How to Understand Quran Word by Word

How to Understand Quran Word by Word

Did you know that over 1.8 billion people in the world follow the Quran? That’s a lot of people who are looking for ways to understand its meaning. If you share the same goal, then you’re at the right place. We’re going to share with you some tips on how to understand Quran word by word.

By understanding the Quran word by word, you’ll unlock the door to a whole new world of knowledge and enlightenment and you will be able to apply the Quran’s teachings to your own life and become a better Muslim.

How to Understand Quran Word by Word

The Quran is the word of Allah. It is a guide for our lives, and it contains all the wisdom we need to live a good life. But we can’t fully benefit from the Quran’s guidance unless we understand what it means. So here are some ways to understand the Quran word by word:

How to Understand Quran Word by Word

1. Learn the Arabic language

This is the most important step, as it will allow you to understand the Quran in its original language. You can learn to read Quran by learning the Arabic language through the Noorani Qaida course at Almuhammadi Academy where you will learn to recognize and pronounce different letters of the Arabic alphabet moving to reading full words and verses of the Quran.

2. Study a Quranic translation

Another way that can help you to understand the meaning of the Quran in your own language is using a Quranic translation. Search for the most authentic translation of the Quranic words so that it provides you with insights into the wisdom of the Quran in online quran classes for beginners.

3. Learn the Quran in context

Another important element of learning to understand the Quran word by word is to be aware of the context in which words are used in the Quran since the same word can possess different meanings based on the context where it occurs.

4. Practice through recitation

Continuous recitation of the Quran gradually results in a better understanding of the verses as the meanings start to sink in each time you recite this verse while checking the meaning of the words or an authentic translation of them as we’ve mentioned earlier.

5. Read Tafseer

Nonetheless, understanding the Quran wouldn’t be feasible unless you read Tafseer (the explanation of the meaning of the Quran).
Reading Tafseer guarantees a better understanding of the message of the Quran since it takes into consideration a few factors:

  • The context of the verse (the verses that precede and follow it)
  • The grammar and syntax of the verse
  • The Hadith

Due to the fact that Tafseer is a complex, but at the same time rewarding, discipline, we offer you the Quran Tafseer course that can help you have a better grasp of this great field of knowledge.

Tips for Understanding the Quran Word by Word

How to Understand Quran word by word

1. Be Patient

Allah SWT states in the Quran:
“And be patient; indeed Allah does not waste the reward of the virtuous”1
Don’t lose sight of this verse as you pursue your goal of understanding the Quran word by word because you will surely be met with challenges and disappointments but if you have patience, you will come out successful both in this life and in the hereafter.

2. Be Persistent

It’s not realistic to expect that you will continue with the same energy and effort throughout your journey because the nature of human beings is to frequently experience ups and downs.

There will be times when you feel like you are not understanding the Quran, or that you are not making any progress. If you are persistent, you will be less likely to give up and you will eventually reach your goal.

3. Make it a Habit

A key component of this recipe for success is building the habit of reciting and studying the Quran every day. The more you read the Quran, the more you will understand it.

4. Find a Good Teacher or Tutor

You can also hire a tutor to help you overcome some of the challenges that accompany the process of understanding the Quran word by word. In online quran classes for kids tutors can guide you and give you feedback that could be what you’re missing to achieve success.

You can check our Quranic Arabic course at Almuhammadi Academy for a better understanding of the Quran with the help of experienced and qualified native Arab tutors who can assist you while you’re in the comfort of your home.


Understanding the Quran word by word cannot be considered an easy task but it is definitely worth all the time and effort you put into it so make your first step and check our website for more information about our courses and register for a free trial session!