How long does it take to read the Quran?

How long does it take to read the Quran

As one of the most glorious times of worship approaches, more and more Muslims begin to take in the fact that they need to make amends in their relationship with the Quran. From this comes the question “How long does it take to read the Quran?” that we will try to answer in this article. If one wishes to recite the whole Quran within a month, could it be done? And if so, what are the strategies necessary to do so?

How Must Time take to read the whole Quran?

Abdullah Ibn Amr narrated: “Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) said to me, ‘Recite the whole Qur’an in one month’s time.’ I said, ‘But I have power (to do more than that).’ Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) said, ‘then finish the recitation of the Qur’an in seven days, and do not finish it in less than this period.’“sunnah”

Answering the question “how long does it take to read the whole Quran?” is linked to another question which is “how many pages are in the Quran?” since you can devise your strategy based on the duration you want to finish reciting the whole Quran in and how many pages you can read per day, per week and also on per month. Anyone can read 1 para of quran in 2 hours and by giving 4 hours to reading the quran anyone can finish quran in 15 days.

Finishing the Quran once a month

How to finish the whole Quran

So, how many days does it take to read the Quran?

The Quran has 604 pages and thus to finish reciting one juz’ per day and by extension, finish the complete Quran in one month, one needs to recite 20 pages every day. If you recite 4 pages of the Quran after each one of the five daily prayers, by the end of the day, you will have reached your goal and at the end of the month, you will have finished reciting the whole Quran.

Another way to achieve the same goal is to recite 10 pages in the morning and 10 pages in the evening and this will also help you to finish reciting a juz’ daily.

Finishing the Quran twice a month

How long to read the Quran for in order to finish it twice a month?

In that case, you will need to double your efforts. Instead of reciting 4 pages after every prayer, you will need to recite 4 pages before performing the prayer and four after. This leads you to recite 40 pages per day and hence, recite the full Quran twice within the period of a month.

Finishing the Quran three times a month

The bigger your Khatam goal, the more effort you will need to put to collect the fruit of your labor. Therefore, to finish reciting the Quran three times per month, you will need to recite 6 pages before and after each one of the daily prayers. You will have read a total of 60 pages per day and hereby, you will have finished reciting 3 juz’.

Remember that each one of these methods is customizable and flexible based on your ability and schedule. If you find that you have more time after Fajr prayer, for example, try to recite more because you never know what things might come up later throughout the day. It is the guidance of Prophet Muhammad PBUH to us that we should make use of our health and our free time before times of sickness or busy schedule come.

Another alternative strategy that will help you to finish reciting the whole Quran is reciting 2 juz’ after Fajr prayer and half a juz’ after Dhur and Asr. Then, recite one juz’ after Maghrib and another one after Isha’. This method will help you finish reciting the Quran once every 5-6 days.

Is it possible to read Quran in one day?

There are numerous hadiths in which the Prophet PBUH was asked to specify how long it takes to complete the Quran and the narrations vary in length between a maximum of forty days and a minimum of three days. Some scholars have said that reciting the complete Quran should not be done within less than three days and others have said that it is permissible and this was supported by Uthman Ibn Affan, Abdullah Ibn az Zubair and others.   

What needs to be addressed is that the purpose is not winning a race of who finished Quran more than once and calculating how many hours it takes to read the Quran. So that should not push you to recite it in a way that is rushed and made without contemplation.

Tips to recite in a Short interval of Time?

How to finish the whole Quran

Now that we have answered the question: “how long does it take to finish Quran?” we will provide some tips to help you recite more in order to reach your goal of finishing the whole Quran:

1. Keep Quran with you all times

Keep your copy of the Quran with you at all times, whether a physical copy (Mushaf) or a digital one like an application so that you don’t make not doing it an option. Wherever you are, you can recite your daily juz’.

2. Make Schedule

If you delay reciting your daily pages or juz’ of the Quran because of distractions, you will find the hours slipping by, and before you know it…the days is over and you fill your time with everything but the Quran. Thus, you need to make finishing your daily part a priority before you do anything else.

3. Read Inspirational Stories

It is also helpful to read the inspirational stories of companions and followers of the Prophet and their relationship with the Quran. You can also learn from the experiences of those around you who managed to do the Khatam Quran.

