Can You Memorize Quran On Your Own

Memorizing the Quran is a goal that every student who approaches the Quran desires. Almuhammadi Academy will present to you several golden keys that will help you in this challenge, including setting an end to daily memorization, continuous review, tests, and other strategies that help you memorize quran by yourself perfectly.

Our primary goal is to open a wide scope for all students around the world to gain knowledge of the Book of Allah by memorizing, reciting, and contemplating daily smoothly and effectively.

10 Golden Keys for Memorizing the Quran on Your Own

1. Use the listening technique

Listening to recordings of well-known sheikhs such as Al-Husri makes the sense that hearing effectively affects the reception and storage of information and thus facilitates memorization with repeated listening to the verses carefully and mastering the correct reading according to the rules of Tajweed.

Also if you are getting online quran memorization classes or hifzing quran offline then must listen to your teachers as well.

2. Record your recitation and correct mistakes

Recording your recitation is one of the most important things and the golden key in the journey of memorizing the Quran, which helps you correct mistakes when you listen to your recitation.

With the correction of mistakes, your recitation improves every time, and you take into account the rules of intonation necessary for correct reading It activates the memory to receive and confirm the correct memorization.

3. Determine specific portions of daily memorization

Commitment to the rule of determining the portion of daily memorization is one of the things that facilitates memorizing the Book of Allah, as it provides a kind of daily commitment for those who want to memorize, so they allocate several verses to memorize daily, or a page or two.

Whoever begins to memorize Surah or part of the Quran should not move to a new Hifz before fully confirming what has been memorized. What helps in this matter is repeating the memorized whenever time permits, such as during the obligatory and voluntary prayers, the time of waiting for prayer, and the like. All of this helps in consolidating what has been memorized and its a best technique to memorize 1 page of quran a day.

4. A permanent little is better than an intermittent lot

Continuing on the rule that we strive to memorize, even if only a few, as the Messenger (PBUH) advised us, the acts most pleasing to Allah are those that are done most continuously, even if they amount to little. So that we do not become lethargic and abandon work after a period of great stress because it is difficult for ourselves.

When you memorize what you have specified in your daily memorization, do not exceed this limit. Concentrating and repeating the required part is much better than exceeding it and not mastering it. Knowing the limits of your ability to memorize daily is an important matter that contributes to mastering memorization effectively.

5. Adhere to the rules of Tajweed during recitation

The science of Tajweed helps protect the tongue from making mistakes in the words of the Holy Quran when reading. It also helps in contemplating the meanings of the Quran and its verses and purposes. The science of Tajweed corrects the crookedness of the tongue and trains it in the correct Arabic language.

It also helps in learning Arabic. It brings the receiver to the level of mastering recitation and performing well. It protects the reader’s tongue from mistakes when reciting verses of the Quran. Which leads him to attain the satisfaction of Allah Almighty and happiness for him in this world and the hereafter.

6. Maintain continuous review

Allocating a daily period for review is an important and useful rule, as whoever Allah has guided to memorize his book should undertake to review and study it continuously, and the review should be done with another memorizer, as this is of great benefit. On the one hand, it helps to consolidate what has been memorized, and on the other hand, it helps to correct what has been memorized incorrectly.

The Holy Quran, to the extent that Allah has made it easy for memorization, is quick to slip away and be forgotten if the memorizer does not take care of it by reviewing and repeating it.

7. Seek help from a qualified teacher certified for weekly test

Continuous tests are the greatest evidence that you are continuing on the right path to know your strengths and weaknesses and work to improve them under the guidance of a teacher with long experience in the field of teaching the Holy Quran and precisely directing you.

It is possible to join online hifz program, to memorize the Holy Quran correctly in a suitable memorization environment that will help you reach your goal of memorizing the Holy Quran perfectly.

8. Teach others what you have learned

If you have a friend or someone from your family who wants to know the recitation of the Quran and the rules of Tajweed, and you teach him what you have learned and correct his mistakes, then this is an effective step that helps increase self-confidence by confirming the information to others and also the reward for teaching you knowledge.

In addition to the fact that the commitment to study with another memorizer facilitates continuous review, a person usually activates with others what he does not activate himself.

9. Reciting what you memorized in voluntary prayers

Reciting what you have memorized in voluntary prayers is a stage that leads you to the stability of memorization in your long-term memory. Repeating Hifz during the prayer as if you are activating more than one sense, which is that you recall and recite your recitation by heart and listen to it, so you can determine the part that you memorized well or a part that should be repeated to be better.

One of the best times to encourage you to recite what you have memorized is during the voluntary prayers, such as the dawn prayer and night prayers.

10. Knowing the similar verses

The Holy Quran is full of many similar verses. So be careful to know the verses that are similar in the form that you memorize, and if you find similar verses in another surah, pay attention to them and know every similar verse in its place in the surah so that your memorization is perfect. Many scholars have written many books on similarities, and this is because of their importance for everyone who wants to master their memorization.


After we have presented what can help you with memorization, the teacher still has an important role in guiding the student directly. Almuhammadi Academy offers many online hifz classes for adults and kids with certified male and female teachers who use the latest methods and techniques that suit the students’ abilities and help them reach their goals easily.