How to Memorize 1 Page of Quran Fast

Is it possible to memorize a page of the Quran fast? Yes, of course, but that depends on several steps that the memorizer must follow during his memorization to master Hifz in a short time. Almuhammadi Academy will explain many of the quran memorization techniques, steps, and requirements that a memorizer of the Quran needs to perform his memorization correctly and perfectly, and in a short time as well. 

Almuhammadi Academy always seeks to provide many ways to facilitate the memorization process for students all over the world and to serve as an exciting journey that they will never get tired of. Let us explain below.

Top 5 Techniques To Memorize 1 Page Fast

1. 3×3 Quran Memorization Technique

This 3×3 quran hifz method helps you to memorize quran surah in 5 minutes. You start by repeating the recitation of the first verse three times, then you move on to the next verse and read it three times, then you read the two verses together three times, then you move to the third verse and read it three times.

Then you read them all three times as if you are dividing the surah into parts, each part containing 3 verses, then you start the other part, which contains three verses, and you follow the same steps until you finish the entire surah easily and smoothly.

2. Whole-Page Technique

This technique depends on you reading the page a lot wherever you are, whether inside or outside the home. All you have to do is read it repeatedly throughout the day after listening to it.

This technique requires someone who has time to listen and repeat a page a lot at once without dividing it, and the next day you read it and look at Mushaf, and the memorization will be fixed in the memory, as repetition affects memorization.

3. Chunking Technique 

In this technique, you divide the verse into small portions and phrases so that memorization is easier. After you memorize these portions well, you link them together and read them, then move to the next verse and begin dividing it with the same steps.

This technique is very effective in preserving verses in memory, chunking allows a lot of information to be stored in the memory and then saved.

4. Botton-to-Top Technique

In this technique, you start memorizing a page of Mushaf from the bottom to the top, and it is a challenge for you because what is usual is to memorize the page from top to bottom, but this method makes the memorization strong and does not forget easily, and after you finish the entire page, you review it from top to bottom.

5. Back-and-forth technique

You start by reading one verse from the beginning of the page 10 times in a row, repeatedly by looking at your Mushaf with concentration, then you also recite it 10 more times, but without looking at Mushaf, that is, you read it by heart from memory until you consolidate its memorization in memory, then you move on to the next verse and do as you did in the verse.

The previous one is to repeat it 10 times review it again 10 times and continue like this until you finish the entire page. Almuhammadi Academy tutors use this method in online quran memorization course for their students so that they can memorize and revise their lessons at the same time.

5 Tips to Memorize a Page in 5 Minutes

1. Read the Page Five Times Before Hifz

When you start memorizing the page, do not memorize immediately, but rather start reading the verses at least 5 times repeatedly. This makes you notice the Quranic words, the beginning and end of the verses, and the order of the verses, so memorization becomes easier for you.

Repetition and concentration on Quranic verses and words help you memorize quran in 6 months without any mistakes.

2. Tracking Time

After you have listened to the page and read it several times, you should prepare a stopwatch before starting your memorization and set it to five minutes, but not on the condition that it does not exceed five minutes. 

The page may take longer, so do not worry about the time, but the stopwatch will help us know the specific time that we will take to memorize a page. From the Holy Quran so that we are aware of the amount of time we need to memorize a complete part of the Quran.

3. Divide the Page into 2-3 Parts

Divide the Quran page into 2 or 3 parts to make memorization easier and more focused on specific verses, then move on to the next verses.

One page contains 13-15 lines. You can divide it into 3 parts, that is, memorize 5 verses in each part you divide. It is possible to memorize each part separately at a specific time and use the timer clock to determine the time to memorize 5 verses.

4. Take attention to Similar Endings and be fully aware of them

The memorizer pays attention to the end of similar verses during his memorization, which confirms his memorization and makes him better. Some verses are similar at the end of the verse in a word. Other verses that are similar in two words; are called similarities. It is possible to understand the meaning first so that a memorizer can master the ending of verses easily.

For example, if the verse ends with the word (غفور رحيم), the memorizer understands that meant ( Allah is Forgiving and Merciful)l.” Thus, the memorizer follows with an understanding of the end and then memorizes it easily and perfectly.

5. Understand and Reflect on the Quranic words

Starting to understand the verses is one of the effective ways and methods for better memorization, as it makes you able to understand the Quranic words and the end of the verses, and helps you to be consistent in memorization and not forget it, and you can memorize a page in 5 minutes.

Understand the meaning of the verse before memorizing it, and if you refer to some brief interpretations, it would be better and more practical. Repeating the verses is the basis, so that the tongue begins to read.

Requirements For Performing Quran Hifz

  1. Choose a suitable place to avoid distractions and focus.
  2. Practice reciting daily until you memorized fluently according to the rules of Tajweed.
  3. Repeat the page repeatedly, starting with the first verse, then the second, the third, until the end of the page.
  4. Use Mnemonic techniques and visual aids to help to memorize fast.
  5. Break the page into smaller portions one by one; when you memorize the first portion move to the next one.


We can say that we have provided all the practical and effective advice, methods, and steps that will help you with your realistic plan to memorize a page of the Quran in a short time with ease. To complete your plan to memorize the Holy Quran, join us in our hifz classes for adults with qualified and certified teachers who will help you on your long journey in memorizing the Holy Quran with the best methods and programs designed to memorize the Quran. 

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