How to Memorize Quran Surah Fast

memorize quran surah fast

If you’re taking up the task of learning how to memorize Quran Surah fast, then you are up for a challenge but there’s nothing to worry about! We’re here to help!

First, the Quran consists of Surahs or chapters, 114 to be exact. Some of them are short while others are long and each has a different place and occasion of revelation. It is true that these factors affect the duration it would take you to memorize the Quran Surahs but with the right techniques, it is possible to commit the verses to memory faster.

Thus, this blog post will explore some practical tips to help you memorize Quran Surahs quickly such as understanding the meaning of the verses, taking it one verse at a time, using mind maps, reciting them out loud or during Salah and other organizational tips that would help accelerate the process of memorization. So, let’s begin!

Tips to Memorize Surahs Quickly

To enhance your ability to memorize Surahs quickly, you might want to check the following tips:

1. Understand the Meaning of the Verse

When you consult an authentic translation of the verses or the Tafseer, you get a better understanding of the verses and this, in turn, leads to improving your ability to memorize them because you switch from merely reciting words into reciting them with a deep insight and an open heart.

If you want to recite a lengthy surah of the quran then first understand its meaning and theme so you can memorize quran surah in 1 hour.

2. Take it One Verse at a Time

You cannot move a mountain in one go, you should move it stone by stone. Similarly, you cannot memorize a Quran Surah all at once so take it one verse at a time. Read each one multiple times until you memorize it and then after that, you can go to the next one. This will help you not to get overwhelmed and also appreciate the progress you are making.

3. Use Mind Maps

Mind Maps are one of the most common ways of learning because they serve to visually organize the information that one wants to learn. It can be used to memorize Quran by making connections and recognizing patterns in the Surah.

You can also use it to highlight key themes or concepts in each verse which enables you to have a better understanding of the overall message of the Surah.

4. Recite the Verses Out Loud

To learn a Surah fast, make sure to recite it out loud more than once in order to engage multiple senses as you are reciting the verse and listening to yourself at the same time. This is useful for memorizing as well as improving your pronunciation and fluency of recitation. By reciting qurah surah loudly anyone can memorize quran surah in 5 minutes.

5. Split Memorization Sessions

You may think that the best way to memorize Surah fast is to do that in one sitting but that is not entirely true. Spacing out your memorization sessions not only helps you to improve your concentration while memorizing but also prevents you from forgetting what you have memorized after a short time. Spaced repetition is much more effective than cramming all the memorization in a single session.

6. Create a Schedule and Stick to it

On a similar note, organizing your memorization sessions into a schedule is beneficial in setting a side a time each day dedicated for the memorization of the Surah. Make sure that the time specified for the memorization of the Surah is one when you have a clear headspace and do not have a lot of distractions.

7. Recite Them During Salah

As mentioned earlier, reciting the Surah out loud makes it more likely to stick. Therefore, reciting the Surah while praying is an even greater way because it gives you the extra feeling of reciting Allah’s words as you are praying to Him. This established a greater connection during Salah and reinforces your memorization.

8. Use Different Memorization Techniques

There is more than one technique to make you memorize Surahs quickly. These quran memorization techniques include:

  • The visualization technique
  • The listening technique
  • The writing technique

The first one entails the visualization of the verses of the Surah in your mind, creating mental images that help you remember the words and their order; whereas, the “listening technique” means to repeatedly listen to Quran recitations of the Surah followed by the imitation of the recitation. Lastly, the writing technique involves writing down the verses of the Surah on paper.

9. Look for a Quran Tutor

You can go about this on your own but you will find that the guidance of a specialized tutor is much needed in this regard since he/she has the knowledge and experience that qualifies them to pass on this knowledge to you as well as give you regular assessment and feedback in online quran memorization course.

10. Learn the Basics: Arabic and Tajweed

In order to successfully learn a Surah fast, you need first to make sure that you have a thorough understanding of the Arabic language as well as the rules of Tajweed. You can use resources such as books, videos, and websites to give you the necessary knowledge of Arabic and Tajweed.

Fastest Method to Memorize the Quran

  1. Listen to recitations of the verses from renowned, accurate Qari’s.
  2. Use tools such as flashcards or writing down the verses.
  3. Use technological tools such as apps and websites.
  4. Start with the Surah that is closest to your heart.
  5. Find similar patterns or themes in the Surah.
  6. Look for a memorization partner or community to provide you with motivation and accountability.
  7. Review the sections you have previously memorized regularly.
  8. Dedicate a quiet and distraction-free space for memorization.
  9. Keep yourself motivated and stay patient and persistent.
  10. Seek Allah’s help and guidance through making sincere du’a (supplication).


This all might sound overwhelming but following the right steps can make it so much easier and help you reap the great reward you are given on every step you take towards memorizing the book of Allah.

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Important FAQs

Q1: How to memorize Surah Al-Baqarah?

Surah Al-Baqarah is the longest Surah in the Quran, consisting of 286 ayah. To memorize it, you need to divide the Surah into sections and allocate time for daily memorization and revision. Make sure to understand the meaning of the verses since a great part of the Surah reiterates the stories of previous nations and prophets.

Q2: How many Surahs are there in the Quran?

The Quran comprises 114 surahs; the shortest is Surah Al-Kawther and the longest is Surah Al-Baqarah.

Q3: What are the golden methods of Quran memorization?

A3: The golden methods of Quran memorization include alternating between reciting the verses from the Mushaf and reciting them from memory, regular revision, and using different techniques such as visualization, writing, and listening to recitations.