How to Memorize Quran Fast?

How to Memorize Quran Fast

A question frequently comes to the mind of every memorizer: “How to memorize the Quran fast?” when he begins his Quranic journey with the Book of Allah, memorizing and reciting it.

Therefore, we will explain to you most of the methods that must be used while memorizing the Holy Quran. So we aim to help you memorize it in a short time and correctly. Start together by applying the following methods.

13 Fastest Ways to Memorize the Quran

1. Stick to using the same Mushaf

One of the necessary basics that a memorizer must follow is to use the same Mushaf of his own for Hifz Quran in a short time and not change it during his Quranic journey. This will help him memorize the verses through the visual sense, which takes a picture of the page and its verses, and it will be easy for the memorizer to remember them from memory.

2. Reading Tafseer before Hifz

Reading the interpretation of the verses that you want to memorize is one of the factors that helps in understanding the Quranic words and delving deeper into them, so memorization is easy and perfect at the same time.

3. Writing Down 

Writing is one of the most important ways to memorize the Quran fast, as it stimulates the visual and tactile senses, helping you to store what is written with your hand firmly in your memory without forgetting to write repeatedly without looking at the Quran again, and it also helps you to memorize Quran by yourself.

4. Set short-term goals

The more you set short-term goals, the more you will be able to achieve good memorization. For example, set a goal to memorize Juz Amma. We select one or more surahs, and then, after finishing, this method encourages you to continue.

5. 3×3 Memorization Technique

Hafiz begins by reading the verse by repeating it about 3 times, then reads it by heart 3 times, then repeats this method twice, and he will find that he memorized it perfectly quickly.

6. Listen and Repeat Hifz Method

The method of listening to recordings of well-known sheikhs is one of the most effective methods, and also repeating the verse and page several times helps to consolidate the memorization in the memory to facilitate recalling it wherever you want.

7. Break ayahs into Smaller segments

This technique helps you especially well when you find long verses. Hence, you divide them into 3 or 4 phrases or segments to memorize 1 page of the Quran in 5 minutes, so memorize the first segment, then the second, and link them together, then the third, and so on, and in the end, you read the verse connected until you master it.

8. Analogous verse Technique 

The memorizer must focus on similar verses (Mutashabihat) while memorizing so that he does not read the verse in the wrong place and read it in another surah. Knowing similar verses is necessary to memorize quran surah fast in a professional way.

9. Five times throughout the day

The times of the five daily prayers help you organize specific times for Hifz and keep them consistent daily. You can divide Hifz into 5 parts: a part after the dawn prayer, another part after the zuhr prayer, one part after the Asr prayer, another after the Maghrib prayer, and the last part after the Isha prayer, with a review of everything that was memorized during the day.

10. New Memorization Assignment (NMA)

In this technique, Hafiz can memorize half a page or less if he is a beginner in memorizing the Quran, then gradually increase as he advances in memorization to two or three pages, and it can take about half an hour and leave time for daily review.

11. Structured Hifz Program

It is best to join an online Quran memorization program at a well-known academy whose teachers can develop for you a carefully designed plan for memorization that suits your abilities, class time, and number of classes per week, with continuous monitoring of you.

12. Set a review plan

You need to constantly review your memorization and make a daily schedule for it, as memorization without review is forgotten and slips away from memory. The memorizer must review his old or new memorization daily.

13. Use Recall Rehearsal

The use of recall rehearsal depends on the active recall of the memory. Moving to different parts always activates the memory and helps in memorizing the Quran.

So begin applying Quran memorization techniques, for example, from the beginning of the page to the middle, or from the middle to the end when you review the old memorization, then you memorize and review the new one.


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Important FAQs

Q1. How can I memorize the Quran without forgetting?

Set a specific time daily, set your goals, have a plan designed for memorization and continuous review, and commit to listening and repeating.

Q2. How long does it take to memorize the Quran?

Some can memorize within a year and others within 2-3 years, according to the structured plan with a certified tutor and the number of Hifz classes.

Q3. How to memorize a page of the Quran in 5 minutes?

Select a suitable place, start listening and understanding the verses, repeat them no less than 5 times, divide the verses and the page into parts, and use a stopwatch for timing.

Q4. How to memorize the Quran in 1 hour?

Listen to well-known sheikhs and repeat each line several times, or divide long verses into small parts, use different techniques, record your recitation, and track your time.