How to teach kids about Islam

How to teach kids about Islam

In light of the rapid changes, developments, and life’s preoccupations. Our children must have a solid and stable Islamic religious identity, in this article, we will give you steps to introduce Islam to a child.

The child must be raised from an early age with a sound Islamic upbringing. Education is life. So instilling religion and its love in the hearts of our young kids has become a priority and of great importance.

10 Tips to Teach Your Kids About Islam

How to teach kids about Islam

1. Mentioning the name of Allah Almighty in front of the kid through good situations

Talk in front of him about Allah, His mercy, and grace upon us, and His love for His servants. All of this makes the kid love his Lord and love to hear about Allah and know Him, so the relationship between him and Allah becomes stronger. A kid, for example, may understand the raising of the forefinger when mentioning the word faith. The kid should not be intimidated by talking about Allah’s torment, and fire, but start with encouragement instead of intimidation.

Thus, kids’ religious feeling grows on the meanings of love and hope, for Allah’s love leads everyone to obey His commands more than fear and punishment. This is the first important step that must be taken.

2. The importance of the tutor’s use of teaching aids

Use the element of fun and stimulation while teaching the kid and not use traditional methods that make the kid bored and not like continuity, unlike the use of teaching aids during the class, which increases the kid’s enjoyment of the class and increases his/her love for learning and improve the skills of the kids. It Increases interaction between tutor and learner.

3. Learning by watching the behavior of others

Using the method of teaching the kid by watching without insisting on doing a specific thing. If we want to make the kid pray. The parents should hasten to pray on time and see that in front of them, and so on.

4. Reading enhances a kid’s abilities

We develop in the kid the love of reading, so we buy Islamic books that have drawings and designs that arouse his interest so that he accepts reading and the love of learning about religion. Reading enhances his cognitive, creative, emotional, and behavioral abilities as well.

Reading with the kid helps to strengthen the bonding and strength of the relationship between the kid and his parents. So spending time with the kid is the most influential thing in his development and building confidence between them.

5. The reward reinforces the positive behavior of the kid

The element of reward must be within the Islamic teaching for kids. For example, as we mentioned before, we encourage them to pray, and then we set a schedule for them with the days of the week, and they put a mark in front of each prayer they performed, and at the end of the week, we reward them for their diligence, which makes them, later on, to learn.

6. Islamic teachings for kids

Kids love to tell stories to them, so we can use their love for stories by telling them Islamic stories that will teach them, such as the stories of the Qur’an and the stories of the prophets, and the kids will learn many lessons from them and come out with fruits that benefit him, and with them. In Islamic classes for kids, students will raise a purposeful upbringing for themselves and the community around them.

7. Online Islamic tutor for kids

Keep in mind that the way you deal with kids will later lead to this being their behavior with which they will deal with the community around them, so be conscious, educator, of keenness to teach your kid smoothly about Islamic studies through qualified tutors, and we have a good example in the Messenger of Allah(PBUH). Teah kids about islam and quran so that they can follow the path of quran. In Quran classes for kids tutors not only teach then to recite and learn quan but also how quran can change their life in this world and also on the day if judjement.

8. The kid’s interaction with the community around him

Activating community communication by teaching the kid charitable works such as charity and training in them, which educates the kid in feeling for those around him and raises him to promote the spirit of community communication.
If we take another example, such as supplication, it teaches the kid and helps him to strengthen the spiritual connection between him and Allah, because supplication is of great importance in the life of a Muslim.

9. Diversity and means of education for a kid

The use of various fun means in education, such as games, Islamic cartoons, and
books with graphics makes the kid not get bored, but enjoy learning, and learning is like an enjoyable journey for him in his life.

This helps to involve the senses in the education process, which consolidates information in the mind, increases the positive participation of kids, and diversifies educational reinforcement methods, which have a role in confirming the learning process and fixing responses correctly.

10. Reviving the Sunnah and Islamic etiquette in the life of the kid

Activating the revival of the Sunnah in our life and the Islamic etiquette in the life of the kid, where the parents teach it to the kid in every act of our life, such as what we say before and after eating, and what we say before and after ablution, and so on, which makes him approach the Sunnah and knows what our noble Messenger(PBUH) says.

Introduce Islam to Toddlers

What should the Toddlers learn?

  1. We teach them about Allah, and for them to know Allah Almighty, we must teach them the most beautiful names of Allah. The most beautiful names of Allah have an impact on the soul, and we learn from them a lot of good morals that we apply in all matters in our lives and obtain a great reward.
  2. The pillars of Islam are among the basics that every Muslim must learn at the beginning, so teaching them is one of the duties of religion and his instinct becomes sound. Raising a child on it will make his instinct pure and correct, but if the parents neglect his instinct, his instinct will deviate from the right and straight path.
  3. The biography of the Messenger, so the kid must learn about his Messenger(PBUH), his role model, his life, and the battles fought by the Companions of Islam in a smooth, fun, and interesting way for the kid.

Parents should instill a love for the Messenger of Allah(PBUH) in the hearts of their young kids, through stories of the Prophet’s life, such as mercy towards kids, animals, and servants, and we tell them some of the beloved stories from the life of the Prophet (PBUH).


As parents, our weapon must be patience and continuity in guidance in different ways, as we mentioned, to raise a generation that we can be proud of in front of the world because it has values, morals, and a religion that it applies in its life.

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