challenge: moving from mastering Quran recitation from the Mushaf to memorizing the Quran and being able to recite it from memory.

This is a significant step, as it requires a deep understanding of the Quranic text and the ability to recall it accurately. However, it is also a rewarding experience, as it allows us to connect with the Quran on a deeper level and to share its message with others.

Whether you are looking to memorize the Quran for yourself or your children, our expert Quran teachers will work with you to simplify the process and make it as easy as possible. We understand that Quran memorization can be a difficult task, but we are here to help you every step of the way.

Courses Outlines:

To learn Quran for adults, this course gives learners insights into the process of Quran memorization including these topics:

  • 6 new habits to improve Quran memorization ability
  • Quantum Reading Technique
  • Scan Reading Technique
  • Initial Memorization Technique
  • Types of Forgetfulness and the solutions for each one
  • Deep Memorization
  • Learn the 4 techniques for improving your memorization ability
  • Be able to memorize around 10 pages daily
  • Be able to memorize the whole Holy Quran in short-time
  • The simplest way to memorize the Qur’an
  • A quick and easy way to memorize the Quran

4. Advanced Level: Learn Ten Qirat

Online Qirat course

Our services for easy Quran learning online don’t stop at this point. If you wish to take your Quran recitation to a more advanced level, we recommend that you check our Qira’at course.

The ten Qira’at are not different voices or styles of recitation. The differences lie in the pronunciation of the letters along with the placement of diacritics. These differences can be seen when comparing two different copies of the Quran. Each Qira’at has its own set of Tajweed rules, which govern how the Quran should be recited.

There are many benefits to learning the ten Qira’at. It could have spiritual benefits as learning the Qira’at can help Muslims connect with the Quran on a deeper level and improve their understanding of the Quran and its message since The different pronunciations and styles of recitation can bring out different meanings and nuances in the text.

It also has educational benefits because it can help Muslims improve their Arabic language skills and learn about the history and tradition of the Quran. On a social level, learning the Qira’at can connect you with other Muslims from different cultures and backgrounds.

10 Qirat That You’ll Learn:

  1. Qirat Naafi’ Al-Madani (Madinah)
  2. Qirat Ibn Katheer Al-Makki (Makkah)
  3. Qirat Abu Amr Al-Basri (Basra)
  4. Qirat Ibn Aamir Ash-Shami (Syria)
  5. Qirat Asim al-Kufi (Kufa)
  6. Qirat Hamzah Al-Kufi (Kufa)
  7. Qirat Al-Kisaa’i (Kufa)
  8. Qirat Abu Ja’far Al-Madanee (Madinah)
  9. Qirat Yaqub ibn Al-Basri (Basra)
  10. Qirat Khalaf Al-Bazzar (Baghdad)

5. Get Quran Ijazah (Advanced Level)

Ijaza course

At this point, it might be the time for you to pursue an Ijazah. “What is an Ijazah”, you’re asking?

An Ijazah (Arabic: إِجَازة ) is a certificate of authorization or license that is granted by a qualified teacher to a student who has successfully completed a course of study. In the context we’re discussing here, an Ijazah is typically granted to a student who has memorized the Quran.

The Ijazah is seen as a way to preserve and transmit Islamic knowledge from one generation to the next but it also has the following benefits:

  1. It guarantees that the student has received the knowledge from a qualified source and it can be used to verify a student’s credentials when applying for jobs or educational opportunities.
  2. It can be used to gain access to certain institutions: Some educational institutions or organizations may require an Ijazah for admission.

How It Works?

Our certified Quran tutors will assess your skills and knowledge of the Quran through the Ijazah course which is a vital part of our online Quran education. We will test your area of interest and grant you an Ijazah once you have passed the tests and evaluations.

We will use repeated tests and quizzes to assess your knowledge and understanding of the material. The tests will be challenging but fair, and we will provide you with the support you need to succeed.

If you are interested in obtaining an Ijazah, we encourage you to enroll in our Ijazah course. We are confident that you will be successful if you put in the effort.

6. Learn Quran Online with Tafseer (Advanced Level)

The Tafseer Al-Quran course is the final step in our journey to learn to read Quran online. In this advanced level of Quranic study, you will gain a deeper understanding of the Quran by learning how to interpret its literal and technical meanings.

At Almuhammadi Academy, you can learn Quran online with Tafsir under the supervision of highly-qualified Quran teachers from Al-Azhar University. Our teachers will help you develop a correct interpretation of the Quran by providing you with the context in which the verses were revealed and by explaining the Quranic verses in-depth.

Through one-to-one live sessions, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive personalized feedback from your teacher. This will help you to ensure that you are understanding the Quran correctly and that you are able to apply its teachings to your own life.

Courses Outlines:

  • Definition of Tafseer
  • Virtues of Quran
  • Importance of recitation & understanding
  • Comparison of Quran with other previously revealed scriptures
  • Protection of Quran
  • Order and editing of Quran in the era of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiqui and Usman (R.A)
  • Virtues and problems of ta’awwuz and tasmiyah.
  • Tafsir of Quran chapter-by-chapter


When you learn the Quran online at Almuhammadi Academy, you are not required to follow the online Quran learning path that is mentioned above. We customize courses, lessons, and teaching techniques as per students’ age, knowledge, and interests. Our experienced team of Quran teachers will work with you to create a personalized learning plan that is right for you.