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Learn Tajweed online fast & easy for kids and adults at Almuhammadi Academy with top native Egyptian Quran teachers. The Quran is the greatest blessing of Allah Almighty for the human race; involves enormous knowledge about everything in existence from deep space to human life in general. In addition to an enriched understanding, the Quran recitation brings religious and spiritual advantages to Muslims.

Muslims at an extremely young age are encouraged to learn to recite the Holy Quran properly every day so that they can find guidance and enlightenment as they mature in the latter part of their lives. Besides the nature of assisting and mentoring the Quran, there is likewise beauty in recitation.

Tajweed Quran Meaning

From a linguistic viewpoint, the word “Tajweed” actually suggests “doing something excellent” or “understanding how to do it”.

If Tajweed is regarding the Quran, it suggests learning Quran in the proper manner keeping in mind the requirements of the pronunciation of the Arabic language. When each letter is spoken with the ideal understanding and the way it is explained to be recited, it implies that the Quran recitation has applied Tajweed.

Importance of Learning Tajweed for Muslims

The Quran was sent down to the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the form of decorated prose. Reciting the Quran in the light of the guidelines of recitation and guidelines includes the beauty of Quran and increases its effectiveness and impact on the heart. In the Holy Quran, Allah (SWT) states:

Those We have given the Book follow it as it should be followed. It is they who ˹truly˺ believe in it. As for those who reject it, it is they who are the losers.

The Holy Quran [2:121]

From the Ayah (Quranic Verse) above, it is clear that the Quran requirements to be recited in the true form and form that it explains being recited. This requirement to recite the Quran in light of the guidelines and regulations of Tajweed.

Besides the truth that the Quran recitation with Tajweed is the Sunnah of the holy prophet Muhammad (PBUH), there are other functions behind learning Tajwid.

One of the main reasons behind the observation of Tajweed is the fact that the Quran is exposed by Allah Almighty. So, being His creation, it is necessary that we read and recite the Quran the same way that was sent down. To recite Quran in this way means that the person recites in the true way in which it is divulged.

Another purpose of reciting the Quran applying Tajweed rules is that words do not alter their significance. Arabic is a really sensitive language and any variation in the form of extending or reducing sounds results in a modification in significances. For that reason, if the proper rules of Tajweed are not followed, the meaning of Quran words may be altered which is something that a Muslim should avoid in all cases.

6 Reasons to Learn Quran with Tajweed (infogrphic by Almuhammadi Academy)
6 Reasons to Learn Quran with Tajweed (infogrphic by Almuhammadi Academy)

The Increasing Necessity to Learn Tajweed Worldwide

If Islam was a religious belief of the Arabs and the Quran, it would have been recited in the Arab region of the world only, and there would be no need to tell or learn the rules of Tajweed. That’s because the locals of the language would understand the appropriate method to pronounce alphabets and words.

Actually, Islam is a universal religion and has a universal appeal. That’s why it has spread throughout the world.

Because of this spread of Islam, people from different parts of the world started to read and recite the Quran, nevertheless, because they were foreign to the Arabic language, they pronounced the Quranic words in their own language. As a result, the pronunciation gap started to take place, which led to the requirement to effectively develop and document Tajweed rules for Holy Quran recitation.

Tajweed is not random rules, but a great deal of effort has gone into them. Lots of Muslim scholars have gone through the effort of developing Tajweed rules so that people must know the rules and keep them.

Learn Quran with Tajweed

The best Quran recitation pattern is our beloved prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He knew Tajweed Quran rules which was revealed to him, so he recited it in the same way and other individuals mimicked him.

Accordingly, it ends up being important that a Muslim learns the rule of Tajweed so that the Quran should be recited in the same way that the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) recited himself.

