How to Memorize Juz Amma

How to Memorize Juz Amma

Looking for a good starting point for your journey to memorize the Quran?

The answer lies in the 30th Juz of the Quran which is called Juz’ Amma. This particular section of the Quran is ideal for beginners because it allows them to focus on shorter Surahs with simpler language and concepts and practice the rules of Tajweed.

To start memorizing Juz’ Amma, you should follow a carefully structured plan that includes studying the order and length of the Surahs, starting with the short Surahs then going on to the long ones by dividing them into sections, looking for reoccurring themes, listening to the recitation of famous Qari’s, and understanding the meaning of the verses. By following this anyone can be able to memorize qurah surah in hour.

About Juz Amma

So, what does Juz Amma mean? Juz Amma is the 30th Juz of the Quran but it is known as Juz Amma because of the first Surah (Surah Al-Naba’) that starts with this word; عمَّ. Juz Amma is recited frequently in daily prayers because it contains the easiest Surahs to memorize.

The list of Surahs in Juz Amma contains 37 Surahs, beginning with Surah AL-Naba’ and ending with Surah Al-Nas. It encompasses many descriptions of the Day of Judgment, the rewards and punishments in the afterlife, and the importance of faith and good deeds.

How to Memorize Juz Amma in Record Time?

How to Memorize Juz Amma

1. Study the Order and Length of the Surahs

Before starting the memorization process, you need to familiarize yourself with the order and length of the Surahs in Juz’Amma. This will help you plan ahead the strategy and techniques you need and allocate sufficient time for each Surah.

2. Begin with the Short Surahs of the 30th Juz’

Memorizing the Short Surahs of Juz’ Amma is the best first step you can take in order to gain momentum and confidence, as well as learn to recite these Surahs by heart during prayer.

3. Divide the Longer Surahs into Sections

Now, when it is time to memorize the longer Surahs, you can divide them into smaller sections. Breaking down a big goal, such as Juz 30 memorization, into smaller and more manageable steps can assist you in making progress more efficiently and effectively. 

4. Look for Reoccurring Verses or Patterns

Another reason why Juz Amma contains the easiest Surahs to memorize is the presence of reoccurring verses or patterns that can be found throughout the chapters. By recognizing these repeated patterns, it gets easier to memorize these Surahs and develop a more systematic approach to memorization.

5. Listen to Famous Qari’s

A key step for memorizing Juz Amma or any chapter of the Quran is to listen to the recitations of famous Qari’s and imitate them. Repeatedly listening to their recitation will make you familiar with the correct pronunciation and rules of Tajweed and better enable you to memorize them.

6. Understand the Meaning of the Verses

Dedicate a section of your Juz Amma memorization schedule to reading Tafseer of the Surahs to understand the verses and reflect on the deeper meanings and lessons found in each verse. This means that you will get to a stage when you recite these Surahs by heart along with gaining the ability to understand and reflect on their meanings; therefore, they will be engraved in your heart and mind and start to project on your actions and behaviors.

Practical Tips on How to Memorize Juz Amma

How to Memorize Juz Amma

1. Enroll in a Memorization Course

If you find yourself at a loss, enrolling in a online hifz program could be of great benefit to you in reaching your goal. This gives you access to a range of expert tutors who can provide you with guidance, structure, and accountability to successfully memorize Juz Amma. By taking a Juz 30 memorization course, you can learn memorization techniques and get feedback on your Tajweed and recitation.

Note: You can check out our online Memorization course at Almuhammadi Academy to start your journey of memorizing Juz Amma equipped with the necessary tools and support.

2. Repetition

There is a saying in Arabic which states that (ما تكرّر تقرّر) or whatever is frequently repeated is fully ingrained. Therefore, the significance of repetition in the process of memorization cannot be stressed enough. Repeat every verse multiple times until you are certain that you memorized it well before moving to the next new verse.

3. Revision

Likewise, revision is equally important in memorizing Juz Amma because it guarantees that you keep your memorization from fading away as you advance further into the Juz. Just like you dedicate time to memorize new verses or pages, make sure to dedicate enough time for revision as well.

4. Time Management

Speaking of dedicating time, a common issue that is often brought up in the course of discussing the memorization of Juz Amma is the lack of time. Even if you have a busy schedule, you can still find the time to memorize the Quran. You just need to plan it and make it part of your daily routine.

5. Stay Motivated

A second issue that you might be facing is the lack of motivation. This can be avoided by constantly reminding yourself of the reward that awaits you, celebrating your progress, and surrounding yourself with positive influences such as a supportive community.

6. Utilize Technological Means

Fortunately, memorizing Juz Amma could be much easier with the help of modern technology such as apps, websites, and AI tools. This offers access to countless resources, ways of interactive learning and time management tools.

Juz Amma Memorization Schedule

Being organized helps you stay on top of things and maintain a consistent schedule for memorization and revision. Keep a progress log, whether digital or printed, to help you with Juz Amma Memorization, such as the one provided below:

Juz Amma Memorization Schedule


We hope that you are now better off than when you started reading this juz amma quran memorization guide post and that you have gained the insights you needed to start memorizing Juz Amma as a first step to complete memorizing the whole Quran.

If you find that you need help from an expert tutor to give you guidance, feedback, and regular assessments, you will find what you are looking for with our online memorization classes at Almuhammadi Academy.

Important FAQs

Q1. Is Juz Amma easy to memorize?

Certainly, Juz Amma is characterized by having short Surahs that have recurrent patterns or verses which makes it easy to memorize.

Q2. How do I memorize a juz in a week?

To memorize a Juz in a week, you need to break it down into smaller sections and create a memorization schedule that works for you. During each memorization session, you need to start by reading the verse more than once from the Mushaf, then repeat it without looking multiple times, and do not resume memorizing the next verse until you have fully memorized the first one.

Q3. How long does it take to memorize Juz Amma?

There are so many factors that should be taken into consideration when answering how much time it takes to memorize juz amma, because the case differs for each individual, but it can take around 15 days up to a month and some memorize it in a shorter or longer time than that.