How To Memorize Quran in 2 Years

Memorizing the Quran within two years is not difficult, but you can achieve it easily if you know the necessary steps that guide you on how to memorize the Quran in two years.

Therefore, our goal is to show you 10 tips for the keys to memorization, the importance of which is crystallized in an organized plan, follow-up, and balance between memorization, review, and other memorization methods and strategies. Let us get to know them.

Schedule Hifz Planner to Hifz Quran In 2 Years

1-3 MonthsMemorize  (10-15 mins)
Review (10 mins)
Listen  (10 mins)
(mins)Old and new Review (mins)
Listen (mins)
8-12Memorize (mins)
Old and new Review (mins)
Reciting Hifz during voluntary prayers (mins)
13-19Memorize  (mins)
Intensive Revision (mins)
Reciting Hifz during 5 prayers (mins)
20-24Memorize  (mins)
Intensive Revision (mins)
Evaluate from teacher (mins)

Students can follow this well-structured plan for Memorizing the Holy Quran in 2 years at Almuhammadi Academy in the intensive Hifz Program.

10 Tips to Memorize the Quran in 2 Years

1. Stick to Your Own Hifz Plan

Make a daily plan for your memorization, especially if you have the plan saved so you can keep track of your daily memorization. You can make your plan in the morning, afternoon and evening.

The more you divide your memorization into several times, even if it is small, the more you will benefit and it is better than making the memorization larger and only once a day. Always choose effective ways to store your information in long-term memory so that you can retrieve it easily.

2. Make a Time Table to Memorize

Create a memorization schedule, make it your top priority, and hold yourself firmly accountable for implementing it, Make a schedule that divides the time into three slots i.e. the morning period, the afternoon period, and the evening period. Put in each of the three a specific time to commit to and distribute your memorization throughout the day.

You must focus carefully on these minutes that you will specify during your memorization while paying attention to choosing the appropriate environment and the place in which you will memorize so that you do not get distracted and make your memorization perfect that you cannot forget.

3. Chunking Your Daily Hifz into Several Portions

Dividing your daily memorization into parts makes it easier for you to memorize quran fast. Dividing the verses into sections, each section united by one topic makes it easy to link the verses and sections to each other, link the beginning to the end, and link their events to each other. For example, it is possible to divide the memorization of one surah into several parts, and your division of the surah depends on the objective detail of the verses. 

It is based on the idea of ​​color coding (Quran Juz with color by subject) to indicate the sections of topics with their explanation. Linking the recitation with meaning helps the reader understand the topics of the sections of the surah while reading it. It helps the memorizer to memorize the surah coupled with understanding and makes it easier for him to recall his Hifz.

4. Start Hifz From the Last 3 Parts

Start Hifz from the last 3 parts (Juz’ Amma, Tabarak, and Qad Same’a) of the Holy Quran, then start memorizing from the beginning of the Quran until you break the barrier of fear of long surahs.

Starting with Juz Amma is a good choice because the short surahs in it are easier to memorize than the long ones. You can start at the end of the part and then move to the somewhat longer surah at the beginning of juz’. However, starting from the beginning will not have much effect because all the surahs in it are relatively short.

Making sure to memorize the last 3 parts is the most appropriate choice. Because the surahs at the end of the part are shorter, more numerous, and less difficult, the student feels that he has accomplished and memorized a large number of surahs, so his resolve is strengthened, which encourages him to continue and the desire to memorize more.

5. Recite Your Hifz During Prayers

Reciting what you have memorized in prayer by heart will help you consolidate the memorization in your long-term memory. It is possible to begin by reciting what you have memorized in the voluntary prayer and then move on with what you have memorized, which will become very perfect in the five obligatory prayers.

It is possible to start gradually from the short surahs until you become good at reciting them during prayer, and then move on to the long surahs, which gives you confidence that you will continue this way, and it is considered a prophetic Sunnah.

6. Review Regularly

Review the memorized portion every night. You can review the memorization orally before going to sleep at night. Reciting the memorized verses before going to sleep helps him feel peaceful and calm and consolidates the memorization in his memory

Also, When you finish each surah, review it completely. It is also necessary to review after completing the entire surah so that the reader can memorize it and recite it in its entirety smoothly.

The Messenger ordered us to adhere to the Quran, not to abandon it, and to recite it always so that we do not forget it. So Keep refreshing your knowledge of the Quran, that it is more liable to escape than camels which are hobbled.

7. Connect With a Fellow Having a Two-year Hifz Plan

Group cooperation in memorization between a student and a colleague who has the same goals in memorizing the Quran within two years and with the same plan and steps helps him a lot, motivates and encourages him, and this type of cooperation has a good effect.

Because the memorizer sometimes goes through times when the enthusiasm, activity, and determination to memorize the Quran decrease, the presence of this friend is like a competition and strengthens his insistence throughout the journey to complete the daily memorization, review, and recite some of them by heart, which proves the Quran.

8. Weekly and Monthly Evaluations (Tests)

Weekly and monthly tests and assessments are among the keys to effective mastery for the student, as the teacher determines his level and makes the student knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of his level and works to improve it, as the student does not stop at one level, but rather advances and improves to a higher level that leads him to master the recitation of the Holy Quran distinctively.

9. Utilizing Effective Hifz Techniques

Many quran memorization techniques help the memorizer to make the memorization process easy and convenient, and at the same time ensure that he memorizes it well in long-term memory without forgetting the time of recalling the memorization, as follows:

  1. Old Ottoman Technique 
  2. 3:10 Hifdh Technique
  3. Whole-Page Technique
  4. Bottom-to-top Technique
  5. 3×3 Quran Memorization Technique
  6. Chunking Method
  7. Read 1 Ayah 30 Times for Memorization
  8. Writing Each Verse Down for Memorization
  9. Visualizing, Listening, Writing, and Reading Techniques.
  10. Mnemonics Technique

10. Follow One Approach with a Qualified Egyptian Teachers

The Egyptian Quran teachers provide you with a lot of time, effort, the right plan, continuous follow-up, and experience he has from teaching the Quran and its sciences for several years, in addition to having the Arabic language that speaks the language of the Quran, which makes you very proficient to recite quran beautifully.

Continuity with one teacher without changing the time of the first completion of the Quran has an effective effect in terms of unifying the curriculum, plan, and method that he follows with the student, so he does not get distracted, especially during his first period of learning the rules of correct recitation.

Note: Choose one copy of Mushaf, whether the Madinah copy or the Al-Haramain copy, because memorization, as is done by hearing, is also done by sight. The verses are saved in the memory, according to frequent reading and looking at Mushaf.


We have presented many tips that will certainly help you, but the most important thing remains your perseverance, determination, and acceptance of the challenge within two years. You can truly memorize the Quran well during this period, especially with experienced teachers who will help you during this long journey in your quran memorization course.

Almuhammadi Academy welcomes all students around the world, so that you can begin your unique Quranic journey, and it is available to you.