How to Memorize a Surah in 5 Minutes

How to Memorize a Surah in 5 Minutes

Huffaz of the Holy Quran are preoccupied with how to memorize the Quran in a few minutes during their day without exaggerated effort to continue their Quranic journey.

Therefore, we have provided here several tips about memorizing short quran surah in 5 minutes and lengthy surah in an hour. Also, due to our interest in teaching kids the Holy Quran, we have developed many tips that help your kid memorize short surahs in a short time with perfection.

10 Practical Tips to Memorize a Surah of the Quran in 5 Minutes

Our goal is to make Hifz easy and convenient, whether for adults or kids, in a short time, through techniques, methods, and a quran memorization course. Let us show you all the tips.

1. Reciting verses in a clear voice according to Tajweed rules

Reading verses in a clear, loud voice works to activate the brain and helps with Hifz. Also, reading while taking into account the rules of Tajweed makes memorization easy. 

Pronouncing the letters correctly and applying the basics of Tajweed makes you memorize with perfection, skill, and ease.  It is a means of preserving and protecting the tongue from mistakes, such as the clear mistake when reciting the Holy Quran.

2. Repeatedly reciting the whole Surah no less than 3 times

Repetition is the golden key to successful memorization. You start by reading the entire surah at least 3 times before memorizing it. You start reading the whole surah and pay attention to the Quranic verses well before starting Hifz, whether long surahs (not less than 10 pages) or short surahs.

Repeating reading with concentration helps you in the Hifz process without much effort, but rather makes Hifz easy and smooth. Repetition techniques are best to hifz short surah in five minutes and you can able to memoize surahs in 1 hour on a lengthy surah.

3. Emphasis on memorizing the beginning of each verse

Memorizing the first word of each verse helps you memorize it easily. Imagine that you know all the beginnings of the verses in the whole surah. You can easily read the verses by heart, and this is one of the most important ways to master memorization easily and in a short time. Also, linking verses together after understanding their meanings helps greatly in speeding up correct memorization.

4. Pay attention to the end of similar verses

Identifying and memorizing the ending of similar verses helps you facilitate memorization because you are aware of all the verses that have the same ending, which helps you memorize the surah with mastery and concentration so that if you come across another similar verse in another surah, you can compare it with similar verses and realize the difference between them.

5. Read the interpretation of the verse and understand it for quick Hifz

Reading and understanding the Quranic words and verses from a simplified interpretation enables us to understand what the verses are talking about. 

All of this helps in memorizing the Holy Quran well and masterfully, for you will have memorized and understood it in order for it to help you later in applying the Quran, and this is the primary goal for which we memorize the Quran.

6. Divide each page of surah into 2-3 parts, then start Hifz

The technique of dividing a page into two or three parts is an effective technique for greatly facilitating and perfecting Hifz. You begin by dividing each page of the surah into several parts and allocating time for each part. Start your Hifz with this technique, and after you finish the page, you review it until it sticks in your memory and move on to the next page until you complete the entire surah.

7. Use a timer to track time

Using a stopwatch for memorization helps you set a specific time to memorize the Quran fast. Start with full concentration on memorization during the time you will specify. Also, one of the benefits of a stopwatch is that it teaches you to make memorization an easy daily routine because it is limited to specific minutes in which you feel accomplished enough to memorize a page of the Quran in 5 minutes.

8. Recite the whole Surah by heart once

After completing the memorization process, the stage of consolidation will come from reviewing the entire surah by reciting it by heart until Hifz is fixed in memory, and after that, it will be easy to recall the surah from memory whenever you want to recite it.

9. Use Use a 3×3 Quran Memorization Technique

This technique helps to memorize surahs quickly, which is that you divide the surah into three parts, and each part is divided into three verses, you begin to memorize the first three verses, and then the three verses that follow them, and so on until you memorize the entire surah and review what has been memorized once. It is the best technique to memoize quran and never forget it.

10. Use 3:10 Hifdh Technique

Many teachers use this technique for its success with many students. You read the first line on the page 10 times by looking at your Mushaf to memorize, then you read it 3 times from memory without looking at Mushaf.

And after mastering its memorization, you move to the second line and apply the same steps before moving to the third line; you read the first two lines together 10 times by looking at Mushaf and three times from memory, then move on to the next lines in the same way until you finish and memorize 1 page of Quran fast and perfectly, review it, and recite it by heart, then move on to the next page in the same way.

How to teach kids a short Surah? 

  • Giving the kid a Mushaf to memorize increases his attachment to the Holy Quran.
  • Reciting verses with a loud voice.
  • Repeat the verses of the surah at least 5 times.
  • Divide verses into smaller parts (Memorize a page of Quran in 30 minutes).
  • Listen to audio recitations from well-known sheikhs.
  • Recording the kid’s voice.
  • Use useful tools for memorization, such as visual aids and flashcards.
  • Use educational games and activities.
  • Applications for memorizing the Holy Quran.
  • Seek help from a qualified Quran teacher.


Almuhammadi Academy would like to have collected all the useful tips for memorizing the Holy Quran in easy ways in a short time and welcomes you to our Quran Hifz classes for adults and kids to memorize the Quran with male and female Quranic specialists with many years of experience. Book a free trial and embark on your Quranic journey with us now.

Important FAQs

Q1. How can to memorize a surah fast?

Reciting the surah correctly, understanding the meanings of the verses, dividing the surah into several parts, and knowing the similar verses in the surah. 

Q2. How to memorize 10 pages in an hour?

By using a lot of tips such as a quiet environment, repetition, chunking, mnemonics, using multiple senses, and a stopwatch to allocate time in an hour.

Q3. How to remember the order of Surah?

Remember the name of a surah whenever you begin to memorize it, or make a list of surahs’ names using the first two letters of each surah, or put the names of the surahs in a story that is easy to memorize.