How to Teach a Child the Arabic Alphabet

How to Teach a Child the Arabic Alphabet

Why should parents know how to teach a child the Arabic alphabet?

Most parents are concerned with passing down their valuable belongings such as money and property to their offspring or even passing down some family and cultural traditions. Nonetheless, what is more significant for Muslim parents to pass down to their kids is the book of Allah and the teachings of the religion of Islam.

Therefore, this article serves to provide useful and practical tips to show you as a parent some easy ways to teach a child the alphabet by addressing three questions: when, why and how to teach a child Arabic? 

When should a child be able to read the alphabet?

A lot of research has been done to address the issue of: at what age should a child know ABC’s? Or when should a child be able to say the alphabet?

How to Teach a Child the Arabic Alphabet

Mainly, it is advisable to teach them while under the age of 7. During this period, a child’s brain is similar to a sponge that easily absorbs information from its surroundings so they are able to retain information better and faster.

Why teach your child the Arabic alphabet?

The second issue that should be highlighted is why you should teach your child the Arabic alphabet.

It goes without saying that learning Arabic is most substantial for Muslims since it is the language that Allah chose for the revelation of the Quran.

Learning Arabic would enable your child not only to master the recitation of the Quran but also to take in the teachings of the religion of Islam. Hence, by teaching your child Arabic, you’re paving the path for him/her to be a better Muslim in the future in shaa’Allah.

How to teach a child Arabic

Here are some helpful tips for you as a parent that would guide you on how to teach a 1-year-old the alphabet or even how to teach a 7-year-old the alphabet:

  • Random steps won’t help you get to your destination:

First and foremost, you need a plan that involves:

  • Dedicating a specific time each day for learning the Arabic alphabet and don’t leave it for chance.
  • Decide what letters you will be learning each day.
  • Start with letters that have easier sounds as they don’t have to learn them in order.  
  • Begin with the sound of the letter before the name of the letter which is easier for practice and better for retention.
  • Include time for revision.
  • Lay the foundation with Quran:

Listening to your favorite Qari at home while doing chores can guarantee that your child gets more familiar with the Arabic language; its sounds and structures, as well as building a strong connection between them and the Quran.

  • Make it fun:

Kids have a shorter attention span than adults which means that you need to incorporate fun ways to teach the alphabet. These are some techniques you can use with your child:

Arabic Alphabet
  1. Using flashcards whether paper or online can be an engaging way to learn and practice the alphabet. Make them more vibrant with pictures and colors.
  2. Connect the letters of the alphabet with tangible objects at home by putting sticky notes on items that start with the letter they are learning.
  3. You can use online games for practice from websites such as Baamboozle and Wordwall.
  4. For kinesthetic kids, it is better to use activities such as Sand trays, magnetic letters and play dough. You can even resort to arts and crafts for a more enjoyable learning experience.
  5. For auditory learners, you can make use of alphabet songs or the normal repetition method.

These fun and engaging methods are used by our teachers here at Almuhammadi Academy who will assist your child on how to learn Arabic alphabet easily and in an enjoyable learning environment. You can find more about our Online Arabic classes for kids from this link.

  • Read stories in Arabic:

Reading Arabic stories with the child can go a long way to help them learn and practice the alphabet.  What is even better than fictional stories is reading stories from the Quran about prophets and the tales of their people.

There are YouTube videos that tell these stories in a way that would attract a child’s attention more using colors and graphics.

  • Not every class should be at home:

It works best to alternate between different methods that correspond with different learning styles. One way to do so is to take your children outside and ask them to spot things that start with the letters they learnt. A game like “I spy…” could be a fun way to practice.

  • Don’t ask for too much:

As a parent, you need to realize that the process requires a lot of patience on your part and that your child won’t learn the Arabic alphabet overnight. Don’t overburden your child by trying to teach them all the letters at once but learn few letters at a time and repeat them which will help with retention.

How to teach a child the Arabic alphabet


If you find yourself overwhelmed by trying to find: How to teach a child to memorize the alphabet? And what is the best method to practice the alphabet? Then, resorting to online classes can lift some of the weight off your shoulders by placing your kids in the care and assistance of a skilled teacher.

You can check our online Arabic classes for kids if you need to know more.