How to Hifz at home easily

How to Hifz at home easily

Many memorizers need to know how to Hifz at home easily and do not know how to begin this experience correctly and effectively. We will explain to you many tips that will help you, such as repetition, listening, attending Hifz program, and many of the techniques used in memorization.

Therefore, our goal is to help Hafez recite and memorize proficiently at home. Let us learn about the following tips for memorizing the Holy Quran at home easily.

15 Practical Tips To Do Hifz Quran At Home Easily

Hifz Quran At Home

1. Make a daily Hifz schedule

Every Hafiz must prepare a memorization weekly and monthly schedule to track and do Hifz at home. You must prepare a schedule that lists the days of the month and the part or surah that must be memorized during this month. This makes it much easier for you to track the level and ability of Hifz.

2. Set short-term goals

Setting short-term goals helps the memorizer accomplish many things quickly, which makes you feel successful. For example, you begin to do Hifz on your own by memorizing short surahs in Juz Amma and then progress to memorizing longer surahs continuously and without stopping.

3. Allocate a specific place and time

Allocating a specific time that you adhere to every day becomes a routine that the memorizer will become accustomed to and will not be able to abandon later. Also, specify a place where the memorizer will be alone, away from distractions. It will help you focus, pay attention, and do Hifz by yourself.

4. Learning Quranic Arabic

Understanding the Arabic language and its vocabulary helps you understand the Quranic text. Therefore, every reader and memorizer must learn the basics of the Arabic language, such as the alphabet and pronunciation of words, so reading and memorizing the Quran will be easy.

5. Using Practical Techniques of Hifz

Using many modern techniques of quran memorization has a great impact on mastering how to do Hifz in a short time, as follows:

  • One method is to divide the number of pages and start to memorize them after each of the five daily prayers.
  • There is a well-known method, the Uthmani method, which is to start memorizing the last page of each part of each surah, then move to the page before it of each part as well, and so on until you memorize the entire Quran.
  • Another method, such as memorizing from the bottom to the top of the page, i.e., the last verse, then progressing until the first verse on the page.

6. Repetition Techniques

Repeat the verse 3-5 times on the page, then move on to the next verse. Then you link them together in repetition, then move on to the next until the end of the page. There is also a method of repeating the verse 30 times, then moving on to the next verse and repeating it 30 times. This helps to activate and consolidate the memorization in the memory.

7. Breaking Down a page

Dividing the page into several small parts, especially long verses, into phrases and small parts helps the memorizer to memorize easily. Entering information gradually and in small portions into the memory helps to maintain the stability of the memorization. This chunking technique helps to memorize a page of quran in 1 hour.

8. Progress from short to long Surahs

It is always better for the memorizer to start with small tasks in memorization until you gain self-confidence. You begin with short surahs and then progress to long ones. The more small tasks Hafez completes, the more it helps you keep going. A continuous little is better than an intermittent lot.

9. Emphasizing Tajweed rules

Tajweed helps you memorize correctly without making mistakes. One of the problems facing those who memorize the Quran is mistakes in Tajweed and the inability to recite correctly. 

So it is important to learn the rules of Tajweed and recitation without making mistakes. There are many programs, such as Al-Nouraniyah significantly improve the level of Tajweed

10. Stick to the Same Copy of Mushaf

Using the same copy of Mushaf every day in recitation and memorization helps you memorize the placement of the verses and the shape of the lines of the verses, and it creates a deep connection between you and the Quran that you get used to using daily. These are all means that encourage you to memorize.

11. Understand Quranic Verses

Reading the interpretation of the verses is one of the very useful ways to understand the verses and make your memorization firmly in memory. There are many interpretations that you can read, such as the interpretations of Al-Muyassar, Al-Mukhtasar, Al-Saadi, and others.

12. Listen to Quran Recitations

Listening to audio recordings of well-known sheikhs, such as Al-Husary. Listening carefully to the verses stimulates and activates memory through the auditory sense, so the memorizer begins to memorize the verses from hearing the verses frequently in the correct way to hear the verses by recitation, which is considered one of the basics of correct and effective methods of memorization.

13. Record your Quran recitations and listen to them

Recording your recitation and memorization of the Quran helps you recognize and correct your mistakes and improve them while listening to recordings, so your Hifz will become better by using this method continuously during daily Hifz.

14. Set a Review Plan

There is no perfect memorization without a continuous and permanent review of new and old memorization and a plan designed for that. Just as our noble Messenger used to recite the Quran to Gabriel every night in Ramadan, try to make the month of Ramadan a month of review.

15. Enroll in our Hifz Quran Classes

We help you memorize the Quran through our teachers. When you decide to memorize the Book of Allah seriously, you just have to book your free trial with us and then begin your Quranic journey by enrolling in our classes for Hifz Quran at home easily, specially designed to memorize the Holy Quran, and allocating the number of classes and appropriate times for you. Hifz classes for adults are specially designed for people who can go do hifz at home.


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