Surah Al-Mulk: Meaning, Theme, Summary and Benefits

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Surah Al-Mulk (in Arabic: المُلْك) which means “The Kingdom” is one of the earliest Surahs to be revealed at Makkah. It’s the 67th Chapter (Surah) of the Quran, consists of 30 Ayah, and lies in the Mushaf from pages 562 to 564.

Theme of Surah Al-Mulk

In Surah Al-Mulk, on the one hand, the teachings of Islam have been introduced briefly, and, on the other, the people living in heedlessness have been aroused from their slumber in the most effective way. The first surahs of the Makkan period are distinguished by their concise presentation of the full teachings of Islam and the aim of the Holy Prophet’s mission, allowing the people to simply internalize them. Moreover, they are particularly directed to make the people shun heedlessness, to make them think, and to arouse their dormant conscience.

Let’s know about the lessons from al mulk surah,

In the first five verses of Surah Al-Mulk, man has been made to realize that the universe in which he lives is a most well-organized and fortified Kingdom in which he cannot detect any fault, weakness, or flaw, however hard he may try to probe.

This Kingdom was created from nothing by Allah Almighty, and all powers of regulating, administering, and ruling it are likewise fully in Allah’s hands, and His authority is boundless. Man has also been told that under this wise system, he was not created without a purpose but rather for a test and that the only way he can pass this test is by doing good deeds and acting in a good way.

In verses. 6-11, The people were told that Allah, by sending His Prophets, had warned them of the dreadful consequences of disbelief that would appear in the Hereafter, as if to say, “Now, if you do not believe in what the Prophets say and correct your attitude and behavior accordingly, in the Hereafter you will have to admit that you deserve the penalty that was applied to you.”

In verses. 12-15, The people were told that Allah, by sending His Prophets, had warned them of the dreadful consequences of disbelief that would appear in the Hereafter, as if to say, “Now, if you do not believe in what the Prophets say and correct your attitude and behavior accordingly, in the Hereafter you will have to admit that you deserve the penalty that was applied to you.”

In verses. 15-23, Making allusions, one after another, to those everyday facts that most people don’t think are important, he is urged to give them some serious thought.

As a result, this earth has been subjugated for you by Allah; otherwise, it might at any time suddenly start to quiver, leading to your annihilation, or a typhoon might arise, which may completely wipe you, it has been said. Take a look at the birds flying above you; they are only supported in the air by Allah. Take stock of your abilities and resources: if Allah chooses to punish you, no one can deliver you from it, and if He chooses to close the doors of sustenance to you, no one can open them.

These things are there to enlighten you on the truth, but you view them through the eyes of animals who are unable to infer meaning from observations, and you do not make use of the senses that Allah has given to men like sight, hearing, and the intellect, which is why you do not perceive things correctly.

In verses. 24-27, “You will eventually have to stand in front of your God” it has been said. The Prophet is not permitted to provide you with the time and date of the occurrence. His only responsibility is to inform you of its impending occurrence. The event will happen, and you will see it with your own eyes, but now you refuse to listen to him and insist that he make it happen and appear before you beforehand. “This is exactly what you were calling to be hurried,” someone will then say.

In verses. 28-29, There have been responses to the accusations made against the Holy Prophet (SAWS) and his Companions by Makkah’s unbelievers. They prayed for the destruction of the believer and the Holy Prophet, cursing them both. To this, it has been said: “How would their fate alter your destiny, whether those who call you to the right path are destroyed or offered mercy by Allah? You should take care of yourself and think about who would be able to help you if you fell victim to the scourge of God. You consider individuals who trust in God and believe in Him to be misled. There will come a day when it will be clear who was mistaken.

Surah Mulk Quran teaching is indeed eye-opening for the one who truly wants to understand the Quran.

In conclusion, people have been asked this question and left to ponder over it “If the water which has come out from the earth at someplace in the desert or hill country of Arabia and upon which depends on your whole life activity, should sink and vanish underground, who beside Allah can restore to you this life-giving water?”

Surah Mulk Summary

Surah Mulk focuses on the power and authority of Allah SWT, and the importance of acknowledging and submitting to Him. It also stresses the importance of the afterlife and the accountability of one’s actions in this life. The surah also describes the punishment of those who reject the message of the Quran and the rewards of those who believe and do good deeds. The surah also discusses the benefits for those who believe and carry out good activities or deeds as well as the penalty for those who reject the message of the Quran.

