Differences Between Memorizing and Understanding Quran

Many people who want to join in learning the Quran are wondering and want to know the difference clearly between understanding the memorization of the Quran and understanding the Quran. Therefore, Almuhammadi Academy has presented to you all the differences between them in terms of meaning and fundamental differences, which will be explained to you in detail below. 

Through Online quran memorization classes, our goal is to create a good society in which goodness prevails. The Quran works to reform the entire society comprehensively and completely, preserving its entity and its individuals from deviation, and the Holy Quran is the comprehensive foundation of this social reform. Let’s see the differences.

What Does it Imply to Memorize the Holy Quran?

Memorizing the Quran, meaning memorizing the Quranic verse word for word, taking into account the correct Tajweed rules while reciting by heart, is called Hafiz or Hafizah of the Book of Allah. 

Factors that achieve optimal memorization of the Book of Allah include personal preparation, intelligence and strength of memory, and organizing times. Memorizing the Quran is unanimously agreed upon, and memorizing it is an obligation of sufficiency according to consensus.

What Does It Mean to Understand the Holy Quran?

Understanding the Holy Quran is extracting all the words that are difficult to understand in the verse, reading and understanding its meaning, and then delving into the interpretations for a deeper understanding of the messages of the Quran and the educational goals and lessons learned from the verse so that the individual can apply them in his daily life and become a scholar of the Quran.

The first thing to explain the Quran is the Quran itself. If you want to truly understand the Quran, meditate on it in its entirety. Look at the context of the entire verse and see what comes before it and what comes after it. Also, search for the meaning of the verse in another surah. What you found summarized in one place, you will find explained in another place. And interpretation according to the Sunnah or the sayings of the Companions.

Differences Between Memorizing and Understanding the Quran

1. Objective

The main goal of memorization is to memorize the verses word for word and the order of the verses when reciting them. And correctly reciting the Quran according to the rules of tajweed by heart, and obtaining the reward from Allah Almighty by memorizing His Book and mastering the strength and durability of memorization.

The primary goal of understanding the Quran is to understand what Allah Almighty intends from the verses, to facilitate the act of the Quran being from the people of Allah, and to know Allah Almighty by His names and attributes. The one who does not understand the Quran will not benefit from what is in it—arguments and proofs, wisdom and proverbs, stories and rulings.

2. Method

Using many techniques of quran memorization, such as repeating verses several times in a row, listening to the recitation, and adjusting the rules of Tajweed, such as audio recordings of well-known and mastered sheikhs, while seeking help from a master teacher who follows up on memorization and continuous review without interruption.

The methods used in understanding and interpreting the Quran are the necessity of learning the Arabic language, studying the biography of the Messenger (PBUH), knowing the reasons for the revelation, reading many books of interpretation and the reasons for the revelation, studying the interpretations of scholars, taking the Quran for knowledge and work, and applying the Quran to reality.

3. Focus

In the field of memorizing the Holy Quran, the focus is on memorization, not just recitation. Rather, the student reaches a higher level of recitation. In memorization, the student recites the verse and repeats it repeatedly until he memorizes it. Without the necessity of a deep understanding of the meanings of the Holy Quran, its verses, and its messages.

In understanding the Holy Quran, the student focuses on understanding and interpreting the verses, the topics that the verses talk about, the reasons for the revelation, wisdom, the lessons learned from these verses, and the lessons and sermons that change an individual’s behavior for the better. By deep focusing anyone can memorize a page of quran in 1 hour.

4. Effect

Everyone who memorizes something from the Book of Allah and continues to listen to the Quran feels a great change in their life. The impact of the Quran is evident in the behavior of the individual and the purification of the Muslim soul. Memorizing the Quran affects physical, psychological, and spiritual health.

Understanding the Quran leads you to meditate on it and act upon it, which has a great impact on your life. Contemplation is the key to the Quran and the main reason for knowing its treasures and virtues. It is also the guide to embodying the benefits and wisdom of the Quran so that you can be moral in the lives of the individual, family, and society.

5. Target

In memorization, we now have many in society who can be imams of prayer in the five daily prayers in mosques, due to their mastery of memorization, spreading goodness in society, and teaching others the foundations of correct recitation of the Quran.

Through understanding, the individual can be able to apply what he has learned from the moral and educational guidelines of understanding the interpretation and meanings of the Holy Quran in a way that leads him to apply what he has learned so that goodness prevails in the entire society among its members.


We find that memorizing or understanding the Quran does not substitute for learning the correct recitation of the Quran. Rather, it is something necessary for reading the Quran as Allah revealed it. Almuhammadi Academy welcomes you at any time to join many of the hifz classes for adults, recitation, and understanding so that the community becomes a society that operates as it should, as Allah commanded the Mighty. 

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