How to Learn Quran for Kids Fast & Easy

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Learning Quran for kids presents unmatched benefits for all young Muslims, male and female. Yet, Quran teaching for kids doesn’t come without some difficulty since it requires a special technique to make them love the Quran.

By playing fun games, interactive stories, and virtual classroom tools to inspire the love of the Quran in your kids’ hearts. With the help of qualified Egyptian Quran teachers, you can make your kids interested in learning and understanding the Quran word by word.

Tips to Learn the Quran for Kids

If you want to teach Quran to your children but don’t know how to properly do so, here are 5 ways to do Quran teaching for kids:

Learn Quran for kids

1. Quran Classes for Kids Online

These online Quran classes for kids provide the necessary organized structure that is taught by professional Quran teachers. That’s why Almuhammadi Academy presents specialized online Quran classes for children with the best online Quran teachers who are native Arabs and have Ijazah to help your kids in an easy way to learn Quran online from beginner level to advanced.

Online Quran Classes for kids

2. Enroll Your Children in an Islamic Center/School

Having an Islamic school/center nearby will be a great choice to teach your child Quran if they prefer the learning environment of face-to-face classes.

One disadvantage of studying at an Islamic center/school is that your child will not be the center of the complete attention of the tutor due to the nature of teaching—group classes.

3. Hire a Private Quran Teacher for Kids at Home

To overcome such a disadvantage, hiring a private Quran teacher represents the best solution since it cuts out all of the hassles involved in getting your children to an Islamic center/school. However, this will cost more money compared to other methods.

Also, if you are living in a non-Arab country like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc., it’d be difficult to find a Quran teacher nearby.

4. Buy a Pre-Recorded Online Quran Course

Another option to learn to read Quran for kids is to buy a pre-recorded online Quran course. You can look up various online Quran courses and buy the one that best suits your kids.

Due to the nature of the pre-made online courses which require self-learning, this method lacks many vital elements in Quran education such as following up and providing feedback on the recitation of the student as well as answering their questions.

5. Use an Online Quran Learning App on a Smartphone

The use of smartphones is rapidly growing so what’s better than using this technology to please Allah (SWT) and do good deeds such as kids Quran learning?

There are many Quran learning apps, whether paid or free, which can help kids learn Quran in an interactive and fun way. Nonetheless, this method doesn’t include the supervision of a professional mentor.

Steps for kids to Learn Quran Online Properly

Due to the importance of Quran for kids, Quran teaching experts at Almuhammadi Academy have devised the following structure for our online Quran lessons for kids:l

STEP 1: Learn Quran Reading for Kids

The first step in our path of kids Quran learning is Quran reading basics course. We start by teaching kids how to properly pronounce the Quranic words in Arabic.

This course will enable your kids to learn the basics of Quran reading with the help of professional Quran tutors. Step by step, they will eventually become able to recite the entire Quran without making mistakes.

STEP 2: Learn Quran Recitation with Tajweed for Kids

Once your kids gain the ability to recite the Quran properly, they should start learning Quran with Tajweed. This will help them recite Quran perfectly the same way the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) recited it.

Our Quran Recitation course provides an explanation of all the rules of Tajweed and manners of articulation for your child to pronounce the Harakat properly. Our experienced Quran teachers will walk your children step-by-step through the basics until they reach a level of excellent recitation.

STEP 3: Learn Quran Memorization for Kids

Starting from here, Quran teaching for kids takes a new curve. Your kids will improve their skills from reciting Quran using a Mushaf to being able to recite Quran by heart.

In “Online Quran Memorization Course”, your kids will learn how to memorize the Quran in a practical and interactive way. Our expert Quran teachers will use all possible techniques and strategies to simplify the whole memorization process.

STEP 4: Learn Ten Qirat for Kids

If you seek to upgrade your kids’ recitation of the Quran, then the 10 Qiraat Online Course is what your kids should proceed with. This is done by studying the 10 methods of Quran recitation based on the 10 recognized schools of Qira’at.

STEP 5: Learn Quran Tafsir for Kids

The final stop on our path to learn Quran for kids is Quran Tafseer course. This will help them understand the Quran much better through interpretation and translation of the meaning of Quranic verses.
In this course, our Quran tutors will help your kids develop a correct interpretation of the Quran, knowing the occasion in which the verses were revealed as well as understanding the Quranic verses in-depth with the explanation

Why Quran Teaching for Children is Important?

Every Muslim kid needs to learn Quran at a young age due to the following benefits:

Learn Quran for Kids Fast & Easy

1. Plant the seeds of the Teachings of Islam:

Quran education is considered the ideal choice to raise your kids on the right teachings of Islam and embrace the manners of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Kids Quran classes should be your destination if you seek to have your children learn and implement those teachings that represent a complete guide on how a true Muslim should live and act by learning them from the right source; the Quran.

2.“Learning in Childhood is Like Engraving on Stone”

According to this famous saying, learning Quran at a young age is more effective and constant than in adult years since it is similar to other types of education.

This is because their memories are strong and their minds are still clear and unoccupied by the challenges and problems of life. Thus, they are more capable of absorbing Quranic knowledge and engraving it into their memory.

3. Increase Kids’ Mental Abilities

Many studies have proved that kids Quran learning can strengthen their memory and expand their horizons. Kids who study Quran have better mental abilities than the ones who don’t.
The Quran is the source of all knowledge. When your child learns to memorize Quran, this constantly trains their memories and offers them wide knowledge in different areas.

4. Strengthen The Bond Between Parents and Their Children

Quran teaching for children strengthens the bond between parents and their children. When your child learns Quran, they will encounter many Quranic verses stressing the importance of being kind and respectful to one’s parents.

Also, as a parent, when you encourage your children to study Quran and follow up with their kids Quran classes, this will create a special relationship between both of you.

5. Brings Success in this Life and Hereafter

Countless forms of reward in this life are granted for those who learn the Quran such as protecting your kids from all kinds of evil, leading them to success in this life, and preserving their tongues from foul speech or obscenity as a result of constantly reciting the Quran.

In the hereafter, the Quran comes as an intercessor for its reciters, and their ranks are elevated with every single letter they recited in Dunya.


If you’re still wondering: “How can I find Quran classes for my kids?” you don’t need to search any further. Almuhammadi Academy has developed special online Quran classes for kids to help Muslim parents from around the globe teach the Quran to their children quickly and easily from the comfort of their homes.

Important FAQs

Q1: How can children learn Quran in a fun way?

A1: there are so many activities and games which could be incorporated into the process of teaching Quran for a child.

Some examples include:

  • Physical or digital flashcards with pictures and colors to help them remember words and verses from the Quran
  • Online games and activities
  • Listening to the recitation of Qari’s
  • Videos telling stories of Prophets that are found in the Quran

Q2: At what age should kids learn Quran?

A2: The answer to this question differs based on the capabilities of each child and their reading and memorization abilities but around the age of 5-6 years old could be the best choice.

Q3: What is the fastest way to learn Quran?

A3: there are no shortcuts when it comes to learning Quran but there are some helpful tools that can help you reach your learning goals more effectively such as:

  1. Don’t skip the basics
  2. Start with the short surahs first
  3. Set yourself a Quran learning or memorization schedule
  4. Make duaa’
  5. Seek the help of a Quran tutor