Quran Memorization Guide

Quran Memorization Guide

Memorizing the Quran is one of the most beautiful journeys in the life of every memorizer. The methods of memorization differ from one person to another.

Therefore, Almuhammadi Academy offers a complete Quran memorization guide with the different techniques of memorization, and teachers with long experience help memorize it to become easy, enjoyable, continuous, and not interrupted during the Quranic journey.

Complete Step-by-Step Quran Memorization Guide

There is a set of steps as a Quran memorization guide that a person must follow to reach the easiest way to memorize the Quran. Below are the most prominent ones:

Step 1: Keep recitation daily

A memorizer of the Quran must continue reading daily in order not to forget what has been memorized from the Quran. Continuing the recitation helps the memorizer consolidate his memorization and improve his recitation because practice makes perfect. 

Step 2: Identify the method by which you will memorize

Determining the method that suits you to memorize the Book of Allah is one of the most important means that will help you on your journey. The diversity of methods allows the memorizer to diversify the methods of memorization with what is appropriate to his abilities until he reaches the degree of mastery. First identifying and then choosing a specific method can help anyone to memoize quran in a year.

Step 3: Choose a suitable time and place

The appropriate place and time for Hifz should be chosen. This is one of the important things that should be taken into account, as it facilitates memorization of the Holy Quran, taking into account the calmness of the place. Make sure that no one interrupts your memorization to bring the mind to mind, and this also increases concentration.

Step 4: Applying Tajweed rules

One of the easiest ways to memorize the Holy Quran is to diligently memorize and apply the rules of Tajweed, such as Ikhfaa, Iqlaab, and others. This is because abandoning the rules of Tajweed is considered a major mistake. This method helps you memorize correctly.

Step 5: Memorizing from one Mushaf

It is recommended to memorize one Mushaf because the place where the verses end may differ from one edition to another. This will prevent confusion because the position of the verses is imprinted in your memory according to their pages. 

Step 8: Start by memorizing short surahs (Juz Amma)

Starting to memorize short surahs, as this is easier and faster to complete. It increases self-confidence and thus strengthens the will and desire to continue. The soul has a difficult nature at the beginning of memorization, so it must climb the ladder of memorization from short surahs to long surahs.

Step 7: A specific time plan for Hifz

Planning is the key to the success of your goals. Use pen and paper to develop a plan for memorizing the Holy Quran. Follow a realistic and workable plan regularly, and make sure you adhere to the timetable you set to facilitate the memorization of the Holy Quran. A specific plan is more helpful is you are enrolled in online hifz program.

Step 8: Recite Quran Surah in Prayers

Reciting memorized parts of the Quran in your prayers by heart without looking at the Quran through memory is one of the factors in the accuracy of the Hifz of the Holy Quran. Therefore, it is preferable to recite the Quranic verses that you memorized during the day in your prayers. 

Step 9: Teach the Quran to Others

Teaching the Quran to others is an effective way to confirm the recitation of the Quran with the provisions of Tajweed and its memorization. If you want to master something, teach it to others. Our Noble Messenger has guided us to the best of you who learn and teach the Quran.

Step 10: Seek a Certified Teacher

In online Quran memorization course, the teacher will certainly help you in using and choosing the best Hifz techniques. The teacher will help you recite the Quran proficiently with continuous follow-up and work to improve the student’s skills, and all of this will work towards the success of your Quranic journey.

5 Practical Steps to Memorize the Quran Faster

1. Take advantage of the early morning hours 

Make memorizing the Holy Quran a priority over all the concerns of life, as it is a main thing and not a secondary thing. Start the memorization before dawn and also at dawn, which is the best time for purity of the brain and attention until the new memorization is good and easy.

2. Focus well while memorizing

Memorizing the Quran requires a quiet place away from distractions and people. You can also memorize in your room or at the mosque without distractions. Therefore, the atmosphere surrounding the memorizer is an essential factor to store in long-term memory.

3. Memorizing a small amount 

Memorizing a little is better than memorizing a lot without mastering it, and continuing to memorize is one of the most important factors for stability during the Hifz journey. The most beloved deeds of Allah are those that are perpetual, even if they are few.

4. Divide the surah into sections

Hifz should be divided into sections according to the ability of the memorizer. The division must be according to verses with related meanings. Taking into account reading the book of easy interpretation before starting to memorize the verses.  

5. Master the old memorization before the new

Various applications currently available on the Internet can be downloaded. Where he can repeatedly hear Quranic verses. Thus, reviewing the Holy Quran becomes easy, and dividing the review into:

  1. New Revision

It seems like a minor review for Haffiz. The student recites by heart from memory parts close to his new memorization along with his new memorization.

  1. Old Revision

It seems like a major review for Haffiz. The student recites by heart what has been memorized since the beginning of Mushaf.

Apply Best Memorization Techniques for the Quran

People differ in their ways of memorizing and understanding information. Some may take a long time to memorize and then forget quickly, and some may memorize faster and keep the verses in their mind for a longer period of time. Because he needs to understand himself and try the best quran memorization techniques that will help you, the following are:

A. Repetition for 50-100 times

The student needs to move his Hifz from short-term memory to long-term memory, and this can only be achieved by repeating verses on one page more than 50 times.

B. 3.10 times 

The student begins by reading the first line on the page 10 times, then 3 times from memory, gradually moving on to the next line until he finishes the entire page and reads it once from memory by heart.

C. The whole page completely in one time

This method requires more time, including listening, reading, and repeating, as well as understanding the meaning of the ayah. The student reads the page for two days, then repeats the line about 3 times, and then reads it from memory.

D. 3.3 Hifz Partially 

The student begins by dividing the surah into three sections, then we begin by memorizing the first three verses well in the first section, then we move on to the other three verses, and so on until we finish the entire surah.

E. Old Ottoman method 

The student begins by memorizing the last page (the twentieth page) of each part of the thirty, and after he finishes, he begins the next page (the nineteenth page) of each part of the 30 parts until he finishes memorizing the entire Quran.

F. Hifz from the bottom to top 

The student starts from the verse at the end of the page, repeats it, and memorizes it well, then progresses by memorizing it to the verse above it and repeating it until it is fixed in the memory, and so on until he reaches the top of the page, and then begins reviewing it from top to bottom.


We provide different ways and methods that will accurately capture your memorization perfectly forever and allow you to recall it at any time from memory by heart. You must choose the method that suits you from these methods with our certified teacher, who can help you throughout your Quranic journey. Start your journey, book your free trial, and then embark on the Hifz class.

Important FAQs

Q1. How to memorize Quran without forgetting it?

Make an organized plan with short, comprehensive goals to follow up on, and use techniques and methods that suit the student to facilitate memorization.

Q2. How to memorize Quran by yourself?

Continuously reading and reviewing daily according to the rules of Tajweed, correcting mistakes by recording or by reading to people with a Quranic background, and asking a teacher to test you.

Q3. What are the golden methods of Quran memorization?

Reading the Quran in a clear voice, using different methods of memorization such as the ottoman, and also using the technique of similar verses.

Q4. What is the fastest way to memorize the Quran?

Use a variety of different approaches while improving memory skills through consistent daily practice of recitation and review.

Q5. In what order should I memorize Quran?

The student can memorize the well-known surahs as juz’ Amma and then start with Surat Al-Baqarah and the following surahs after that.