How Does Memorizing Quran Improve Memory?

How Does Memorizing Quran Improve Memory

All humans need a source that makes them more active and intelligent in their memory, and they will not find anything better than memorizing the Quran. Almuhammadi Academy will explain how memorizing the Quran improves memory.

Our goal is to support all students by encouraging them to memorize the Quran so that they may achieve happiness, contentment, and reassurance in this world and the hereafter.

11 Factors of the Effect of Memorizing the Quran on Improving Memory

1. Making memory strong

Modern scientific studies have proven that memorizing the Holy Quran significantly strengthens memory and guarantees kids success and excellence in old age. Submissiveness in prayer, supplication, and reading the Quran strengthens memory and increases a person’s ability to memorize. Enrolling in online quran memorization classes can make your memory stronger by doing hifz with qualified tutors.

2. Waking up nerve cells

It has been proven that listening to the Quran affects the brain cells, activates them, and reprograms them. Reciting the Quran nourishes the brain with the correct sound vibrations, thus affecting the brain cells and restoring their balance. It contributes to coordination between cells because the vibrations of the Quran have a wonderful harmony.

3. Growing brain power and awareness

Memorizing the Quran develops kids’ awareness and understanding of memorizing and retrieving information more than others who do not memorize the Quran.

Memorizing the Quran is the most important factor in expanding one’s perceptions. 

Contemplating the Creator’s miracles is a wonderful way to increase human creativity. Scientists have found that contemplating nature, the universe, and creation leads to an increase in the size of the brain and its ability to process information more quickly and more efficiently.

4. Creating a strong base (being calm helps take in information and not forget)

Memorizing the Holy Quran contributes to the speed of memorization in general, as children who memorized the Quran when they were young can learn languages ​​faster, and they can memorize and remember anything without difficulty. Memorizing the Holy Quran is due to the ease of memorization at this age and the ability to quickly comprehend and retrieve.

Moreover, memorizing the Holy Quran has a calming effect on the mind. Reciting the verses and contemplating their meanings brings a sense of calm and inner peace, which has had a positive impact on the psychological and mental state. 

5. Learning to understand better

Memorizing the Quran is the most important factor in the strength of understanding. This is because whoever understands the word of Allah, which is heavy and great speech, will easily understand the words of humans, including science and other things, and this is based on real experience. 

To develop and expand your understanding, you must read about the scientific miracles of the Quran and contemplate the universe. You will relax psychologically and feel happier and more reassured than before.

6. Boosting focus

Memorizing the Holy Quran greatly increases intelligence and the ability to concentrate, and it also develops the ability to comprehend.

Memorization skills help you pay attention while storing information. This skill enhances mental discipline, and because memorizing the Quran requires time and patience, it enhances concentration levels and anyone can memorize quran in 6 months. This mental discipline can help individuals in their daily lives as well as in their academic and professional endeavors.

7. Speaking well and using language power

Memorizing the Holy Quran helps strengthen a person’s Arabic language and enables him to speak in any gathering with ease and eloquence.

Strengthening the Arabic language, public speaking, and recitation, because learning the Quran protects the tongue and accustoms it to the correct pronunciation of the letters and the standard Arabic language.

8- Getting more education

Memorizing the Holy Quran helps in developing basic skills. Memorizing the Quran has a major role in increasing academic achievement and excellence, as it has been proven that students who begin memorizing it at an early age excel in their studies.

The study monitored the presence of a great deal of psychosocial balance and the ability to organize time and make optimal use of it.

9. Stirring up brain cells and getting information back

Memorizing activates brain cells and training to retrieve information; it returns the brain cells and memory areas of activity, and they become strong.

The sound of the Quran is made of sound waves that have a specific frequency. These waves spread vibrational fields that affect brain cells and restore balance to them, even if they are defective. The effect of hearing the Quran on these cells reprograms them again.

10. Improving language abilities

Memorizing the Holy Quran also contributes to enhancing language skills. As you memorize the Book of Allah, you become fluent in the Arabic language, strong in memory, and at peace of mind.

The best thing a believer can fill his heart with is the Holy Quran. The Messenger (PBUH) described someone who does not have the Quran inside him (his heart) as like a ruined house.

11. Growing smarts

Memorizing causes the development of intelligence skills, which cannot be achieved with a depressed heart full of worries and thoughts. Considering the intelligent people of the world in the early eras as those who had memorized the Book of Allah, a look at the biographies of the great commentators such as Al-Tabari, Al-Qurtubi, and Ibn Kathir is evidence of the effect of memorizing the Quran on intelligence skills. 


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