Best Quran Hifz school | Quran memorization website

Best Quran Hifz school | Quran memorization website

We distinguished ourselves as the best Quran Hifz school for the Holy Quran in the world, so we developed and designed different and elaborate methods and hired male and female teachers with experience in the field of memorizing the Quran so that we could help the student and make it easier for him to memorize the Holy Quran. Parents know the importance and fruits of memorization in their lives and those of their kids.

Hifz Quran online

Organized plans for hifz Quran online

The teacher will develop a plan with you in which you will need to specify the number of days and hours, and the teacher will take into account the individual differences between students and their abilities and work on the appropriate plan for each student as each student differs from the other. And understand the purpose of the verses and apply them to have an impact after that in your practical life.

The plan to memorize Quran is not only a mental project but rather a spiritual project, as it is a miracle and blessed by Allah Almighty, so be able to seek this blessing in your life. There are elements and methods that you must take into account to help you memorize the Holy Quran, summarized as follows:

● Sincerity
● Timing (set time)
● The surrounding environment
● Familiarity (same place and the Quran)
● Repetition
● Review

Our plans designed to memorize a part of the Holy Quran may extend from one month to three months or more, and this depends on the amount that the student memorizes and the continuous review that the teacher determines with the student.

Kids can begin to memorize the Holy Quran, taking the gradual method into account. Where we start with him with short Surahs, then the larger ones, and so on until the kid memorizes the Quran. Our academy has designed this course to be suitable for all levels, abilities, qualifications, and ages to make memorizing the Quran easy for everyone.

Note: Almuhammadi Academy also provides the hifz program for adults. So if you want to become a Hafiz, please book a free trial today.

Levels for memorizing the Holy Quran

The academy designed four levels for memorizing the Quran to suit all students perfectly.
There are four levels for memorizing the Holy Quran, as follows:

First Level: Memorization of the whole Quran

The academy provides a plan designed to memorize the entire Holy Quran on specific days and a specific number of hours to be agreed upon with the student, and that depends on the student’s level and abilities.

Memorize the whole Quran

Second Level: Memorization of Three Juz’

The academy provided a plan for memorizing 3 Juz’ of the Holy Quran with a plan for continuous careful review, which is the secret of perfect memorization.

Memorization of 3 juza

Third Level: Memorization of Five Juz’

The academy has provided a plan to memorize 5 Juz’ of the Holy Quran that suits each student individually in proportion to his abilities, with revision and continuity, which are the secrets of mastery.

Memorization of 5 juza

Fourth Level: Memorization of Surah Al-Baqarah

The academy has provided a plan to memorize Surat Al-Baqarah, the greatest of which is a surah that everyone wishes to memorize because it produces the blessing, as our noble Messenger told us.

Memorization of Surah Baqarah

Why choose us as the best Hifz Quran school?

The Academy has provided many necessary elements for the student to master the memorization of the Holy Quran as desired, and they are summarized as follows:

1- Self-Efficacy

Raising the efficiency of the teacher is the main motive behind raising the levels of benefit among students. Therefore, the teacher’s competence must be raised, in addition to choosing the right people for the field of teaching, which helps to teach better students.

2-Experienced and well-trained educators

The academy’s interest in selecting suitable teachers with long experience in the field of teaching, especially for non-Arabic speakers, so that the teacher is aware that he teaches different countries with different cultures that must be taken into account and the student is brought to proficiency.

3-3D educational videos and games

Educational videos help improve the level of student education and communicate information to him in a good and distinct manner, so that the class does not become boring for him/her but rather becomes interesting, and he/she is keen to attend and benefit from it.

4-Female teachers for ladies

Female Quran teacher

The academy provides female teachers for ladies so that they have many opportunities from their homes online to learn the Quran and memorize it from specialized teachers in the field of memorizing the Holy Quran.

They have many skills and qualifications and are speakers of Arabic, which is their mother tongue. They are graduates of Al-Azhar University and have fluency in speaking English.

5-One-on-one Tutoring

These classes are characterized by the unique ability of the student to understand, discuss, and apply the material alone with the teacher, which gives him or her more time.


