How to Memorize One Page of Quran a Day

How to Memorize One Page of Quran a Day

Almuhammadi Academy welcomes all memorizers around the world and offers them many tips about how to memorize one page of the Quran a day and direct them to the right path in their unique Quranic journey.

Our only goal is for you to memorize the Quran in a systematic and planned manner using methods and quran memorization techniques that help you memorize it quickly and preserve it in memory for the long term until it becomes perfect memorization. Let’s show you some tips.

10 Tips to Memorize One Page of the Quran a Day

1. Memorize a page ayah by ayah

Memorizing a page, verse by verse, that is, you memorize the first verse and repeat it, and after you memorize it well, you move to the next verse, and we repeat it well and memorize it, then the next verse until we finish the entire page, memorized in one day in a perfect manner, and memorized in memory well. By this, anyone can memorize quran short surah in 5 minutes.

2. Recite a page repeatedly

Reading the page from the first verse to the end of the page over and over again is one of the most effective ways to help the memorizer maintain a good and solid Hifz.

It is better to start reading with your heart before your tongue, as this will help you consolidate the Holy Quran through Hifz. Repeatedly looking at the page and reading helps your eyes take and capture an image inside the memory of the shape of the verses, their places, and their order, which helps in remembering later when the memorizer reads from the memory without looking at his Quran.

3. Back And Forth Technique

This technique requires you to repeat the verse 33 times, then move to the next verse and repeat it 33 times, then read the first and second verses together 33 times, then move to the next verses in the same way until the end of the page.

If you find a long verse, you can divide it so that it is easier to memorize. This method ensures amazing memorization, but it requires determination and patience during Hifz.

4. Bottom To Top Technique

This technique helps in fast and proficient memorization, but it is necessary to have perseverance, determination, and continuity and not stop in the middle of the journey to memorize the Quran so as not to lose what has been memorized. 

The method is to start from the last line on the page, and after you memorize it, you move to the next line at the top, and so on until you reach the beginning of the page. After that, you review from the top of the page until its end to the bottom.

5. Listen to Recitations with Tajweed by a Sheikh

You must listen to recitations of the Holy Quran and read them from the most famous reciters, and this must be done before starting quick memorization. This greatly helps in the good memorization and correct tajweed of all Quranic verses.

If you are enrolled in online quran memorization course then must liseten to your huffaz tutor recitation. Listen to this recitation repeatedly as needed daily if you can. This helps in confirming and saving the verses of the Quran in the listener’s mind.

6. Understand the explanation of the verses  

Memorizing verses by understanding their meanings, in addition to his knowledge of the reasons for the revelation and his familiarity with the interpretation of those verses. One of the things that helps you memorize is investing in praying the night prayers by reciting the verses, feeling their pleasure and sweetness during worship, and being alone with Allah Almighty.

7. Use mnemonic technique

The mnemonic technique helps to strengthen the memory of the memorizer, as it helps in retrieving information from the memory by memorizing the first word of each verse in its order or linking stories, thus linking the information with something that is easy to retrieve in the memory.

Therefore, when the memorizer begins reciting by heart from memory, he will recall all the verses easily.

8. Break-Down Technique

The memorizer begins by dividing the verse into small phrases that have meaning to facilitate memorization. You begin to memorize these small phrases well until you memorize the entire verse.

You can do this, especially in long verses, until you can memorize an entire page in a short time within a day, and you enjoy the journey of memorizing it. It is the best technique to memorize quran in 6 months.

9. Recording and listening to audio

Using the sense of hearing to memorize is one of the most effective methods for hearing people.

The memorizer recorded his reading, listened to it, and re-recorded it many times while correcting the mistakes found in the previous recordings, repeating this until he was sure that his recording was free of mistakes, and he listened to his recitation day and night until he was able to memorize the surah.

10. Write down a page

Writing is one of the most effective and practical tools for memorizing the Holy Quran perfectly in memory and recalling what you have memorized smoothly. You write verses, and this stimulates brain activity through the visual sense, so you begin to memorize verses and Quranic words in memory. 

Repeated writing of the verse helps in memorization and storage in long-term memory, making it easier to read verses from memory without looking at the Quran. Writing down is a best methods to memorize quran and never forget it.

How to Memorize 1 Page of Quran in Five Prayers?

How to Memorize 1 Page of Quran in Five Prayers

Divide the page into five sections about the five prayers. First, you divide the page into 5 sections, then read and memorize each section before or after the prayer, i.e the first section is at the dawn prayer, the second is at zuhr prayer, the third is at Asr prayer, the fourth is at Maghrib prayer, and the fifth is at Isha prayer.

This is a method that helps a lot for those who cannot sit for a long period to memorize. He can divide the memorization throughout the day and link the time with prayer so that it is constant and he does not feel lazy about it.


Almuhammadi Academy provides students with many online Hifz classes to memorize the Holy Quran, whether kids or adults, who want to memorize the Quran seriously and in a short time with certified Quran teachers, both male and female.

So, we have presented you with some tips that will help you start your Quranic journey by memorizing the Quran quickly and perfectly. Embark and start your journey with us now.

Important FAQs

Q1. What is the fastest way to memorize the Quran?

Memorizing the Quran through repetition, writing, repeatedly reciting, listening to audio recitations, and understanding the verses is the path to memorization.

Q2. How to memorize 2 pages of the Quran a day?

Using the chunking method, memorizing line by line, splitting the page into different sections, and listening to the page.

Q3. How can I memorize the Quran I forgot?

Purify your intention, Make a structured plan, Set goals, Hearing verses of the Quran, understanding the meaning of verses, and reciting Hifz during prayers.

Q4. How to memorize 1 page of the Quran in 1 hour?

Memorizing small portions, ayah by ayah, and repeating it several times, then moving on to the next verse until the page is finished, and at the end, reviewing the entire page.

Q5. How long does it take to memorize a page?

It often takes from minutes to hours, depending on several factors, including the ability of the memorizer and the methods and techniques used in Hifz.