4. Follow Quran Recitation Methods

There are many methods and quran reading rules to be followed if one wishes to finish reciting the full Quran but first and foremost, you need to be aware of your abilities and your schedule. Make your choice of strategy based on that knowledge so as not to overburden yourself with more than you can handle and lose your momentum from the first few days.

5. Don’t lose the chain

Maybe some days will be harder than others and you will find your energy running low. That is okay but the most important thing is not to let it make quit your goal altogether.

6. Remember the reward

Self-help books always say that you should “begin with the end in mind” in order to build a habit successfully. Following the same tip, you need to constantly remind yourself of your goal and the reward that awaits you if you do it for the sake of Allah.

7. Recite in prayer

Another tip that can help you to recite more and reach your goal better is not only to recite Quran before or after prayer but also while praying. After reciting Fatihah, you can recite as many number of pages that you can. This will also help you vary in the form of your recitation and prevent you from getting distracted while reading.

You can also alternate between reciting while looking at the words in the Mushaf or reciting from memory if you are a hafiz of Quran.

8. Make use of holy times

Many hadiths of Prophet Muhammad PBUH mention the reward of reciting the Quran. This reward is multiplied during holy times such as the month of Ramadan in which the Quran itself was revealed.

9. Make your intention sincere for the sake of Allah

how long does it take to read the Quran

You need to strive to purify your intention for doing Khatam Quran and make it only for the sake of Allah, not to boast among your family and friends about the number of times you have completed the recitation of the whole Quran because such behavior would take away the reward for this great deed.

10. Balance Quality and Quantity

To finish the recitation of the Quran within the month of Ramadan, one might forsake the necessary contemplation and focus required while reciting the words of Allah that He revealed to our beloved Messenger PBUH.

On the other hand, some would take longer than necessary on the pretext of needing time to contemplate the meanings of the Quran. In this regard, Ibn Abbas is reported to have said that not completing the recitation of the Quran within a month is considered negligence of the Quran. Therefore, you need to balance quantity and quality by reciting a reasonable amount of pages that does not prevent you from understanding the meanings of the verses and at the same time, finish reciting the Quran within a certain period.

11. The Quran is there all year round

Usually the question “how long does it take to recite the whole Quran?” is asked when Ramadan is around the corner and everyone is racing to finish reciting the Quran as fast as possible which is a good thing but we must also remember that there must be a consistent relationship with the Quran throughout the year.

Manners to follow while reciting Quran:

manners of reciting Quran

It is of equal importance to pay attention to a few manners of recitation that you need to follow to gain the utmost reward from Allah. These include:

  • Being in a physically pure state while reciting Quran and to purify your mouth using Siwak. This shows your humbleness as you recite the words of Allah.
  • Facing the Qibla when reciting the Quran.
  • Wearing modest clothes that cover their body and it is preferred for women to wear a head scarf. He/she must also make sure these clothes are clean and in the best shape. 
  • Start your recitation with seeking refuge with Allah from Shaytan (Isti’azah: أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم) and saying Bismillah (بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم).
  • Recite the Surahs of Quran in order from the first one (al-Fatiha) till the last one (al-nas)
  • Keep away from sins as they could prevent you from consistently reciting the Quran and deprive you of Allah’s reward. 
  • Recite verses slowly and with sufficient concentration and do not you’re your sole purpose to only finish reciting the Quran without understanding. To give the Quran its due right and glorification, you can dedicate one Khatam for finishing the recitation of Quran once a month and another Khatam for contemplating the meanings of the verses with the help of Tafseer books. The second one could take as long as needed without rush.

Khatam Quran

You have probably heard the term “Khatam Quran”, especially in the context of listing great deeds that could be done during the month of Ramadan. Khatam Quran refers to finishing the recitation or the memorization of the full Quran since the word “Khatam” means in Arabic to reach the end of something or to finish an action.

However, this article deals only with Khatam Quran as in finishing the recitation of the complete Quran. This leaves us with the question: how to do Khatam?

Manners To Follow Upon Khatam

Now that you have been granted the privilege of reciting the book of Allah and finishing it within a specific period, you can do one of two things:

  1. Make duaa upon Khatam Quran as making Duaa’ after performing a great deed is recommended and what deed could be greater than reciting the Quran?
  2. Immediately start another Khatam. Just after reaching the final surah of the Quran, one is recommended to start reciting from the first surah once again as a way of demonstrating a continuous relationship with the Quran that is not limited to one month or a specific number of Khatam.


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