How to Memorize Quran in 3 Years

Embarking on the journey of memorizing the Quran for 3 years must have a specific plan with a fixed, routine daily time and divide that time into memorizing and reviewing, using techniques that are appropriate for the memorizer, such as repetition, listening, writing, and other known methods that are effective in memorizing the process. 

Almuhammadi Academy will present a detailed presentation of the daily and monthly routine schedule for memorization and review, and effective tips for the memorizer during the quran memorization course. Let us follow this below.

8 Effective Tips to Memorize the Quran in 3 Years

1. Creating a daily schedule at a specific time

Planning time is considered one of the most important reasons for memorizing the Quran. This is so that life matters do not affect memorization and vice versa. Therefore, an organized schedule must be set at a specific time to memorize the Quran and review what has been memorized before without affecting other matters such as study, work, or anything else.

Make sure that there are no distractions and that you have a clear mind while memorizing, as this helps to achieve a good completion and Hifz of the surah in a few hours.

Note: Dividing memorization into several sessions, not one session, helps you avoid boredom and always focus on memorization while renewing activity and stimulating memory.

2. Find out the best method for improving your memorization

Learn about many practical quran memorization techniques that will help you memorize easily and simply.

Memorizers differ in the method they use to memorize them. Some of them find the effective method as follows:

  • Repeat the first verse 20 times. Repeat the second verse 20 times until you reach the fourth verse. The first four verses are linked and repeated 20 times. Memorize 4 other verses and repeat them 20 times. Connecting the previous and current verses, and so on until the entire Hifz is memorized.
  •  Listening, visualizing, listening, and constantly reading.

3. Share a similar Hifz journey with other Huffaz

Share your Quranic journey with other memorizers who are similar to you and have the same goals of memorizing the Quran for 3 years.

  • It helps you motivate, encourage, benefit from the advantages, avoid difficulties, and share the stages that the memorizer is going through.
  •  It facilitates the journey of the memorizer and makes him feel that there are colleagues of his on the same journey who are going through what he is going through. 
  • It renews his activity in his ongoing journey with him, not only for the duration of his memorization but rather it is the journey of his life. 

4. Reflect on the verses well for getting perfect Hifz memory 

Someone who has memorized the Quran may sometimes suffer from his inability to understand the verses, and this leads to difficulty in memorizing them. Care must be taken to interpret and understand the verses before memorizing them, as this is one of the most important reasons for memorizing them.

For this reason, you can seek help from the interpreted Quran, through which you can understand the verses and thus make it easier for you to memorize them.

5. Follow the rules of Tajweed while memorizing in a clear voice

Tajweed helps improve the accurate memorization of verses and surahs and avoid pronunciation mistakes. Tajweed is an important tool for clarifying Quranic concepts and meanings. 

When a Muslim learns the rules of Tajweed and applies them while reciting the Quran, he can understand the verses more deeply and accurately regarding the Quranic meanings and increase the spiritual connection.

6. Improve your review strategy by grouping verses by topic

It is possible to review the verses by collecting verses that revolve around one topic, such as fasting, and by understanding them, memorization becomes easy and convenient.

One of the most important things to be careful about is to constantly review what has been memorized before, so as not to forget it again. You can review by reading verses during prayers or allocating daily time to review while committing to continuous review of what has been memorized throughout the week.

Note: Intensive reviewing strategy can also be useful for memorizing quran in 1 year or two.

7. Constantly evaluate your memorization progress

Continuous memorization evaluation helps to show your strengths and progress and the points in which you must work diligently and improve them, which makes you always move forward and follow the path of mastery and correct depth in memorizing the Quran. There must be a test or evaluation, whether weekly or monthly, to be sure of the correct path for your Quranic journey.

8. Get a help from a Haffiz Tutor

Searching for a proficient, qualified egyption quran teacher who has a license and who can help you and direct you to the right path in a short way in terms of saving time and effort, as the experience he has in what he went through in his Quranic journey and the transfer of this experience to the student perfectly and smoothly helps him to memorize.

Solutions to evade difficulties while memorizing the Quran in 3 years

  • After completing the memorization of the Holy Quran, one suffers from a state of inactivity. So it is important to pray a lot to Allah Almighty so that He will help you review, memorize, and have sincere intentions for Allah.
  • Do not burden yourself beyond your capacity. This is by determining the amount of Hifz you can memorize and review.
  • Forgetting is one of the difficulties facing those who memorize the Quran, and this problem can be eliminated by resorting to continuous review, repeatedly hearing verses, and reciting them by heart.
  • Suffering from his inability to understand the verses, and this leads to difficulty in memorizing them. Therefore, care must be taken to interpret and understand the verses before memorizing them.
  •  Facing mistakes in recitation and the inability to recite Tajweed. So it is important to be careful to learn the rules of Tajweed and recitation, which will help you memorize accurately without making mistakes.

3 Years Schedule to Memorize the Quran

4 Quarters (one Hizb) in 4 sessionsMonthsAyahs dailyDaily Time 
11-9330-60 min.
210-18460-120 min.
319-275120-150 min.
428-366150-180 min.


In the end, after we have explained everything related to the Hifz Quran in 3 years and the difficulties and challenges they face throughout their Quranic journey in 3 years. Almuhammadi Academy welcomes all memorizers to attend Quran classes for Tajweed, recitation, and Hifz course for adults with male and female teachers with several years of experience in the field of the Quran and its sciences. 

Join us and start your hifz program journey.