Basic rules of tajweed (infographic)- Almuhammadi Academy
Basic rules of tajweed (infographic)- Almuhammadi Academy

Online Quran Recitation with Tajweed Course

Learn Quran Recitation with Tajweed - Almuhammadi Academy
Learn Tajweed Online

Quran Recitation with Tajweed Course at Almuhammadi Academy takes a step-by-step method towards learning Tajweed rules and applying them to Quran recitation. You or your kids will get self-confidence in reciting from the Quran out loud and in front of others, begin reciting Quran with correct tajweed, and have the ability to read any surah from the Quran by yourself without support. In our online Tajweed classes for kids & grownups, we provide our best so you will develop a structure in your Quran knowing and grow to like to study and learn the Holy Quran. Our specialized Quran instructors will walk with you or your children detailed from the essentials to exceptional recitation with no mistakes.

What You’ll Learn in Tajweed Course:

  • Introduction to Tajweed and Reciting the Quran
  • Articulation Points
  • The Characteristics of the Letters
  • Tafheem and Tarqeeq
  • The Relation Between Letters
  • Noon and Meem Shaddah
  • Noon Saakinah and Tanween
  • Meem Saakinah Rules
  • Laam Saakinah Rules
  • Madd: The Natural Lengthening
  • The Secondary Madd
  • The Compulsory Madd
  • More Types and Cases of Madd
  • Consonants
  • Short Vowels (Harakat)
  • Long Vowels (Huroof Maddah)
  • Tanween
  • Soft Vowels (Huroof Leenah)
  • Noon Sakinah & Tanween
  • Rules of Raa
  • Rules of Laam
  • Noon Qutni
  • Waqf ( Proper Pausing and Stopping)
  • Hamzatul Wasl and Qat
  • Ahkam Al-Waqf and Al-Ibtida
  • Stopping on the End Words
  • Female “Haa”
  • Al-Maqtoo3 Wa Al-Mawsool
  • The Special Words of Ḥafṣ by the way Ash-Shatibiyya

Top 5 Tips to Learn Tajweed Online

Like any other kind of learning, Tajweed’s learning pace can also be increased by following a particular set of tips.

Hereunder 5 top tips to help you to learn Tajweed online fast & easy:

1. Find an Expert Quran Teacher

The very first thing to do about learning Tajweed Quran is to discover an expert Quran tutor who is familiar with the Tajweed rules.

At Almuhammadi Academy, our dedicated online Quran teachers will be there to support and inspire you or your kids at every step of the way. With the help of Almuhammadi Academy’s learning platform, you will do numerous workouts in the online class to reinforce your Quran recitation abilities and guarantee you are learning tajweed properly. All the workouts are thoroughly selected and developed so they alleviate the Quran learning.

2. Find Proper Tajweed Learning Materials

One of the best ways to learn Tajweed online is to find genuine books written on Tajweed.

There are numerous books on Tajweed available, especially the Noorani Qaida that is taught to trainees prior to teaching them the Quran, nevertheless, regardless of all the books, the need for a tutor is crucial. In this way, a person has both the understanding of Tajweed guidelines and the experience of using these rules by the instructor.

Your Tajweed Made Easy - almuhammadiacademy.com

3. Listen to Professional Quran Recitations Constantly

Listen to the Quran recitation by specialists. There are lots of scholars around the world who are renowned for their recitation of the Quran, so by listening to them and then mimicking them, one can quickly know the appropriate pronunciation of words and learn to pronounce them quickly too.

4. Using Tajweed Mushaf

One of the most important things that can assist reliable learning of Tajweed rules is using Tajweed Mushaf. There are special copies of the Quran which contain the rules and signs of Tajweed. Hence, by reading the Quran from such a copy, a person gets used to pronouncing the words correctly.

5. Practice Recitation with Tajweed Constantly

The most crucial idea to remember and follow when learning Tajweed online is practice. You need to practice each Tajweed rule that you have learned by using it with every Ayah of the Quran. The more you read, the more you will be able to learn it in a much better method, so practice the rules as much as you can.


Briefly, you can show the submission to Almighty Allah by reciting the Quran of the method it was revealed, to carry out the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) with correct pronunciation, and to prevent the modification of the meaning of words by pronouncing them properly. It is necessary that a Muslim learn the rules of Tajweed and make sure that all rules are mastered and then applied in the recitation of the Quran.