How to Memorize Quran in 2 Months

Memorize Quran in 2 Months

Quran memorization is a noble aspiration for many Muslims who wish to establish a deeper connection with the book of Allah by committing it to memory. Driven by a profound love of the Quran, many seek methods to memorize it as fast as possible even to the extent of looking up how they can memorize Quran in 2 months.

Hence, this blog post aims to address these questions and provide answers on how to do so and some of the most effective tips to achieve such a great purpose including planning, daily memorization and revision, and getting rid of distractions. You will find more details as you continue reading.

Tips to Memorize Quran in 2 Months

Many ways can be followed to achieve the target of memorizing the Quran fast but we will include the most effective guide to memorize holy Quran in 60 days. If you follow these steps carefully, you will reach your goal in shaa’Allah:

1. Set up a Plan

Planning guarantees having a more organized path to memorize Quran fast because it helps you to make time for frequent memorization sessions apart from your everyday tasks. When you start by setting up a plan, you anticipate possible setbacks and obstacles and come up with ways to deal with them effectively.

Make sure that your plan is realistic so that you don’t overburden yourself and that your plan is flexible so that it doesn’t fall apart in case of emergencies in your quran memorization course.

2. Study and Practice Tajweed

The first thing you should pay attention to right after you make your plan is to start by learning Tajweed. The importance of studying Tajweed stems from the fact that it preserves your recitation from errors that might change the meaning of the verses.

It is one of the miraculous aspects of the Quran that it is still recited in the same manner in which it was revealed to Prophet Muhammad PBUH. thus, studying and practicing Tajweed ensures that you take part in this great chain of reciters until the Day of Judgment.

3. Memorize 10 pages daily

If you want to finish holy Quran in 2 months, you need to memorize approximately 10 pages daily. While this might seem like a lot at first but many elements need to be taken into consideration.

For instance, there are a lot of Surahs that contain similar patterns which makes them easier to memorize. Another element to keep in mind is that memorization is like a muscle that gets more powerful as you train it which means that memorizing 10 pages daily might be difficult at first but with perseverance and by following proper methods, it gets easier.

4. Revise

Another step that is definitely of great importance is revision. You need to dedicate sufficient time each session for revising previously memorized sections because this leads to stronger memorization. Revision can take various forms such as reciting out loud, quizzes, or writing the verses down.   

5. Search for effective Memorization Techniques

Searching for the most effective methods of memorization is yet another way to memorize Quran fast because it helps you to save time instead of just using traditional means. Techniques such as visualization and imitation of famous Qari’s have proven effective in memorizing the Quran in a more efficient way. 

6. Look for a Tutor

The path to hifz can get a little rough at times if you take it on your own. Therefore, seeking the help of an expert tutor is a means that can save you a lot of time and help you learn Quran in 2 months.

A tutor will not only explain Tajweed rules and other aspects related to Quran recitation in a simplified and easy-to-follow manner, but also the tutor will give you constant feedback to correct your mistakes and help introduce you to effective Quran memorization techniques. In the matter of revision and staying on top of things, the tutor can help you keep a consistent pace and hold you accountable which is very important in the process of doing Quran memorization.

Tips for Memorizing Quran fast

For some who wish to memorize Quran in 60 days or more, we present the following tips to help you memorize Quran faster:  

1. Make your intention sincere

This is mentioned as the first tip because it is one of the main elements that will motivate you on every step of the way toward memorizing the Quran. Easy as it may seem, it is quite challenging and takes time and effort to purify your intention entirely for the sake of Allah.

You can do so by dedicating few minutes at the beginning of your lessons to go over your intention of memorizing the Quran. It also helps to write these intentions down on a piece of paper and keep them at eye level.

2. Say No to Distractions

Doing Hifz Quran in 60 days wouldn’t be feasible if you are constantly surrounding yourself with distractions such as social media, noise, and unorganized study space, you are setting yourself up for failure.

One way to avoid distractions is to start by having a neat study space that has all the tools you need. Make sure that this space is far from distracting devices like phones, televisions, and others. To keep away from the noise, try to create a routine of memorizing Quran after dawn or at similar times when it is quieter.

3. Join a community

Prophet Muhammad PBUH said:

“Any group of people that assemble in one of the Houses of Allah to recite the Book of Allah, learning and teaching it, tranquility will descend upon them, mercy will engulf them, angels will surround them and Allah will make mention of them to those (the angels) in His proximity.” Riyad as-Salihin 1023 Book 8, Hadith 33

A way to obtain this great reward is to memorize the Quran with a community which will also give you a stronger sense of accountability and a greater motivation to memorize Quran fast.  

4. Motivate and Reward yourself

Realize that the path to memorize Quran fast is not going to be easy so you need to acknowledge and celebrate even the smallest achievement. Motivating yourself could be possible by setting small manageable goals and rewarding yourself along the way.

Keep yourself motivated by reminding yourself of the blessings and spiritual benefits of this undertaking. It is also beneficial to create a visual tracker, whether in a notebook, a digital tracker or a board to remind yourself of the progress you are making.


To memorize Quran in 60 days may be difficult but it is not impossible, especially if you follow the right methods. With proper guidance and feedback, this process can be a lot easier which is why recommend our online hifz program at Almuhammadi Academy. Our tutors are equipped with the latest technological tools and possess sufficient experience which are essential elements to help you memorize the Quran faster and more efficiently.