How to Read Quran in 30 days? Quran Reading Schedule

Reciting the Holy Quran is one of the virtuous deeds for which a servant is rewarded. So it is also one of the acts of worship that brings the servant closer to his Lord, in addition to the fact that the Quran will intercede for its companion on the Day of Resurrection. Almuhammadi Academy will present everything in detail, including practical methods that will help you readily recite the Holy Quran in 30 days to accompany the Quran in your day.

10 Practical Methods to Read Quran in 30 Days

Let’s learn about these methods.

1. Allocate 1-2 Hours per day to read Quran in one month

Setting a specific period from 1-2 hours to read the Holy Quran daily is one of the important and effective factors and methods that easily help readers to recite quran beautifully throughout the month.

You can set aside an hour during the day and an hour at night and try to prepare the place around you so that it helps you recite with concentration and without distraction. The two sessions help to maintain your activity, focus, and understanding of the Quranic verses, delving deeper into the verses, and increasing the connection with the Quran.

2. Dedicate 20 Minutes After 5 Prayers per day

Allocate 20 minutes after each of the five obligatory daily prayers. The succession and continuous connection of reciting the Quran after each prayer keeps you connected to the Quran in your day, which increases your connection to the word of Allah and the deepening of Quranic words and verses to a great extent,

So that it keeps you company with the Quran throughout your day, which provides you with blessings and spiritual connection. It has an impact on your life and directs you to apply these meanings in your day, this is the origin and basic goal of reciting the Holy Quran.

3. Read one section (Juz’) per day for 30 Days

The Holy Quran consists of 30 parts. Divide them throughout the month, meaning one part will be read daily. You must know the beginning and end of the part.

This method can help you know the essential topics of every section, understand them well, and comprehend their meanings in a comprehensive and indivisible manner. It makes you memorize and know the beginning and end of each part, making it easier for you to read the entire part, and this makes it easier for you to memorize and understand quran word by word.

4. Divide the number of verses of the Quran for 30 days(200-250 verses)

This method is unique in that it reads 30 parts during the month. The method is not based on pages, but rather on verses only. You will read about 200-250 verses daily.

Therefore, identify the verses that you will find that relate to specific topics. This will help you understand the verses more and more deeply. This method is one of the most effective ways to meditate on the Quran, especially in the month of Ramadan, which helps to understand the meanings of the verses and read with humility, understanding, and contemplation.

5. Read half juz’ in the morning, and another half juz’ in the evening

This method includes reading half a part in the morning, and another half part in the evening; Half of the section contains approximately 10 pages. You read 10 pages in the morning and another 10 pages in the evening.

Dividing the recitation into two sessions is one of the effective things that helps you read smoothly, which helps you make the Quran an indispensable part of your day. Dividing the recitation also helps stimulate and focus the mind on what is recited.

6. Read 10 pages during Fajr and another 10 pages during Asr

The method of dividing the section into 10 pages in the afternoon period and another 10 pages in the afternoon period is an effective practical method. Dividing memorization into more than one session is much better than memorization in one sitting, as it stimulates memory and helps focus.

It serves as a continuous process of memorization throughout the day, which increases connection with the Quran throughout the day and deepens the meanings of the Quran.

7. Read 4 pages after every obligatory prayer

Divide the recitation of the Quran by reading 4 pages after each of the five prayers until you finish, instead of reading the entire part by following quran reading rules.

This division into periods and sessions makes it easier and easier to recite the Quran and put the Quran in your life and throughout your day in a flexible manner, and within 30 days you can complete the entire Holy Quran.

8. Read 2 pages before and after each obligatory prayer

Linking the time of reading two pages before prayer and two pages after prayer facilitates reading with interest and continuing to recite the Quran in an organized manner.

 it is linked to the times of the five prayers, which improves prayer and the quality of recitation, which encourages you to continue reciting the Quran and not interrupt this routine, which increases your deep connection with the Quran and its messages. In your life.

9. Read  5 pages in the Morning, Noon, Afternoon, and Night

It includes dividing the number of recitation pages equally into four sessions at the scheduled times and committing to the recitation continuously at the specified time, which encourages you to make a time commitment throughout the day to recite the Quran and make it a life routine every day that you will not abandon for the rest of your life.

This method also increases the depth and spiritual connection with the Quran and its verses, which facilitates the process of quran memorization, which every student desires, due to your deep connection with the Quran at distant intervals and in several sessions, not just one session, which stimulates memory and improves the quality of recitation, understanding, and memorization.

10. Recite 10 Pages in the Morning and then 10 in the Evening

This daily practice will help you not to confuse your daily schedule. All you have to do is read 10 pages during the day and 10 in the evening. That is, it is possible that after you pray Fajr, you read 10 pages of the Quran, and after you pray Maghrib, you read the other 10 pages.

Dividing the recitation into two sessions helps you recite the Quran with an in-depth understanding of its topics and meanings.

30 Days Quran Reading Schedule

Schedule 1: Reading 20 Pages (2 Hizb) Each Day

DayPages (2 Hizb)
461- 80

Schedule 2: Reading 1 Juz (section) of the Quran each Day


Schedule 3: Reading 200-250 verses daily

4603- 803
61004- 1204

How many pages to read the Quran to finish in a month?

The number of pages of the Holy Quran contains approximately 600 pages. If you divide it into 30 days, you will read about 20 pages per day. So that the matter does not seem difficult, you can follow one of the previous methods so that it is easy and simple.


Reciting the Quran in 30 days is a wonderful goal that results in depth, coherence, and understanding of the Quranic verses. We have previously detailed the practical methods that help the reader to recite the Quran easily and make his day uninterrupted throughout the month. Almuhammadi Academy welcomes all students from all over the world to attend our online quran recitation course. In our students will learn quran with Tajweed through recitation and memorization, then leave with qualified male and female teachers.