How to Memorize Quran in 5 Years

Memorizing the Quran is one of the goals that everyone wishes. If you are one of them and want to memorize the Quran over several years, let it be 5 years. So you will memorize approximately 5 verses at least daily with repetition, perseverance, and constant review without interruption or laxity. Here we explain to you the path and plan that you must follow to have a unique Quranic journey. 

10 Practical Tips to Memorize the Quran in 5 Years

Let’s go through these tips that will help you throughout your Quranic journey.

1. Stick to your assigned schedule

The success of any work in life is determined by perseverance and continuity. Therefore, the one who wants to memorize the Quran must pay attention to Hifz and continuity in memorizing it according to a specific memorization schedule that helps him and reminds him of the daily Hifz.

A memorization schedule has many benefits, including saving you time and commitment to memorization and our specified dates. It ensures that you make a daily plan for achievement.

2. Utilize a Mushaf with color-coded tajweed markings

Mushaf with color-coded tajweed markings for the memorizer is saving the time and effort he spends in learning and teaching the correct recitation of the Quran, as well as accustoming the tongue to the correct pronunciation of the letters.

Therefore, the memorizer must begin using the Quran that carries the colored Tajweed marks, which will help him in the 5-year journey of memorization, because of the mastery of the rules of Tajweed and practical training in them.

3. Chunking  your 5-year Schedule into small Segments

Dividing memorization into stages and steps facilitates the memorization process and creates psychological support for the individual and enthusiasm for continuity and completion of memorization until the end.

Dividing your plan for memorization over 5 years is gradually dividing the memorization into several small parts so that you can memorize 5 per day. As you continue to memorize daily, your hifz program will increase progressively in the correct manner.

4. Allocate specific 3 slots for memorization

Allocating 3 separate sessions throughout the day is an effective step for memorizing well, with high concentration, without boredom or distraction.

You allocate 3 separate sessions, in the morning, afternoon, and evening, and each session is around 30-40 minutes. So you can memorize and review nearly 5 verses per day.

5. Repeat verses to recall easily from memory

Repetition is a key that helps consolidate memorization. Repetition is a path to achievement and mastery. Memorizing the Quran requires effort and concentration. Repetition helps in consolidating the memorization better and not forgetting it. It also improves fluency in quran recitation and enables the memorizer to recite the Quran with Tajweed better.

It also works on delving deeper into the meanings of the Quran and affecting the heart by repeating Quranic words and verses. The memorizer repeats one verse about 20 times, then moves on to the next verse and repeats it, also recites the third and repeats it, then reads them all 20 times and continues till the end of the page.

Note: These tips can also be followed if students are doing an intensive hifz course to memorize quran in 6 months or a year.

6. Use a Spaced Repetition Technique to boost retention 

Spaced repetition, which is the first repetition immediately after completing memorization, repetition after 24 hours, and also repetition after 3 days. This method helps you quickly memorize verses and quickly commit them to your memory.

It is transferred from temporary memory to permanent memory with continuous repetition of the same thing. The method anchors the information and cannot be forgotten, and in this way, it can be transformed From temporary memory to long-term memory.

7. PerformTests to Follow Your Progress

Evaluate your memorization constantly, whether weekly or monthly, so that you can know your level of memorization, weaknesses, and strengths, and work to improve them constantly. 

Tests help you know the strength of your memorization. If you are testing in 3 parts, for example, you will know in which part you were strong and in which part you need to improve.

8. Revise the Memorized Pages in Salah Every Day

Reciting the Quran that has been memorized well during prayer helps to fix the Hifz without forgetting it, so it moves from short-term memory to long-term memory. If you are accustomed to reciting a specific surah during prayer for a while, you will find yourself reciting it without reviewing it.

In addition, you recite the Quran by heart, which helps you reflect and be deeply influenced by the meanings of Quranic verses, which is the ultimate and basic goal of learning the Quran.

9. Seeking guidance from a tutor 

Having a Quran tutor on your Quranic journey to memorize the Holy Quran is extremely important and effective because he will provide you with the correct path and the important directions and advice that you must follow during your memorization journey. 

Egyptian quran teacher has the experience that directs you to the correct path so that you can enjoy memorizing and understanding the Quran in the correct, perfect method. He will also monitor your level and skill level. The ability to improve it for the better and follow up on your memorization and continuous review with encouragement and guidance.

10. Stay motivated by creating rewards linked to your Hifz

Motivate yourself with ongoing rewards associated with achieving a certain amount of memorization. By dividing the memorization into small parts. After every achievement, reward yourself

It makes you see that the journey of memorizing the Holy Quran is a journey full of achievements and rewards, which makes this linked in your memory and motivates you to continue memorizing the Quran without boredom or interruption.

5 Years Schedule to Memorize the Quran

Hifz of the Holy Quran in 5 yearsVerses Per DayDays for Hifz one pageTime/ 3 slots Total verses
Number of DaysTotal pages
      5        430- 40 min.  1600  1800    600

Solutions to Avoid Difficulties while Memorizing the Quran in 5 Years

  • Bringing in a sincere intention for the sake of Allah Almighty in memorization, as well as continuing supplication and devotion to Allah Almighty for help in memorization and patience.
  • Understanding the verses he recites, remembering that the one addressing him is Allah Almighty, and reacting to the verses.
  • Maintain a commitment to the daily schedule to continue memorizing and reviewing constantly without slacking off and procrastinating.
  • Choosing a place to memorize it away from distraction is your biggest help in memorizing it well and with high concentration.
  • Always applying the rules of Tajweed is one of the effective keys to correct recitation and consistent memorization.
  • Listening to audio recordings at the beginning of memorization helps you avoid misreading helps memorize correctly with attention and awareness and activates auditory memory along with visual ones.


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