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Arabic Learning Online at Almuhammadi Academy

As the leaders in online Arabic education, we possess the most extensive library of online Arabic lessons that incorporate enjoyable and interactive activities, task-based learning, and 1-on-1 lessons with our certified native-speaking instructors.

Our efficient and detailed learning approach supplies trainees with a strong structure in Arabic and assists to enhance all four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. You are totally free to move at your own rate and focus on the locations you want to discover when you sign up and select your course.

Almuhammadi Academy also has its very own Arabic Language Proficiency Test that has ended up being the world requirement for Arabic language efficiency. It is accepted by certified universities, services, and organizations from all around the world.

You have actually come to the best place if you are looking to discover the Arabic language online. Almuhammadi Academy is a world-recognized, leading supplier of online Arabic language courses. We offer a range of over 292 courses for all ages, experience levels, and interests. Whether you are already proficient and just looking to improve your skills or have no previous language experience, we have an online Arabic course specifically for you.

Advantages of Arabic Learning at Almuhammadi Academy

We wish to assist you through your Arabic knowing journey and to make it as simple and satisfying as possible. We do supply a 1-to-1 service through our online Arabic Tuition Centre where you or your children can take private Arabic lessons with extremely qualified, female or male, native Arabic tutors. You can find out Modern Standard Arabic, Business Arabic, Classical– Quranic Arabic, and Tajweed in our center.

Our Arabic language classes are created to assist you to attain the results you want
Work 1-on-1 with specialist teachers and native speakers who will motivate you to always enhance
We have the largest library of online Arabic language courses in the world
About 300 expertly developed courses
We were the first to offer Arabic classes online in 1999, and have actually taught hundreds of countless trainees of any ages and skill levels ever since
Even newbies can work their method as much as fluency
Pick between 3-course tracks: Modern Standard Arabic, Colloquial Arabic, Quranic Arabic, or Islamic Arabic
Our system helps students become conversational quickly
You get a truly extensive experience, comparable to an actual Arabic language immersion program
We fulfill the standards for the International Baccalaureate (IB)– Language B Arabic exam, the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) Arabic test, the Ab Initio Arabic Exam, and the General Certificate of Education Arabic examination.
If you are ready to start discovering to speak Arabic, sign up today and learn why numerous people, schools, and universities have relied on Arab Academy for a comprehensive and effective learning program.

This site includes:

Arabic Reading Course (For Beginners).
Arabic Language Course (Advanced – 100 Lessons).
A long list of Arabic Videos that would assist you rapidly understand the language and start speaking it yourself.
Arabic Vocabulary Flashcards help memorize Arabic words and significances by using images, pronunciation, and likewise showing you how to write Arabic.
Interactive Questions including multiple-choice, virtual Arabic keyboard, and numerous other question types to test your understanding throughout lessons.
Helpful Blog Posts that will assist you to the very best practices to find out Arabic and avoid common mistakes.

Can I find out Arabic in 3 months?

3 months is an extremely, really brief quantity of time to study any language, even one carefully related to your own. Arabic isn’t carefully related to any European language. Along with Japanese and Chinese, it’s consistently ranked as one of the toughest languages for speakers of Indo-European languages to learn.

The length of time does it take the average person to find out Arabic?

It’s estimated that in order to discover Arabic effectively, it will take an English speaker a minimum of 2200 hours of Arabic classes over 80 weeks – or rather, one and a half years of the constant language research study. Some people would argue that Arabic is just as tough to discover as Chinese or Korean.

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