Hifz classes for Adults | Hifz Program for Adults

Hifz program for Adults

The virtue of memorizing the Holy Quran came from the Quran and the Sunnah. Therefore, we set out to implement and design Hifz classes for adults to benefit Muslims all over the world and fulfill their desire to memorize the Quran in the correct and elaborately planned way by male and female teachers with many years of experience in the field of memorizing the Quran for non-Muslims.

Memorizing the Holy Quran through its application has many benefits for adults in preparing a new Muslim generation capable of facing the challenges of the age.

Hifz Program for Adults

You’re joining the team of teachers who specialize in memorizing the Quran requires that you have the desire to memorize the Quran, and everything you desire will be found in these designed classes.

The program for memorizing the Quran classes is divided into four sections: as follows:

● Memorization of the whole Quran
● Memorization of three Juz’
● Memorization of five Juz’
● Memorization of Surah Al-Baqarah

Through these programs, each student can choose what suits him and what he wants. Some students want to memorize the entire Quran, and Some of them wish to memorize three or five parts.

And among them are those who want to memorize and apply Surah Al-Baqarah for what was in the words of the Prophet “Recite Surah Al-Baqarah, for to take recourse to it is a blessing and to give it up is a cause of grief, and the magicians cannot confront it. (Mu’awiya said: It has been conveyed to me that here Batala means magicians).

The tutor will help you determine a plan for you that is tailored to you commensurate with your abilities and skills. Your continuous follow-up through your teacher to develop your level for the better and
be on the right path in your journey in memorizing the Quran.

Why choose our best online Quran classes for Adults?

Our classes have a lot of advantages, as follows:

1.Experienced teachers:

We have male and female teachers with long experience in this field to teach non-Arabic speakers. Teachers are fluent in the English language and culture. They are Arabic speakers, which is their mother tongue and graduated from Al-Azhar University.

2.Interactive classes:

The element of motivation used by the teacher during the class has a great impact on the student, making him enthusiastic and active during the class. We have creative and interactive classes because of the use of unique, modern, and effective methods in education so that the student leaves the class with the highest benefit.

3.Female Quran teachers:

Female Quran Teacher

The availability of classes for ladies with female teachers and these classes are especially sought by many ladies. Classes are dedicated and designed for ladies to provide them with everything they want to help them memorize the Holy Quran correctly and elaborately from their homes.

4.One-to-one Hifz classes:

Availability of special classes for one student, one-to-one Hifz, These private classes will help you and your kid in particular, in clarifying what is difficult to understand in the group class and allowing him/her enough time through these private classes. Student can understand the difficulties he finds in detail and inquire about everything he/she wants.

5.Monthly reports:

Follow-up of the student is very important to us, whether weekly or monthly, and monthly reports on his level so that the teacher can strengthen the weaknesses he/she faces and work on strengthening them until he reaches his desired goal.


All students can obtain a certificate of completion for memorizing the part that was memorized after conducting the tests. The certificate is an acknowledgment from us that this part or more is to be memorized perfectly.

7.Two free trial classes:

There is flexibility in allocating time after the student makes two free trials, and after that, he/she joins hifz course for adults. And he/she begins his/her unique journey of memorizing the Quran in hifz classes for adults.

Top 5 teaching techniques for Hifz Quran Classes

There are many methods that the teacher uses to make the student reach the highest levels of benefit from hifz Quran for adults, as follows:

● Carrying out continuous tests for the student to know his level and the extent of the student’s progress and benefit.
● Applying what is explained by practice, and application is a successful way to learn
● Work to improve and strengthen the memory of the student, and this is by helping him to do the following and practice it:

-The use of visual memory, which has an effect in strengthening memory, in general.
-The method of organization in various aspects of daily life.
-Writing gives positive signals to the brain that help remember later.
-Maintain mental activity.


Join AlMuhammadi Academy for hifz classes for adults, and do not deprive yourself of this great good that will change your life for the better by memorizing the Quran which takes you later on by applying it in your life. We have distinguished qualified female teachers for ladies So be the foremost in Jannah and don’t hesitate.


What are the fruits of memorizing the Quran in this world and the hereafter?

● Memorizing the Qur’an saves a person from Hellfire.
● Whoever reads the Quran and memorizes it is on an honorable and righteous journey.
● You will obtain intercession in the Hereafter.
● The Quran raises your grades in Jannah.
● Introducing Al-Hafiz to lead the prayer over others.
● The memorizers of the Quran are Allah’s people and his own.
● Memorizing and learning the Quran is better than the world and what is in it.

What are the ways and means of memorizing the Holy Quran quickly?

● Sincerity is one of the most important means of memorizing the Quran.
● Pronunciation correction with the teacher so that he learns how to pronounce the verses correctly.
● Determine the amount of memorization, so each person has a certain amount that he can memorize.
● Choose a suitable time to memorize and also the right place.
● Memorizing from one Mushaf.
● It does not move to a new position in memorization except before mastering the previous one.
● Understanding is one of the fastest ways to memorize.
● Continuity is the secret of success and revision is the secret of memorization.

How do you join and start memorizing the Quran now?

● Specific steps and then you will be directly with us.
● If you have a strong internet network and download the Zoom application.
● Start your free trial.
● Then the teacher makes a detailed plan that suits you on your journey to learn to
read Quran for adults correctly and memorize it.
● Join us in conservation classes.