How Can Adults Memorize the Quran

How Can Adults Memorize the Quran

Many adults are concerned about the difficulty of memorizing the Quran because they did not memorize it when they were children, and they wonder How can adults memorize the Quran?

To memorize the Quran as an adult, establish a sincere intention, allocate a consistent daily time for memorization, and set realistic goals by breaking down the Quran into manageable sections. Understand the meaning of the verses, recite them aloud, and use repetition. Consider learning Tajweed rules for correct pronunciation. Get help from certified quran teachers in your hifz journey.

Top 10 Effective Tips for Memorizing Quran for Adults

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1. Comprehensive understanding of verses

Understanding Quranic verses for adults is very important because they need to understand verses before memorizing them, which makes it easier for them to memorize and fix them well in their memory. The more the memorizer can understand, the easier it will be for him to memorize.

Memorizing the Quran along with understanding its meanings is considered essential, as Allah Almighty sent down the Quran to be recited, contemplate its meanings, act upon it, and judge by it among the people.

2. Limit yourself to one copy of Mushaf 

Using one copy of the Quran throughout your journey in memorization is very important and effective in memorization because the eye captures the image of the page and stores it in memory in the shape of the page, its writing, and its verses.

So make one copy of Mushaf for your memorization, and it will be easy for you to retrieve it from memory.

3. Reciting according to Tajweed rules loudly

Reciting verses in a clear, loud voice while memorizing stimulates the brain to receive new information. Use your sense of hearing and all your senses when memorizing. It has been proven in psychology that using more than one sense helps memorize.

Raising and lowering the voice to memorize helps gain alertness and attention and not get tired, which inspires seriousness and activity. Also, inhaling before beginning the recitation and exhaling during the recitation helps the recitation go well and smoothly.

4. Repetition technique

Repeating the recitation of the verse and page several times is one of the effective methods that pays benefits to the memorizer, including consolidating the memorization in the memory.

The memorizer begins by reciting the verse, then repeating it several times, up to 20 or more, then reciting it by heart, then moving on to the other verses and repeating the same process until the memorizer finishes the page or he recites the first part of the memorization in its entirety by heart until he confirms his memorization before moving on to another part of the memorization.

5. Choose the appropriate time and place

Choosing a place away from noise, distraction, and disturbance is one of the factors in mastering memorization and consolidating it in the memory easily because noise harms the learning process and attention to memory. Also, choosing a specific time daily helps to commit to hifz for adults, be active, and avoid slackness and laziness.

Setting a specific time daily is better for the brain because it deals with specificity and makes you commit to the appointment daily, so make it a time that you will never do without, such as after dawn or the time of night prayer.

6. Focus your attention on the verses and link the verses together

Linking verses during memorization is one of the most important stages of memorization because the eye begins to link the beginning and end of the verses together so that it is easy for the memorizer to recite the entire page by heart. Linking the meaning of the end of each verse to the meaning of the verse itself. 

Contemplating the verses while memorizing them increases the effectiveness of their storage and retrieval. If we know that memory is preserved by linking information to each other, then we must link the verses to contemplation, understanding, and expanding our imagination.

7. Do not pay attention to any external distractions

Stay away from everything that distracts you, such as devices such as mobile phones and other distractions that can distract attention and not focus on memorization, which makes memorization weak and unstable. 

The efficiency and quality of memorization increase when the memorizer stays away from external distractions, and the brain’s activity, understanding, and awareness of the meanings of the verses increase, which helps in memorization.

8. Encouragement by hearing stories of Huffaz’s Quranic journeys 

Hearing the stories of those who came before you to memorize the Holy Quran will increase your motivation, determination, and perseverance to continue memorizing and challenging all difficulties until you reach the complete memorization of the Quran perfectly by heart. 

You will also learn the methods and Quran memorization techniques they used to facilitate their memorization, such as using a single copy of the Quran, dividing memorization, methods of repetition, and other methods that will help you in your Quranic journey.

9. Hire a certified Quran teacher

Seeking help from a quran teacher to help you with correct recitation and memorization is one of the essential matters when you find it difficult to read and memorize the Quran fast. The teacher also summarizes your journey to memorizing the Quran, including the methods and techniques used for quick and precise memorization at the same time.

The teacher also constantly evaluates your level as your weak points improve and encourage and strengthens your resolve by setting a specific, planned schedule for memorization in quran classes for adults.

10. Teach the Quran to kids

You will gain goodness and knowledge and consolidate what you have learned when you teach children and spread the love of the Quran to children by teaching it. As our noble Messenger said, The best amongst you is the one who learns the Quran and teaches it.

So teaching you the correct recitation according to the rules of Tajweed and transferring your experience of methods for memorizing the Holy Quran will make you an effective person within the Islamic community. Your knowledge will increase, and you will become more knowledgeable about the sciences of the Quran.

How can elderly people memorize the Quran?

  • Choose a quiet and distraction-free place
  • Indicate Memorization times daily to continue without laziness
  • Stick to only one copy of Mushaf ( preferable to choose the colored Mushaf)
  • Divide the pages and verses to memorize them well
  • Set a simple daily schedule for the number of verses to memorize daily
  • Understand the meanings and the reasons for the revelation of the verses
  • Reciting verses in a clear and loud voice according to the rules of Tajweed
  • Repeat the recitation of the verses several times
  • Make a day for a weekly review of what has been memorized
  • Seek the help of a skilled sheikh to correct recitation and memorization at a specific time by enrolling in quran memorization program.


Almuhammadi Academy explained how to memorize the Quran in old age and as adults and gave us different means and methods that make the journey of the Quran an easy and enjoyable journey for the Book of Allah in their lives. Start your journey with us, whether you are an adult or old, and you need a Quran teacher to direct you to the steps of correct and precise memorization. Embark on your journey and join us now.