Surah Al Waqiah/Al-Waqi’a: Theme, Virtues, and How to Learn

Surah Al Waqiah Theme, Virtues, and How to Learn - Almuhammadi Academy

Surah Al-Waqi’a or Al Waqiah (in Arabic: الواقعة) is a surah revealed to our beloved Prophet
Muhammad (SAW) in Makkah. It is a Surah for which Muslims’ hearts tremble. It gets its name
from the first verse’s word al-waqi’ah. This Surah, which has 96 Ayah and is located in the
Mushaf between pages 534 and 537, is the 56th Chapter (Surah) of the Quran.

Theme of Surah Al Waqiah

The afterlife, tawhid, and dispelling the doubts of the Makkan non-believers regarding the
Qur’an are the theme of Surat Al Waqiah. They thought it was completely improbable that there
would ever be a Resurrection, which would upset the entire order of the earth and heavens.

They also thought it was improbable that all the dead would be raised from the dead and
brought to account, with the righteous being admitted to Paradise and the wicked being cast into

All of this, in their opinion, was unreal and could never actually occur. It was responded to
by saying: “When the inevitable calamity arrives, no one will be able to dispute its appearance,
and no one will have the ability to prevent it from happening or prove that it is an unreal

At that time, all people will be divided into three segments:

  1. The foremost in rank and position.
  2. The common righteous people.
  3. Those who denied the Afterlife and continued to practice polytheism, severe crimes, and disbelief till the end.

Verses from 7 to 56 describe in detail how these three segments of people will be rewarded/punished.

In verses, 57–74: The two fundamental Islamic teachings of Tawhid and the Hereafter—which
the unbelievers were reluctant to accept—have been demonstrated as true, one after the other.
Man’s attention has been drawn to his own body in these arguments, as well as to the food he
consumes, the water he drinks, and the fire on which he cooks his food.

He has also been invited to reflect on the following: What authority do you have to act independently of, or to serve any other than, the God whose creative power created you and whose provisions sustain
you? And how can you consider the possibility that after having once created you, He has
become so helpless and without power that He cannot reproduce you again, even with all his might?

In verses. 75-82, Their doubts about the Qur’an have been disproved, and they have come to
understand how lucky they are that they are treating it with insufficient attention and investing
only the portion of their resources that they deny in it, rather than benefiting from the immense
blessing that the Qur’an is.

If one gives the unrivaled argument that has been presented in two short sentences about the truth of the Qur’an serious consideration, one will find in the Qur’an the same kind of firm and stable system that exists among the stars and planets of the Universe, and this is proof that its Author is the same Being Who has created the Universe.
Then it is said to the unbelievers that this Book is inscribed in the Writ of Destiny, which is out of
the reach of creatures, You believe that Muhammad (PBUH) received it through demons,
although only pure angels have access to the channels via which it was revealed to him from
the well-guarded Tablet.

Benefits & Virtues of Surah Al-Waqi’a

The benefits of Surat Al-Waqi’ah are immense. For this reason, during the early-morning prayer,
our beloved prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to repeat frequently. Not to mention that Sayeda
Aisha (R.A), also known as Umm Al-Muminoon (Mother of the Believers), has advised all Muslim
women to read it because of its unparalleled merits and worth.

Surah Waqiah online read full benefits are:

  • Surat Al Waqiah brings satisfaction and contentment to the human soul in all matters of this life. It makes us tend to strive and work for the hereafter and stay away from those fake pleasures that bring us sins.
  • Surah Al-Waqi’a reminds the Muslims of Judgment Day and what Allah Almighty has prepared for the righteous believers in Paradise, and on the other hand what He has prepared for the unbelievers of torment in the fire of Hell.
  • Moreover, Surat Al Waqiah keeps away poverty from those who read it every night. In this regard, the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:

“He who recites sūra al-Waqi’a (Qur’ān, 56) every night will never be afflicted by want.” Hadith [Mishkat al-Masabih 2181]

How to Learn Surah Al Waqiah

Due to the importance and virtues of Surah Al-Waqi’a, every Muslim, kid or adult, male or female, should learn to read, recite, memorize, and even interpret this holy Surah.

Therefore, Quran teaching experts at Almuhammadi Academy have put the following steps to learn Surah Al Waqiah online:

1. Learn How to Read Surat Al-Waqi’a

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Noorani Qaida Course

The first step is to learn how to read Surat Al-Waqi’a in Arabic correctly. This can be undertaken by learning Quran reading basics.

Our Quran recitation Course will help you to learn the fundamentals of Surah Al-Waqi’a reading online with the best Quran tutors on the internet. Learn how to read Quranic Arabic letters, words, verses, and total surah, and eventually become able to read the entire Quran without mistakes.

Also, you will discover how Arabic letters are combined or separated. And how to read words, then long sentences and short sentences. It is considerable to know that Arabic supplies diacritics that tell you how to check out Arabic words, so you do not need to remember their pronouncing.

2. Learn Surah Al Waqiah with Tajweed

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Online Tajweed Course

It’s recommended to recite Surah Al Waqiah with Tajweed as the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) did. This can also be covered in the Tajweed Online Course.

In our online Tajweed classes for kids & adults, we provide our best so you will develop a structure in your Quran education and grow to like to study and learn the Holy Quran. Our specialized Quran instructors will walk with you or your children detailed from the essentials to exceptional recitation with no mistakes.

3. Learn How to Memorize Surah Al Waqiah

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Reading and reciting Surat Al-Waqi’a brings many virtues but not as equal as memorizing it. Hifz of Surah Al-Waqi’a brings the Muslim unmatched virtues.

With Quran Memorization Course at Almuhammadi Academy, Professional teachers who
are Hafiz of the Quran and hold Ijazah can help you or your children learn Surah Al-Waqi’a in
the shortest period feasible with great accuracy.

You and your children will also learn about the verses’ relevance and the justifications for their
exposure throughout the course.

Our instructors’ competence makes Quran memorization for adults and kids alike much easier than attempting this great endeavor alone, or with unqualified tutors.

4. Learn Tafseer Surah Al Waqiah

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In order to truly understand the greatness of Surat Al Waqiah, you should learn Tafseer.

Our Tafsir Quran online course will enable you to comprehend the verses of surah vakya with the assistance of top Islamic scholars who have actually finished from Al-Azhar University, Egypt.

Kids can likewise apply for this course to Learn Tafseer online and equate the Quran of specific Surahs in which kids will understand family values and standard beliefs and obligations of being a Muslim. The trainees can find the real meanings of the messages of Allah after finishing this course.

Important FAQS

Q1. What are the Benefits of Surah Waqiah read online?

Reciting Surah Waqiah has many benefits. Apart from spiritual wellness, it is beneficial in
keeping away from poverty.

Q2. Can I read Surah al Waqiah full at night?

Yes, reading Surah Waqiah every night is beneficial, as mentioned in Hadith above.