The teacher is committed to the agreed-upon class times, and it also requires commitment on the part of the student, which achieves success and mastery in the Holy Quran because continuity is one of the elements of the success of any desired goal.

7-Free classes

The academy provides free trials to allow the student to get to know the teacher, and it provides two free trials with two different Quran hifz tutors so that you have an opportunity to choose the best for you.

8- Monthly reports

Teachers permanently follow up on the student’s level to strengthen their weaknesses and work on improving and developing them for the better, using various methods and different strategies for hifz Quran that are commensurate with his or her level and abilities.

9- Competition and reward

We provide competition among students of the same age group. We also offer rewards and certificates to the winning students and kind words to other students to motivate them to memorize the Holy Quran.

10- Certificates

At the end of the course, the student receives a certificate confirming that the student has memorized the part that has been memorized and recited by heart correctly and masterfully by teachers.

How do our teachers manage our classrooms?

Our teachers have proven their success and excellence in managing classes with students of different ages, cultures, nationalities, abilities, and skills. Teachers followed three very important elements in class management at Quran Hifz School, which are summarized as follows.

1.Memorization of new hifz

The teacher begins by reading the new memorization and training the student on the correct recitation of the new memorization, and the student repeats these verses until the teacher makes sure of his mastery.

2.Revision of old hifz

The student begins to recite his old memorization without looking at the Quran, and the teacher begins to correct the mistakes of learning.

3.Review on rules of Tajweed

Reviewing the rules of tajweed is one of the important points that the student benefits from, as it helps the student with correct recitation and recalling the rules that were previously studied and applied practically during recitation and memorization.

Outcomes of our best Quran hifz course

● The student senses the beauty of the correct pronunciation of the Quranic wording that touches his/her heart during the recitation as he/she had not read it before, thus increasing his/her humility and contemplation.

● Fixing the rules of tajweed completely in the student’s mind as a result of reviewing and applying them in recitation and memorization.

● The student’s ability to memorize increases as a result of practicing the habit of memorizing and retrieving daily until he/she trains his mind to memorize through the distinctive strategies used by teachers.

● Also, the teachers used modern techniques in memorization, such as linking understanding to memorization, spaced memorization techniques, and other techniques that greatly contributed to the students’ memorization proficiently.

● The student can recite the various surahs perfectly and correctly, whether they
are recited or memorized.


Q.What are the benefits of memorizing the Quran?

Memorizing the Holy Quran is the basic building block and the first stage that should not be skipped when understanding religion, seeking knowledge, and expanding its fields, as the Quran is the main reference. Whoever memorizes the Quran will have followed the example of the Messenger, as the Messenger was a memorizer of the Holy Quran.

The benefits are summarized as follows:

● Obtaining Intercession on the Day of Resurrection.
● Wearing the Crown of nobility.
● The people of the Quran are among the people of Allah Almighty.
● Attaining the greatest ranks on the Day of Resurrection.
● It is considered to be the best thing in the world.
● Obtaining guidance from Allah Almighty.
● Attendance of angels during the Quran reading session.
● Allah Almighty raises the ranks of the Muslims who diligently memorize the Holy

Q.How do you memorize the Quran with specific steps?

● Sincere and good intentions.
● Advocacy and urgency.
● Seeking forgiveness and leaving sins.
● Patience and a strong will.
● Pronunciation and reading correction.
● Determine the part of memorization each time.
● Don’t exceed your daily schedule until you’ve memorized it completely.
● Preserve one drawing for your memorized Quran
● Understanding is the way to memorize.
● Do not skip a surah until you have mastered it.
● Permanent recitation.
● Permanent follow-up.
● Extract similarities between verses.

Q.How do you join classes to memorize the Quran easily?

Book the free trial, and our teachers will contact you directly. Through this, the teacher will determine the necessary and appropriate plan for you to memorize the Holy Quran according to your abilities and skills. After that, your journey to memorizing the Holy Quran begins.
Join us now and start your journey to memorizing the Holy Quran with us.