According to this, people who disbelieve in the Quran’s message will suffer punishment in the hereafter, whilst those who believe and carry out good deeds will be rewarded with Paradise.

Mulk Surah also discusses the significance of the afterlife and the necessity of taking responsibility for one’s deeds in this life. Everybody will be held responsible for their activities, the surah says, and good deeds will be rewarded and wicked ones will be punished.

Also described in the surah are the splendors of Paradise and the horrors of Hell. It claims that although Hell is a realm of everlasting agony and misery, Paradise is a place of unending peace, joy, and fulfillment. Surah Mulk also encourages believers to work hard to reach paradise and to turn to God for protection from the torment of Hell. It gives them advice on how to be patient, ask for forgiveness, turn from their sins, and be aware of their mortality.

Finally, the surah concludes by emphasizing once more how significant it is to acknowledge and submit to God and His greatness and power. It serves as a reminder to the reader that only God has the authority to judge whether or not someone will be saved or condemned in the hereafter. Surah Mulk summary in English also encourages us to learn this Surah and recite it more and more!

Benefits & Virtues of Surah Al-Mulk

Benefits of Surah Al Mulk
Benefits of Surah Al Mulk

Virtues of Quran reading are countless. The Prophet showed us the reward for reading a letter from the Quran, and it is with ten good deeds. Likewise, the Quran has deep psychological effects on our souls, as it is the best solution to get rid of worry and distress, and one of the virtues of the Quran is that it is light in life, death, and the Day of Resurrection. There are Benefits of reciting Surah Al Mulk listed below!

Allah (SWT) has singled out some surahs with some merit, from which we mention Surat al-Mulk and its virtues are mentioned in the noble Prophet’s hadiths in many places, including what was narrated on the authority of Abu Huraira that the Messenger of Allah said:

Indeed there is a Surah in the Qur’an of thirty Ayat, which intercedes for a man until he is forgiven. It is [Surah] Tabarak Alladhi Biyadihil-Mulk. Hadith [Vol. 5, Book 42, Hadith 2891]

Also, from the verified Sunnah what was narrated from the Prophet is that he did not sleep until he recited Surat Al-Sajdah and Surat al-Mulk.

In the virtues of Surah Al-Mulk, the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:

There is a surah in the Qur’an, with thirty verses, which will intercede for its companion (the one who recites it) until he is forgiven: Tabarakal-ladhi bi yadihil mulk (Blessed is He in Whose Hand is the Dominion). Hadith [Sunan Ibn Majah 3786]

We can notice from the Hadith above that Surat Al-Mulk saves those who recite it and prevents the torment of the grave from him. It argues for him if the 2 angels come to accompany him on the Day of Resurrection, so do not leave him until enters Heaven.

All of this requires that we adhere to recite, understand, and memorize this holy Surah to imitate what it has included in our life, for it came to acknowledge with our souls that the true King is Allah (SWT). And that we are all slaves in His presence.

Also, this Surah reminds us of the reality of the test that will end and what we have left behind. Allah (SWT) strikes us with signs and scenes of his greatness, so our duty here is to think and contemplate his greatness so that we will become more faithful and fearful of him, and he shows us in a situation of awe the situation of the unbelievers on the Day of Resurrection so that our hearts may be broken.

Indeed, there are many benefits of reading surah mulk. So if you looking to learn it, join Almuhammadi Academy today!

Where is Surah Mulk in Quran

Surah Mulk is the 67th chapter of the Holy Quran.. You can also recite Surah Mulk in the 29th Para or Juz of the Quran.

Importance of surah al Mulk with Tajweed

It is crucial to recite Surah Al-Mulk correctly and with Tajweed as a manner to demonstrate regard and appreciation for Allah’s words. Also, we know that reciting the Quran with Tajweed holds correctness and perfection. However, we can recite it without Tajweed in the Salah (prayers).

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How to Learn Surah Al-Mulk

Due to the importance and virtues of Surah Al-Mulk, every Muslim, kid or adult, male or female, should learn to read, recite, memorize, and even interpret this great Surah.

Therefore, Quran teaching experts at Almuhammadi Academy have put the following steps to learn Surah Al-Mulk online:

Learn to Memorize Surah Al-Mulk with Tajweed

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