How to Teach Quran to 3 to 4 Year Old Child

Teach Quran to 3 or 4 Year Old Child

The early years of your child’s life are the prime time for you to teach them what ought to be their foundation in life. Thus, it is vital that you start looking for ways to teach Quran to a 3 or 4-year-old child without fearing that they might be too young. 

To make this task easier, we are giving you some easy and practical tips to teach your child the Quran which include teaching them the basics through practice, using stories, creating a Quran-centered environment, and using resources, whether you create them yourself or buy them. We will explain each way in sufficient detail so keep on reading! 

10 Easy Ways to Teach Quran to 3 or 4-Year-Old Child

Teach Quran to 3 to 4 Year Old Child

1. Choose Proper Space and Time

Creating a proper learning space for your child is the first and most important step you should take on their learning path. This space should be free of distractions, well-lit, and should include all the necessary educational tools.

As for the learning time, you should choose the time that best suits your child when they feel more focused and have enough energy to tackle the task of memorization. If your kids are getting quran classes for kids then must make a proper timetable for them.

2. Introduce Arabic letters and Sounds  

It is crucial that you do not overwhelm your child with too many details at the beginning of the learning journey of the Quran. Start with the basics i.e. the letters of the Arabic alphabet. Teach your child how to recognize the Arabic letters and their sounds as a step towards learning to trace them to read short words. 

Trying to teach them everything all at once will do more harm than good so take it slowly, step by step, to build a strong foundation before attempting to teach them more.

3. Start with Short Surahs

After you teach them the letters of Arabic and their sounds, go on to help them memorize short Surahs fast such as Al-Fatiha and other Surahs from Juz’Amma, for example. This will give them the chance to practice what they have learned so far without putting too much pressure on them. This is also most effective for children at 3 or 4 years old since they usually have short attention span and have little patience to bear long memorization sessions. This will help your kids to become a hafiz at young age.

4. Repeat Over and Over

One of the most effective ways to teach Quran to kids is through repetition. Make this an essential part of your kids hifz program because, without repetition, they will end up forgetting everything that they have learned before. Through repetition, their pronunciation and application of Tajweed rules will gradually improve.  

5. Incorporate Stories

It is a well-known fact that children love stories. So, make use of that to help them learn the Quran by connecting them to the stories of the Quran. These stories will not only help them to memorize the Surahs, but also teach them great morals that they can apply to their own life like honesty, integrity, and kindness.

Incorporating stories in your child’s learning of the Quran can serve to diversify your Quran sessions so as to avoid boredom and monotony and make it more interesting and engaging for your child.

6. Use Listening, Writing and Other Effective Methods

There are multiple methods that you can implement to ease your child’s learning of the Quran:

  1. Remember what we said about children copying others? You can use that to your advantage by having them listen to recitation of famous Qari’s. You can make this a part of your Quran sessions but you can also make it a frequent practice by allowing them to listen to the Quran being frequently recited at the house.
  2. Have them record their own recitation after they listen to the Qari. This can help you track their progress and also give them a sense of achievement as they get closer to mastering Quran recitation.  
  3. An effective way as well is to use sign language and actions to teach them certain parts of verses. This stimulates their visual memory and makes their memorization more efficient.
  4. You can also make your child practice by writing the verses they have learned. 

7. Foster a Quran-Centred Environment

To teach Quran to 3 year old children requires establishing an environment that is centered on the Quran. This is done by making sure that your child observes their parents as they try to connect with the Quran through recitation, memorization, congregational prayers and reading Tafseer. 

It is beneficial for your child to see that their community is also keen on learning the Quran which will encourage them to imitate their behavior and grow up into individuals whose center in life is the Quran; its teachings and principles.  

8. Provide Quran Learning Resources

Finding Quran learning resources is not as difficult as it used to be in the past. Even if you cannot find them in bookshops near you, you can always order them online.

Quran learning resources can vary from books teaching the Arabic alphabet to pop-up story books. There are also drawing and coloring books that can increase your child’s ability to trace Arabic letters as they pronounce them and connect pictures with concepts from the Quran. 

If you find these Quran learning resources to be costly, you can always make them on your own or with the help of your child. This serves to make Quran learning more affordable and to customize the learning experience for your child. This is due to your ability to create visual aids that best attract your child, appeal to their favorite colors, and correspond to their learning styles.

9. Practice through Interactive Activities

It is useful for you to diversify your child’s Quran learning activities. Books are not the only resource you can use to explain the Quran to a child as there are also CDs, websites, applications, and videos that you can find online. These tools are more interactive and engaging for your child.

10. Encourage through appreciation and rewards

Now that we have mentioned progress, it is of the utmost importance for you as a parent to recognize your child’s progress and to encourage them by saying uplifting words and rewarding them whenever they reach a milestone in their learning journey. This gives your child extra motivation and self-confidence that goes with them throughout their path of learning the Quran.


Now that you have read these tips on how to make the Quran easy for kids, it is time for you to put these tips into practice. It is a continuous process of trial and error in which you keep trying different methods until you find the one that best suits your child and their abilities. 

But remember! You do not need to do this alone. You can always look for the help of experienced tutors which we provide here at Almuhammadi Academy. You can find the tutor that your child needs to learn the Quran who can use effective teaching methods and communicate with your child in a way that makes them love to learn the Quran. So, if you are interested, check out our online Quran classes for kids.