How to Make Your Child Memorize Quran

Make You rChild Memorize Quran

Making your child memorize Quran is one of the greatest favors you could do for them. That said, it is a challenge that requires effort and planning to handle properly, and that’s where we come in! 

In this blog post, we will discuss some tips on how to make your child memorize Quran which include starting in their early years, connecting them with the Quran, providing an example, sparking their interest, following plans, and creating challenges. We will also mention some of the greatest benefits of Quran memorization for kids. So read this blog post carefully to make the best use of it. 

10 Tips to Make Your Child Memorize Quran

Here are some important tips to help your kid to become a hafiz.

Tips to make Child Memorize Quran

1. Start in the early years

It is never too early to start. This is because your child’s mental capacities are at their best form and their minds are still unoccupied by other matters. It could be as early as reciting the Quran to them while they are still in the womb. Concerning the best age to start memorizing Quran with your child, you should be the best judge because you are the main observer of their abilities and you can predict their readiness for Quran memorization.

2. Connect Your Child with the Quran

This connection could take multiple forms like reading bedtime stories from the Quran such as the stories of Prophets and past nations, drawing lessons that relate to real life and enroling them in hifz classes for kids. You can also connect your child with the Quran through frequently reciting the Quran yourself or listening to Quranic recitation of famous Qari’s in different parts of the house. This means that your child’s ears will get used to the verses of the Quran and be easily receptive to memorizing.   

3. Provide an Example

Don’t expect your child to become a Hafiz if you are not trying to be one yourself. Your child needs to see their parents connecting with the Quran daily and recognize that you are trying to memorize the Quran just like them. Children like to imitate the behavior of others, especially their parents, so be careful what image you are presenting to them in their daily life or in quran classes for kids!

4. Spark their Interest

Make use of the natural children’s curiosity to make them memorize the Quran. This could be done by presenting the meaning of some Quranic verses through pictures or videos. An example of this is showing them pictures or videos of the sky, the mountains, and other components of nature that were created by Allah SWT to engage them with verses that talk about Allah’s creation.

If your child asks questions, don’t ignore them or make fun of them but encourage their curiosity and try to answer these questions or search for the answers together. 

5. Follow a Plan

It does not do to take random steps toward your goal of making your child a Hafiz; there needs to be a clear plan with measurable steps. The plan that you set for your child must contain daily sessions in order to make it a habit. These sessions should have encompass different activities:

  • Flashcards and pictures to present some concepts from the Quran
  • Online quizzes to test their memorization
  • Outdoor activities to engage with the wondrous creation of Allah SWT

6. Create Challenges 

Incorporating challenges in your child’s learning or memorization of Quran could be of great benefit provided that you take into consideration their age and abilities to make sure that you don’t overburden them or make them anxious.

Filling a small jar with parts of verses could be a fun challenge by asking your child to draw a card and complete the verse that they have memorized. You can think of other competitions that you can create with siblings or friends. 

7. Seek Help

Things can get a little bit hard or overwhelming for a parent while they are trying to help their children memorize the Quran. In that case, seeking help is extremely helpful. Assigning a proper tutor for your child to teach them how to pronounce Arabic letters and apply the rules of Tajweed efficiently is a significant step.

8. Use Words of Affirmation

Words of affirmation are crucial for learners of all ages but are especially necessary for children to give them motivation to keep going. Praising their progress, even the small steps, can give them more confidence and motivation to memorize more and become more proficient.

It is important as well to connect those words of affirmation with Allah SWT like saying that the act they are involved in which is memorizing the Quran is an act that pleases Allah SWT and can lead them to be awarded high ranks in Jannah.

9. Turn it into a Bonding Experience

Memorizing the Quran with your child could be a great opportunity to create a closer bond with them. This is because you are spending quality time with them learning the words of Allah SWT. It is also an opportunity for you to know them more and know about their abilities. You can also take the time to pray together as a family and have the Imam recite the verses you memorized with your child on that day.

10. Make Dua’ for Them

It is essential to remember that all of your efforts won’t be fruitful if they are deprived of the blessing of Allah SWT. This can be done through making dua’ for your child; ask Allah to instill the love of the Quran in their hearts and make them Hafiz of the Quran.

Benefits of Quran Memorization for Kids

  1. Strengthen their connection with Allah through memorizing and understanding His Book
  2. Learn and apply moral lessons from the Quran
  3. Reinforces their memory and mental abilities as well as their language skills
  4. Increases their focus 
  5. Help them develop a sense of discipline 
  6. Heighten their confidence through positive reinforcement 
  7. Give them a source of light that guides them throughout their entire lives
  8. Elevate their ranks in Jannah
  9. Protect them from Hellfire
  10. Award their parents the greatest of honors on the Day of Judgment 


Remember that you are not just helping your child learn the words and verses of the Quran, you are laying the way for them to engage with its meanings. Thus, leave no stone unturned to make your child achieve this great honor. We can help you get to your goal through our online hifz program Our tutors at Almuhammadi Academy are more than equipped to provide the proper guidance for your children and make them Hafiz of the Quran.